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  1. Amac9

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Yet more wankers not wearing socks.
  2. Amac9

    Another effin international break

    Both him and McAuley in the squad. Both could do with some minutes.
  3. Amac9

    Another effin international break

    Usually hate them but think this one comes at a good time. Chance to get the likes if McAuley and Lafferty some minutes. Get the likes of Barisic, Coulibaly, Candeias ect back fit and available. Plus the chance to give Tavernier, Goldson, Morelos... a rest.
  4. Livingstone are a tricky side. Very difficult to beat.
  5. Amac9

    Andy Halliday

    Fair play to him. But please sort that barnet out.
  6. Amac9

    Scott Arfield

    Been disappointing in all honesty. Expected much better from him overall.
  7. Amac9

    Ross McCrorie what’s the script here?

    Not good enough. Could maybe do with going out on loan.
  8. Need at least 2 goaks because no faith in that defence.
  9. Any fucking win. Don't care how we do it just win. Then the international break comes at a good time providing we win. Get a lot of players back fit again.
  10. Amac9

    Presser - Gerrard and Grezda

    Grezda speaks better English than Gerrard.
  11. Amac9

    Lee Wallace

    Surprised Gerrard is not asked about his situation. Something going on I think. Clearly been fit for a while now.
  12. McGregor Tavernier Goldson McAuley Halliday Coulibaly Jack Arfield Grezda Morelos Middleton Last team we would want to face after coming back from Russia would be Motherwell. Hatchet men everywhere and I fancy them to get a point.
  13. Amac9

    Lack of winners?

    A decent midfield takes the sting out the game for 10-15 minutes after we take the lead. Instead it's just constant bombardment until eventually they score.