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  1. pish,carrying to many shit players,our out ball tonight is our right back,he's the guy getting the space,pity it's fucking faure,i thought that greek guy was the worst player i had seen in a Rangers top,i was wrong ,it's faure.
  2. brilliant performance,really enjoyed it,i'm a big fan of friday night football,i would rather our away games were on a friday night than a sunday afternoon the atmosphere is far better.
  3. every time there is a massive negative story about that mob ,something negative about us seems to pop up to take the heat out of the negative articles about those desperate unsporting bastards.
  4. totaly missing the point i was trying to make,the point i was getting at was very similar to what the legia chairman said and i think if maribor stood beside legia and echoed their comments about honor fairness and sporting integrity it would really turn the heat up even more on the tims and show them up even more if thats possible for the lowlife scum that they are.what has happened to legia is an utter disgrace and i think all clubs should back them in this and maribor refusing to take part in this farce of a game would highlight legia's case even more.
  5. what has happened to legia is a disgrace,if maribor have any class they should stand beside legia and refuse to take part in this farce.
  6. how fucken good would it be if maribor stood shoulder to shoulder with legia and refused to play celtic,legia won fair and square and maribor should say sporting integrity comes first and refuse to have any part in this farce.
  7. awful performance,out played and out thought by a team of wee boys slung together in 6 weeks.
  8. so stockbridge green and ahmad are still involved?is that what you are saying,i'm sure all the people on here that think this board is nothing to do with the last board would love you to confirm that for them lol
  9. mohnsni looks more a forward than a centre half,i think he is a bombscare at the back,he attacks the ball well with his head but he constantly loses discipline and moves out of position,and his reading off the game and concentration levels are very poor.
  10. no mad at all,if mccoist stuck 3 or 4 players in attacking area's against raith,we would have pumped them,they had nothing,playing daly up front on his own is bonkers,it is so easy to defend against,stick a big head the ball on daly and hold a high line and we are fucked because big daly is not going to sprint in behind anybody .if he uses the same tactics on saturday,they will push right up and play a high line and and play a high pressing game and we will be on the back foot from the get go.
  11. what a fuckin dire game this is,the standard is abysmal.
  12. fuck sake it's only stranraer,ally has us lined up as if we are playing bayern away
  13. shameful,we brought 22 million in and also sold 36 thousand season tickets,we have a wage bill that sits at 37 percent of the clubs turnover,were the fuck has the money went because it certainly has not went on players
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