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  1. You are correct he has made us better but the amount of points dropped and his lack of urgency in changing a game is our downfall it's OK saying he's learning but for our club to get back to top spot we can't be throwing away stupid games for me we need a new manager don't know who but someone with more experience this is all king and the boards doing
  2. Windass stat

    Even thought he scores and assists he is not consistent the whole game he is in the game the first half then second half he is no were to be found not good enough
  3. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    It's getting that fucken bad players will need body guards with them to go to the shops fucken discrace that wee cunt needs a good kicking
  4. Windass

    That's windass all over scores a decent goal then goes awol the rest of the game
  5. Patience needed

    Very true but I think we will keep second spot
  6. Patience needed

    Hmm that's the bread man and Pedro and now Murty how much time do we give him he has till end of season we will finish second but if we dont beat them fuckers in the cup I think his time is up we can't keep coming second best
  7. Home Form

    Ahh shit mate sorry it was a draw felt like a defeat that was the one we missed the pen and Burke went on to score my bad
  8. Home Form

    Don't forget Killie done us at ibrox too fucken joke
  9. Home Form

    Yep gone are the days every team coming to play at ibrox was scared now they just come and take points off us got to build that fear factor back up we should never be losing that many at home shocking
  10. Herrera

    Hope so they can have cardoso for free also
  11. Morelos over cummings

    Only way both will be on is if Murty drops windass And that won't happen
  12. Scottish Cup.

    I honestly can say we ain't good enough to win against that shower of shite Hearts showed everyone how to take them apart and they fucked them well and truly and all we can do is fuck it up so fucken sad to say
  13. We need a manager

    100% agree mate Murty was never the answer maybe because the board are tight arsed cunts but Murty is the better of what we had but we desperately need better ASAP
  14. Morelos over cummings

    He needs to Finnish they easy chances m8 ffs that was a sitter today it was on a plate for him that's food and drink to a quality striker
  15. Morelos over cummings

    Ohhh the top scorer even windass just leveled top scoring spot with morelos in big games he don't score shit