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  1. Not at all mate he deserves credit they all do. But now they have set that benchmark they gotta keep it going
  2. He should have set that marker in all the other previous games against them.
  3. Fuck knows but now he has set a bench mark and every game must be the same
  4. Happy new year all the best fur 2019 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. Should have put that away there gotta take these chances
  6. Gotta come out like the start of the first half no sitting back defending this lead Rangers
  7. Every game we have played them we are all hyped up for a win then to be let down by our gutless players. Go out and attack these cunts from the off they are beatable and leak goals ffs let's do it Rangers
  8. So will this mean if an English club puts a bid in and Gerrard rejects it Morelos will go in a huff again?
  9. Nothing really new here we all know he wants to play down in England and now the transfer window opens soon its the usual pish. I just want him to fucken score against these cunts and get us a win
  10. True mate it just fucks me off the amount of humping we have took of them since we came back up. These players need to start proving to there manager and fans they are up for the battle
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