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  1. And now watch the wheels come off. Don't worry though Gerrard your seat is warm on BT because that's where you will be.
  2. Hate these shitebags. Gerrard has no fucking clue.
  3. Gerrard is clueless and these players are shit.
  4. Can't believe people think we are actually going to challenge this season.
  5. We're honking. Just hoofing it into the box.
  6. Think we will end up with a man sent off. Get the finger out or we're dropping points.
  7. Here we go again. Get that useless cunt back to Forest.
  8. We don't have one unless you are counting Sadiq. Need a striker in January.
  9. Especially considering Kent comes right back in.
  10. Interesting to see the line up. Gerrard tends to throw up some strange decisions. Please leave Flanagan and Coulibaly on the bus.
  11. Don't think Dundee are the type of side to sit in. Think they will have a go.
  12. If we don't get back to winning ways I can see the wheels starting to come off this month. Huge game. Hopefully Gerrard gets it right.
  13. This. Couldn't ask for a better game than against the worst side in the league. Win in some style.
  14. Fully expect them to put Killie back in their place. They aren't conceding many goals.
  15. Imagine still losing to them at home when they haven't even got any fans. Unthinkable.
  16. If Barisic is not even in the squad again then there's something strange.
  17. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Worrall Barisic Ejaria Jack Halliday Candeias Lafferty Grezda Picking a midfield without Arfield is chronic. Every player is the same almost. Offer nothing going forward.
  18. McAuley - 39 years old today. Says it all. Flanagan - Out in the football wilderness. Ended up with his mate. Shite. Ejaria - Liverpool kid who will end up playing league one football. Just another Oduwa. Coulibaly - Can't even get a game for Angers. Shocking footballer. Middleton - An 18 year old kid who is nowhere near ready. We need so much better.
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