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  1. 不不不不不 Class response from the king.
  2. Perfect , look forward to agreeing with you soon
  3. Noticed the usual posters posting the usual anti Tav nonsense. Played well today, 0 goals lost in 2 games , so we cannot blame him for that, so he now cannot attack or cross so going forward hes poor. This place is embarrassing as a Rangers fans site at times.
  4. Playing well, totally different role he plays now. A goal would be good for him and also us.
  5. Glad he starts , best striker at the club.
  6. He is not playing well tonight, but never can we accuse him of not trying. Strikers need service as well , no real passmarks apart from Helander , Goldson . Never did we show any attacking threats tonight. Well beaten, we move on.
  7. We turn very quickly on our own players. But we are the best supporters in the world Only when it suits , in my opinion.
  8. He gave it away once and the usual posters were on him right away Hope thats not to baffling for you. He has played well in my opinion.
  9. Nobody could play upfront for us tonight and have a good game. Not one move has came off
  10. Because it suits our so called fans to slaughter him at the first chance, he has played well tonight.
  11. They are an excellent side, but we can cause them problems if we actually pass to our own players feet, not within 2 feet , our possession has been very poor. The positive its 0-0 and no team has had a shot on target
  12. What a nonsense post.
  13. All of the above would be great, but i can see us signing a quality midfielder , and that's it for this window:
  14. We were never in any danger , a very comfortable 90mins.
  15. Yes he is, but it looks as if we have changed how we play , with the emphasis on Aribo , Kent and Hagi to nreak through the lines.
  16. He has always been that shape , no change .
  17. Dont see it myself . Also set up the goal. Doing fine in my opinion.
  18. You watching the game on the radio ?
  19. Thought his performances against them were great, obviously his goal return, not so great.
  20. I agree, dont know anything about him, but people say Roofe is that type of player. Maybe him and a physical CF as back up.
  21. i agree , but i looks as if he may go this week.
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