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    Watching the fa cup final shearer at half time going on about rashford about wanting to come to the left or drop short where he should stay up top to keep the shape and focal point . Ive noticed in games Cummings does this a lot in games too.
  2. I just don't get our negative 1 up top, we leak goals no matter how we setup, we might as well set up to attack instead of covering up our short comings in defence because it's certainly not working with this 1 up front shit.
  3. Fucking diabolical, Martin should not be any way where near the team, he is a fucking liability.
  4. Wes Tav Cardosa Alves John Murphy Mcrorie Goss Cummings Windass Morelos
  5. Maybe we can but if you are the management and you have mcrorie on one wage, who they rate really high as a prospect and then they have bates, who they like but not as high, it would be pretty fucking stupid to give bates more money. I know this management made a walloper with pedro, but maybe they've learnt their lesson. Written off the title this year, as long as we make Europe, try get rid of the guys who will not take us to 55, have a proper look at future transfers, like Murphy and Cummings, or Martin and stop overpaying on player wages especially when they 've done fuck all to earn one.
  6. Ive not read the whole thread,, so I don't know if anyone has mentioned this. mcrorie signed a new deal recently. Maybe bates was offered the same terms. If he was offered the same terms but rejected, maybe the management did not agree on bates getting more money than mcrorie. i would expect most Rangers fans to agree that mcrorie is a better prospect than bates.
  7. Member of a boxing forum, the best thread going just now is about Kalle Sauderland and his gurning, funny as fuck, the latest one being at the post fight conference of groves cox. He seriously needs to kick his habit.
  8. 86 today, Montrose medal with two birdies, best ever, felt I left a fair few out there too
  9. but his career has stalled. the guy he last beat kiko just became world champion and he doing squat
  10. snedecker fiver at 33s hass 2 at 70s mcdowell 2 at 60s and a quid on a rank outsider
  11. was looking at some highlights of the dynamite kid, awesome wrestler, bit of a bully and a prick supposedly, inspired chris benoit, but what a mess he is now.
  12. it just a shame where the product has gone nowadays, past eras were so much better, and fueds were so much better. the vartiation in wresters. I started watching in the 80s and still casually watch, but it so bland, more talk and less wrestling. giant haystacks has more mobility now than khali ever has. Miss the days of macho man late 80s to early 90s best ever he was the man, the snake, mr perfect, or rick rude, diamond dallas, early years of taker. even when a wrestler gets a change like orton last year and punk this year, they fuck it up and what got them over they just don't follow through with and then you end up with a mis mash hybriad.
  13. i'm not saying he's great but that match with khali was just pure pathetic.
  14. it pathetic what happening to drew. let him go or do something as this losing streak getting old, but actually half arsed now. getting his arsed kicked after a couple of moves. at least it was interesting when he was dominating matches yet still somehow losing them but fuck brodus within 2 minutes and now khali after 20 seconds.
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