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  1. New winger signed on loan

    Mark Allen has seen the Man City lads day in day out - if he thinks this boy is worth a punt - then I am happy.
  2. He hugged the wrong guy then...
  3. Morelos

    We need to hype this guy to the level they hype Dembele. His goal scoring record is immense - and rumour has it they were very much interested in him as well.
  4. Pedro just oozes cool - that will be all from me.
  5. Candeias

  6. Myles Beermans bird

    Fantastic body - average face.
  7. Candeias

    Waghorn still may come good. He missed countless chances last season - however with that said he got into the right positions to make those chances. I think he is a player badly lacking in confidence at the moment. A run of goals could completely change him again.
  8. Halliday - the weirdest move ever?

    Must be a lot of money on offer! Apparently he had a lot of options down South - which would have been an easier move for him.
  9. ***** The Official Rangers vs Progrès Niederkorn Thread*****

    Looking forward to the game tonight. I reckon it will be 5-0.
  10. Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United

    That's a bit harsh they were hit with a points deduction this season mate. (Without it they would have been in and around playoff spots for the majority of the season) Also one man doesn't make a team.
  11. Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United

    Then he got found out...
  12. Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United

    I don't think we have seen the last of Fleck. The lad seems to have knuckled down and if Presley is to be believed playing out his skin.
  13. Charlie Telfer to Dundee United?

    After last nights performance - if I were McCoist I'd be at his house this morning with a contract.
  14. Charlie Telfer to Dundee United?

    Sad as he looked top class tonight
  15. *****The Official Scottish Cup Semi Final Thread*****

    3-0 Rangers - Law FGS