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  1. Amac9


    Fuck international football. Heap of shite.
  2. Amac9

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    How fucking shite is International football. I'm from NI and proud of it but if the national team were playing out my garden I'd close the curtains. Had to endure the shite on Friday night while I was in work because it was on the TV and people were watching it. How many fucking English actually play for NI now? Kyle fucking Vassell? Aye he's from here alright. Looks like something that would sell drugs in the back alleys of London. And as for that red faced alcoholic manager they have. Fuck him. Hopefully Gerrard tells them to do one and he scores the winner on Sunday.
  3. Amac9

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Anything to get her and the rest of them female pundits off the telly. Good to look at but fuck off back to the women's football.
  4. Amac9

    Are we on the verge of finding our best 11?

    We've definitely got 7 or 8 players who are guaranteed starters.
  5. Amac9

    Smart new seats in the dugout!

    4-0 up at home with 15 mins left in the middle of December in the freezing cold and pissing rain and the gaffer turns round and says your coming on... Nah your alright gaffer!
  6. Amac9

    Top by the end of November...?

    Beat Hamilton first. We've no right to pick and chose how many points we get from games when we haven't even won away from home in the league yet.
  7. See that Lafferty has pulled out of the squad for NI next 2 matches. The more players we have pulling out the better. Hopefully Katic and Barisic are not seriously injured and McGregor picks up a mystery illness or strain and doesn't play for Scotland.
  8. Amac9

    Katic and Barisic

    I think Barisic is picking up injuries because he's struggling with the frantic hell hole that is Scottish football. He looked to be blowing out his arse after 25 mins against Livingstone.
  9. Amac9


    Katic is our best defender.
  10. Amac9

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    Every footballer is for sale at the right price. We should be demanding over the odds for our best players knowing that the EPL clubs can throw money around without batting an eyelid. But if we are wanting to challenge for trophies then selling Tavernier and Morelos in January is not ideal.
  11. Amac9

    Joe Worrall.

    His attempt at defending that easy ball down the line that led to their chance at 1-0 was pitiful. There's no way any striker should be getting a run at goal from that situation. At worst the defender puts man and ball out for a throw in or free kick on the touchline.
  12. 2 points behind celtc, semi final of league cup and sitting top of our Europa League group? Our away form in the league has been nothing short of horrendous. We deserved nothing against celtc or Livingstone and when we played as badly as we did it's easier to accept. In saying that we were seconds away from beating Aberdeen and Motherwell and although I think those results will come back to haunt us we would be sitting a lot higher in the table. The filth are 2 points ahead of us but considering we've dropped 10 points already they could very easily be out of sight and it's fortunate we are just 2 points behind. Hearts may be top of the league now and while they will win a few games because they are a decent side they aren't going to be top for the foreseeable future. Same applies to Hibs and Livingstone. After Halloween the table will settle down and we'll start seeing where teams will finish up. Losing or drawing to Hearts was not on the agenda and that win was massive for us going forward. Sort out the away results, beat Aberdeen in the semi final and start closing the gap to teams who shouldn't be above us.
  13. Amac9


    Been a decent signing so far.
  14. Amac9


    Biggest compliment I'd give him is he would be one of the first names in a Walter Smith side.
  15. Amac9

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Job done. No injuries over the pish International break then same again against Hamilton.