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  1. I died a little inside reading people genuinely suggesting Jimmy Calderwood as the man to take us forward!!
  2. Regan would resign but unfortunately he has plans for dinner and can't make it!
  3. Hope this week prick is nowhere near our club, he's a cocky trouble making rat who is nowhere near what we should be aiming for in a striker to take us up a level
  4. Any incident gets skewed to try and blame us, even today when thousands of smack heads invade the pitch, destroy the goals and pitch, attack and spit on our players and staff, try to start fights with our fans and its acceptable because it's big bad song singing rangers, cause obviously the hibs fans were just celebrating and we were just on the pitch to cause trouble. Some of the comments from so called pundits and journalists are downright shocking and I for one can't wait for the day when that spfl trophy gets held aloft and we can stick 2 fingers up to the rest of Scottish football and declare that despite their best efforts we're back where we belong!!
  5. Seen a lot of praise for Zelalem today but didn't think he created much, he rarely gives the ball away granted but slows things to a crawl sometimes and has no idea what to do in the final third
  6. Totally agree, both are a waste of a jersey and at least underlines that they are not rangers standard, let the last of the deadwood be cleared out and expect law and bell to follow them out the door, was scratching my head at the start of the season when miller was giving a contract extension but glad to be proven wrong as he's been immense this season in performance and attitude and has shown he can still cut it at the top level
  7. It's been glaringly obvious all season that our 2 centre halfs are the weak link in the team and are not going to be good enough against better opposition next season, that first goal was amateurish defending at best and just knew at both the corners they would score as we've struggled all season against set pieces, hope 2 God 2 new central defenders are top of the shopping list!!