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  1. The wee prick Lennon is just annoyed he couldn't sign Jack fur his mankey shitty club fuck him
  3. Don't know what to believe with him or his agent now in the record it says he is contracted to his club he signed till 2020 before going on loan
  4. Ugghhh says a lot when we got to rely on a 37 year old for next season
  5. I'll probably get shot down for saying this but no one thought we would step up and win this league on our first season back with that team. It all stems back to SUPER ALLY if he had gone with the youth from the start and brought them through the leagues we would have had a better team than what we have with years of playing together and still young but that's only my opinion
  6. Nah he is telling Rodgers that's OK we will laugh it aff the noo but when I get my team were going to fuck u all no surrender
  7. I agree 100% he talks a good game but you got to give any new manager time to asses the playing staff
  8. We all don't know what he has seen in training but give him time to get his acquired playing staff on board and see what happens but yes I do agree same shite week in week out no change but we still need king to stump up for the better players also
  9. I agree but surley you got to give the guy a chance he needs to improve the playing staff that is a must so its down to. King to stump up what he needs but that won't happen either we need decent players and just maybe he will do that can't be as bad as the players we got already
  10. No one can judge our manager until he gets his players in he wants he has inherited a bunch of shit bags that all need to get to fuck
  11. Miller should do the rightful thing and just rip up his contract he is past it and we don't need him next season
  12. A new first team is a priority m8 they all need binned
  13. Bell should be kick strait out the club after that pish today not even close to a first team keeper saying that get all the old ones out and start with a full team of youngsters they would have done a lot better than that pish the day and all season
  14. Link Naismith and Davis won’t rule out Rangers return all this guff about the best years why leave then and wait till we are in with a shout of going back up and they all want back no thanks
  15. Its no just him as Naismith and Davis won't rule out return either they can all stay were they are no thanks Link Naismith and Davis won’t rule out Rangers return