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  1. Greg Docherty

    Strong as an ox and not afraid to put his foot in but he couldn't pass water yesterday.
  2. Injury Update

    Can't wait to have Dorrans and McCrorie fit again.
  3. Brilliant news. Say what you like about him but he's a massive player for us. Still has his moments of stupidity but he's vital for us.
  4. He had time to even take a touch and roll the ball in with his ball hair.
  5. Bates with the ball at his feet is a nightmare but his job is to defend and he has never let us down. Unlike that Portuguese clown Alves.
  6. Best XI?

    If he ever gets back fit I don't expect him to be as attacking.
  7. I know he scored 2 goals but yet another sitter missed by Morelos. If he could actually finish properly he'd have about 30 goals by now.
  8. Best XI?

    Think a fully fit and on form Lee Wallace at LB with John in front of him is something worth trying. Means less pressure on Wallace to bomb forward and keeps us a bit tighter at the back.
  9. Windass

    Let's be honest if someone had told you this time 12 months ago that he would have 12 goals before mid February you would be sanctioning them to the asylum.
  10. Goss

    Lovely left foot and can ping the ball about with ease. Let's see how he gets on in the bigger games though.
  11. Ash Wednesday in 3 days. He'll not be wanting to get hurt before that.
  12. Alves back in training

    Has he even started playing for us? Total waste.
  13. Cummings is useless without any support. At least Morelos can make something on his own.
  14. At least We have the Partick expert Dodoo on the bench in case we are struggling. 2-1 Partick.