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  1. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    That is correct but with proper application and attitude for the full 90 minutes these stats could be off the scale, then again of he was at the top of his game consistantly he would not be at Rangers.
  2. Sir Walter of Carmyle

    Very true, ever fan in the country can see when a manager is making an absolute cunt of it but as you say another when asked will back him to the hilt, and be "shocked" when he gets the gooner.
  3. Spine of the team

    Woods Butcher Wilkins and Hateley was a Souness crafted spine.
  4. Stevie Clarke

    Robbie Neilson left MK Dons 21st in League 1 ffs, De Boer would be looking for a huge budget to get players in that will mask his managerial limitations, two daft suggestions imo.
  5. Craig Thompson

    Am I hearing things or is Andy Walker actually saying it as it is?
  6. Michel Preud'homme

    He is manager of 2nd top of the league Cardiff who are in an automatic promotion spot and he signed a two year contract extension a few weeks ago. I think he has just changed his mind.
  7. Michel Preud'homme

    I was banging the drum for him as well but never realised he extended his Cardiff contract for two years a fortnight ago,
  8. Michel Preud'homme

    Jobless since last May.
  9. Jack Ross

    Also taken Cardiff rom the relegation zone to the brink of the EPL in less than 18 months, I never knew he has just recently signed a new two year deal with Cardiff.
  10. Jack Ross

    Serial fuck ups by the board, I think the Mark Allen appointment is a chink of light in the gloom as when all fit we have the nucleas of a decent side, so its not a 12 yard skip outside Ibrox this time around. I would ask Warnock the question,( after McCoist would have been the time) I know he has Cardiff flying atm and has stated he has no desire to manage in the EPL and certainly leans our way, hey if you don't ask you don't get.
  11. Jack Ross

    McCoist/Warburton/Pedro/Murty, two had never managed before getting the Rangers job, one had 18 months at Brentford and one who managed a list of clubs I have never even heard of. That's a sorry list and for the fifth time in a row I am going to say " The board must get this one right" I have been flip flopping all over the place with Murty as I like him, but imo now we need a course and distance manager, that's the easy bit the hard bit is putting a name in there.
  12. Cummings is not good enough

    You need the ball to score a goal he got no service whatsoever, get the ball to him in front of goal and he will score.
  13. Leadership on the park

    its easy to get tore in about players who you do not rate, what players within reason would you like to see at Ibrox next season? It is all about opinions and I am sure we would agree on 99% on all things Rangers as we want what is best for our club.
  14. Goss

    Aye me, Captain flip flop.
  15. Leadership on the park

    I think the polar opposite of you, both Jack and Docherty have what it takes to be good players for our club, plenty do not but imo these two do in both ability and mental toughness, as do Dorrans, Bates and McCrorie but that's just shit luck they aint around atm.
  16. Goss

    To a man we would have bought him from QPR a short week ago, a week is a long time in football, certainly long enough for Goss to go from hero to zero.
  17. Stevie Clarke

    I actually thought today was a bigger test for Murty than last Sunday, anything from last week was a bonus and we should have taken all three points, but hey that's football and we ended up with fuck all but the players at our disposal should have been charged ready to go and make Killie pay for the injustice of last week, that's what I thought, what we got was an unbelievable flat performance that ended up being played out in to 20% of the punters that were in their seats at 3 o clock still hurting from last week but with the expectancy we would be out the traps flying to make this weeks opponents pay, today is the day Murty should be judged on.
  18. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    That was a bad week.
  19. Bates out up to 6 weeks

    I'd like to teach the world to sing, The sash my father wore, And hang the pope with an orange rope Outside the chapel door. I think they done the first line and the tune.
  20. As a fan base we are chock full of decent people, our little bits of tenner here and tenner there soon mount up and off the top of my head apart from Erskine i can think of a fair few we have chipped in and assisted in our own little way. The stuff GB does in above and beyond and he deserves a special mention. Re- the press reporting a good news story about us being decent, dont hold your breath or that will be another collection.
  21. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    None of them play for us.
  22. ThIs is 100% true, I went to the old Boleyn Ground a couple of times and it was like a bigger Tynecastle with the fans close to the pitch, there was a section called the chicken run where the fans used to verbally terrorise the opposition, that's all gone now in the pursuit of commercial "progress" and that has gone tits up big time. If you ever listen to talksport and the talk is of the EPL every conversation ends up about money and it bores the shit out of me, how much per week how much for transfers etc etc yesterday they reckoned Sanchez and Ozil are on about a million a week between them at their respective clubs, a million fuckin pounds! The Rangers are still steeped in history and tradition and we still have values, I would not swap that for all the riches and falseness of the bloated EPL clubs. I read an article yesterday comparing last Sundays game to a top EPL fixture one line was about the goals and in the game they were talking about behind the goal near everyone had their phone up in the air filming it where at Ibrox at the goals not a phone in sight with everyone lost in the moment of mentalness of a goal, I thought is was a good comparison, its real stuff v the tourist fans.
  23. Sundays goals against.

    I could not stomach watching the highlights until now, the goals lost were criminal, first two were punts from deep in their half first the goalie then Brown, a flick on header shite defending and questionable goalkeeping positioning, not one of our players touched the ball from the punt until it was netted, Goss had a half hearted attempt at a tackle on Rogic at the first which he fucked up with a little flick towards him with the wrong leg that would not have stopped an 11 year old, he also never got near the guy when he scored the 3rd, Cardoso/Alves and Foderingham all guilty of criminal defending for the 2nd.
  24. I thought he was at Dundee United, when did he go there?