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  1. quailface

    Welcome to Rangers, Coulibaly

    I think the answer is part in your last paragraph. Being Canadian and an avid follower of Hockey and other NA sports, rebuilds are the norm where no team is expected to win each year. It's been clear that Rangers have been in the rebuilding phase from the time they got demoted. The difference in rebuilding without being expected to win (which is what a rebuild is), is that you can invest in many younger players with high potential and give it a few years to see who makes the cut. While doing this you invest in the odd higher profile signing to have experience and a known quality in key positions. After about two to three years of rebuilding, it's clear which players have stood out and you now have a squad that's been built and grown to challenge for a few years that will only need maintenance moving forward. Now, I know this is Rangers, and we all wish we could just go out and win. But, would it not do to go about a proper rebuild? We would be on the other end already if we invested in a quality manager and built the group this way. It's madness what's been going on... I don't know what people expect other than more of the same when the club does the same thing over and over. I hope the board and fans give Gerrard the length of his contract to rebuild this club. A full proper rebuild with time to fill the gaps and cut the failures. No one is going to come in and pull off an FM or FIFA rebuild in season one. Even though it sucks to see Rangers lose, it sucks more to see them lose and also fail to take any steps forward.
  2. no more then WS deserves for the team he put out there today....