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  1. Thanks as usual. A bit of a strange game with both the keepers playing on opposite sides.
  2. Have seen him a lot. He is a dumpling. For younger people who do not understand that, he is rubbish.
  3. Sean Fallon a dirty ratbag. Since him, them all.
  4. Thanks as usual. Great to get your reports.
  5. Really sad to hear this. Another of our great keepers, in one of our best teams ever. As stated by others, everybody could rhyme of that team.
  6. Thanks as usual. Nice victory.
  7. Kind of remember it, brilliant time and will never forget it. Have lots of great memories, but think that night tops them
  8. We seem to have a lot of good young boys. Thanks as usual for report.
  9. Willie Woodburn real class
  10. Thanks as usual. Some good scores for the different age groups.
  11. The 1960 European Cup Final Real Madrid vs Eintracht Frankfurt at Hampden they said 127,000, but think more than that. Great game as Real won 7-3, football at its best. At couple Scottish Cup finals with over 130,000.
  13. Brown, Young and Shaw McColl Woodburn and Cox the Iron Curtain right enough. A pleasure to watch. Great to see Bobby looking so fresh. He always looked like he did not have a hair out of place.
  14. They seemed to have played well, good victory. Thanks as usual.
  15. Thank you as usual, it is really appreciated.