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  1. What the actual fuck is that? Surely that accent is put on.
  2. There's no place for sentiment in football, especially the predicament we are in right now, and the hard truth is that Andy Halliday is nowhere near goid enough. So the sooner we can move him on to free up wages for a better player is best for all.
  3. Would any of us be surprised?
  4. The class you expect from any Rangers manager.
  5. There's no chance he'll be back but as I said previously bar 18 months he was fucking woeful for us.
  6. I doubt we will have paid the full fee for him up front. I'd sell him in a heartbeat for £500k. If we can offload Garner and Waghorn for a combined £1m we are laughing.
  7. No chance!
  8. Embarassing. Getting hopes up of signing someone who bar a few good games when here was never actually that good because he has tweeted a couple of cryptic messages.
  9. If true what a horrific deal that would be.
  10. Just hopefully some club is silly enough to buy them. Otherwise they won't be going anywhere.
  11. Expect us to collapse now.
  12. Hopefully the last time we see some of these imposters in royal blue.
  13. Forrester ia everything that is rotten with us right now. More focused on his party lifestyle and styling his fucking hair like a spiceboy. Long gone are the days when we had real men and warriors playing for us and willing to shed blood for the cause. The sooner he fucks off the better.
  14. They just pulled it from the sun. Exact same article.
  15. This.