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  1. The turncoat bastards who turned their back on us can get to fuck. Not including Broadfoot in that list of snakes but it shows how far we have fallen when I would love to have him back but the frightening thing is we couldn't even afford him.
  2. Belongs in the stands. Not on the pitch.
  3. Actually hate the sight of him and his stupid haircut and ginger beard. A horrific footballer with zero brains and ability.
  4. Foderingham Tavernier Hill Wilson Hodson Holt Toral Hyndman McKay Dodoo Miller
  5. After this there are 4 games left. Hallelujah.
  6. Penalty merchant. I'd love to see how many goals he has scored for us from open play.
  7. 5 games left after this. Thank fuck.
  8. I hate these players. Shameful.
  9. Game over. Players will hide even more now and concede more goals. Embarassing that this celtc team will go through a full season unbeaten.
  10. I'm watching peppa pig with my wee boy. Got sky sports out ages ago.
  11. End of season can't come soon enough.
  12. Garner to pick up an early booking followed by him and Waghorn missing chance after chance. Seen this movie all to often this year.
  13. Need to score at least 2 because we won't keep a clean sheet against them.
  14. How can there be leaks on the starting eleven 2 days before the match.
  15. Terrible news. Played his part for us and always came across as a genuinely good guy.