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  1. I second the Dundonald thought. It holds up fantastically well at this time of year and you can usually get a good deal.
  2. If anyone is currently driver hunting I have a Nike Vr Pro 6.0 9.5 degree for sale. It's the straight fit thing so you get the wrench and it has 32 positions to play with. Been hit no more than a dozen times, looking for £130.
  3. That's decent advice. What I do is I try to think about getting the shaft to finish behind my head, parallel to my eyes. It makes you complete the swing without concentrating on the ball.
  4. McGregor Whittaker Bougherra Bartley Papac Weiss Davis Edu Lafferty Jelavic Healey
  5. I hate the long ball football we tend to play however stick Jelavic on Mulgrew and just fire balls up to him and have Diouf/Naismith running in behind.
  6. If that is the formation I'm hoping Whittaker is playing as more of a sweeper than a centre half. He's in there for his pace which could be vital. I'd be tempted to put Weiss on the left just to see how much joy he'll get out of O'Shea, although I dont think Fabio's defending is that great either.
  7. Play like we did for the first half hour against Bursa then I think we can get a win, play like we did in the rest of the game then I'm fearful. I don't think there will be any real surprises. :mcgregor: :whittaker: :bougherra: :weir: :papac: :broadfoot: :davis: :edu: :lafferty: :miller: Weiss may get some game time here because he'll probably get a bit of space however I don't see any reason to change the way we've been playing.
  8. Feel really sorry for Francesco. Out in 33 and still getting humped. Woods has just gone birdie, birdie, birdie, eagle! You can't compete with that. The other Molinari just about to go 4 up on Fowler, Jiminez 3 up on Watson and McDowell 2 up on Mahan so still going Europe's way!
  9. Dustin Johnson and Jim Furyk were taking the piss over that putt on the 16th only for Johnson to leave it short I think F Molinari could come out tomorrow and play superbly. I think all he needs is a bit of confidence and holing that putt on the last could just give him it. Every one of the Europeans stood up to be counted today. Westwood and Donald to be -5 in a foursome is just outstanding.
  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  11. Miller has had fuck all to go on in this game. Midfield needs to put their foot on the ball and dictate play a bit more.
  13. I'd like to see Davis out on the right and Weiss out on the left, particularly if O'shea is at right back for them. With the way Davis has been performing, playing him in the middle is like playing with a man down for most of the game. :mcgregor: :whittaker: :bougherra: :weir: :papac: :davis: :edu: :mcculloch: :weiss: :miller:
  14. I don't know who should start up front. I thought Beattie was very good today and with a couple more matches under his belt will only get better. Doesn't really deserve to be dropped. On the other hand, we've just spent £4 million on a centre forward who's already played plenty of games and should have had plenty of time training with his team mates. I think I'd go; :mcgregor: :whittaker: :bougherra: :weir: :papac: :weiss: :davis: :mcculloch: :beattie: :miller:
  15. Jiminez is already in the team. I think he'll pick Molinari, Quiros and Donald.
  16. As Papaguy said, pace will destroy hibs. :mcgregor: :whittaker: :weir: :bougherra: :papac: :edu: :davis: :weiss: :lafferty: :miller:
  17. I think Eduardo Molinari is a stick on for a pick. He's played well this year and with winning the world cup with francesco gives him a perfect partner. .
  18. Paul Scholes really was outstanding against Chelsea. His passing was unreal! Agree about Newcastle though. I know it was only a friendly but they really didn't look great against us and still have a squad of averageness.
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