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  1. That's the provisional squad. Don't think tge young lads will make the 18 though. Based on that I think we will see: Foderingham Flanagan Katic Worrall Wallace Dorrans Halliday Ejaria Kent Morelos Middleton
  2. Amac9

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    Hamstring injury.
  3. Amac9

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    Expect them all to be in the squad for Wednesday night with Wallace and Grezda definitely starting.
  4. Interesting to see who is captain as I don't think Tavernier, Goldson or McGregor play. If Wallace starts will it be him? Expect though if Halliday or Dorrans start one of them will be captain.
  5. Would have Morelos and the likes on the bench in case we need them.
  6. Amac9


    Should be getting 15-20 goals for us playing through the middle.
  7. Foderingham Flanagan Worral Katic Wallace Dorrans Halliday Ejaria Grezda Sadiq Middleton
  8. Amac9

    Gerrard on Halliday

    Not a fan of him but so far this season he has looked good in the games he's played and hasn't let us down. Decent squad player to have when he is playing the way he is and fair play to him for his attitude and application. But please don't be giving him a new contract.
  9. Amac9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    If this abomination of a match thread is for real then.... McGregor Tavernier Goldson Katic Flanagan Ejaria Coulibaly Arfield Kent Morelos Middleton
  10. Amac9

    Tav’s Rangers Stats

    If he could actually defend he would probably be a mid table Premier League player.
  11. Think we will see a lot of changes in the coming weeks. Wouldn't be surprised to see Flanagan come in for this weekend in place of Barisic (looked like he had a problem with his hamstring.) Also expect Katic and Morelos to come straight back in and possibly a start for Middleton. Need to get everyone back fit and available because the games are coming thick and fast. The Ayr game is a perfect chance to give the likes of Dorrans, Wallace, Grezda, Worrall, McCrorie... some game time.
  12. Amac9

    Welcome home party?

    Yes it was a great result but to have a 'welcome home party' is fucking cringe.
  13. Amac9

    Windass next up on Talksport

    Thought that we would miss him as a squad player who at the very least would give us options up top and chip in with some goals but honestly we haven't missed him in the slightest.
  14. Amac9


    Looking back on the highlights again the second goal is stunning. From the over lap, pass by Middleton, cross from Barisic and finish from Lafferty.
  15. Amac9

    Half Time team talks

    Even under Walter we were shite most first half. If only we could start games properly.