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  1. I have pretty much written off the last two lots of shares purchased, not fortunes but still close to 1000 pounds and worth what now?,I would need some convincing to go again.
  2. 65,000 there and Dundee manager was Davie White.
  3. And a hooker
  4. I remember big Lanliq and Eldorado bottles being lobbed about at random, I would much rather have a bit of paper bounce off my head.
  5. like for like in coming for crosses, did you see the arse he made of keeping goal v Leicester?
  6. No he was not, he played at Livingstone with Dorrans,
  7. I'm still trying to read between the lines there but I am stumped.
  8. tease aint he, I actually don't think he is that good.
  9. Well I am surprised by that decision albeit the correct one, but that fucked the game for us and cost three points, can't appeal that though.
  10. A serious post but still with a rod
  11. Everyone screaming for full backs who can defend, I have not seen many suggestions of people who could do a job for us.
  12. "Please someone run on and have a go at me so I can get my victim card out" Imo that is exactly what he was hoping for. This toerag, Griffiths scarf to post and Brown at the noise up, Hibs exuberance, Motherwell exuberance, Aberdeens songsheet when visiting, I see a bit of a one way theme going on here and little or no reprimanding happening from above. I would not call that a goal celebration in any shape or form.
  13. The highlights are on the BBC sports page, I swerved them but had a look at StJohnstone v Motherwell to check out MOH goals, the Well defence is howling and gifted him the pair, he also missed a penalty.
  14. Gilks was freed from Wigan and has signed for Scunthorpe, imo goalies are the easiest to replace, you might not get a Woods/Klos/Goram/McGregor as they were all superb goalies and gave us 20 odd seasons of quality, but decent ones on par with Fod or better are easily sourced. For the record I did feel safer with Gilks between the sticks and Alnwick looks ok in the game time he has had.
  15. All we are looking for is fairness and parity, that was so one sided with near every decision given against us, that man must be brought to task to explain the unexplainable, do the referees still have an observer in the stands? Jacks dismissal being the total game changer, he may well win the appeal but it cost us the game, these points are gone.
  16. Did Hibs get a free kick from that as well? if so why as there was no foul play.
  17. I thought he might have been injured, Windass had given us a half of a half and that seems to be his lot.
  18. Simon Murray gave him a chasing, Cardoso let him run into space to score the first when he should have been nailed or shown to his weak left.
  19. If the new boys never knew what it was all about and they were at Rangers for a stroll yesterday was one big fuck off wake up call, they will know exactly what is required now, stand up and be counted.
  20. I would have taken Neil Warnock before Pedro though all day long, he has a ruthless streak and has turned Cardiff right around in no time at all, they handed out a thumping to the Aston Villa rich boys yesterday.
  21. That's the high jump.
  22. Rangers 2 Hibs 3 was the one I watched, not just today but I think apart from sticking his arse into a Sheffield Wednesday player to give Miller room to crash in a goal he looks terrible, I do not want him to fail obviously but he wants to sharpen up rapido.
  23. For a guy of his stature he is shite in the air, I sometimes think he is concussed jumping feet away from where the ball is.
  24. Correct, game changer and these 3 points aint coming back, just how wrong is that?
  25. Nice line I needed a chuckle.