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  1. If he is still at Hearts come the final day of the window then that is a reasonable offer. But to offer that now is just pointless as there is absolutely no way they will accept it.
  2. Probably picking on him, making fun of his gay hairstyle, stealing his lunch money...
  3. We needed someone of genuine stature and quality in to try and get us back to where we should be and instead we got some nobody who knows nothing about the club and who has signed unknown players. We are fallingeven further behind.
  4. Auchendowie? Is big Iain our new investor?
  5. Belongs in the stands singing the sash and cheering us on but sadly never good enough for us on the park.
  6. What a player Barry Ferguson was for us. Especially first time around. Still looks a class act.
  7. Most of these pics contain McCoist or his time in charge as manager.
  8. Be amazed if he's still here by Christmas.
  9. My wee boy is lying beside me now and I've just give him a big kiss and told him I love him with tears in my eyes. Heartbreaking.
  10. For me Pena and Morelos are both overweight.
  11. Our number 33 is taking up the vacant number 10...
  12. I've got a bad feeling about this guy. Don't think he'll be suited to Scottish football and like Morelos looks on the chubby side.
  13. Need more than Graham fucking Dorrans to make us look good.
  14. He's a fat wee shite.
  15. Should never have been brought in in the first place. A complete nobody who is signing unknown and unproven foreign players. Hopefully I'm wrong but he's another PLG but this time we've no one to bail us out.