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  1. The worst part was he was injured for almost a year and a half. The club put him through his rehab and paid his wages and that's the thanks we got. If he apologises to the fans (and means it), tail between the legs, not on stupid wages and plays like he used to then I would reluctantly take him back. We need quality and there will be some leeway with his salary IMO so yeah I'd take him back. The likes of Waghorn can't be leading the line next season
  2. If investment comes in over the summer there is no chance he will be here for the start of the season. If not it will be more of the same and some loose change made available to build a squad. Too many smoke screens after poor performances the most recent being falling out with McIness. We are in a bad way and need someone with money to pick us up again.
  3. Wow not good. These figures tend to include wages as well. Kevin Muscat clearing £1m per year comes to mind 😵😵😵. Look for experienced pros who are out of contract as the spine of the team and work from there. Walter is the old pro at that. Tighten the defence and win games 1-0 then build on that
  4. No idea manager must see something we don't. For all that Dodo never had a great game he st least held up the ball and looked for the ball. Waghorn was poor again and needs to be dropped. Missed a sitter yet again. He had one excellent turn in the first half and left the defender for dead, that was it.
  5. The players are shite scared of him for some unbeknown reason. Any pressure put on that guy and he loses the ball 9/10 times.
  6. It was sneaky and deliberate. He takes a look just before the ball comes in and kept the contact just enough to catch him. No bearing on the result today but you shouldnt get away with that. The tackle from Simonovic was a shocker as well and didn't even give a foul for it. They were wanting Miller sent off when he slid in two footed and made contact with fresh air in the last one at Ibrox 😂
  7. He will be gone when King flogs his shares
  8. They are also right 10 in a row is being handed to them on a plate
  9. Pedro looks like he's hurting there
  10. How can you let a full back tear your entire back four like that? We downed tools before the game even started. You can't trust a manager with money (if there is any) that has set up like this in two of the biggest games of our season. It was about pride and dignity today which there is fuck all of
  11. "We'll learn from this and improve next season", "hurting and wanting revenge". cue the post match garbage. There is no excuse for pulling out of challenges, laziness and a lack of fight. You either have it or you don't. These imposters should be no where near Ibrox and the included the man that picked the team
  12. Oh my Waghorn again
  13. If the board think people will buy the similar season tickets numbers as this year, with no investment then they are deluded. This is the tragic
  14. That is just laughable from start to finish, losing cheap possession then three players standing in the same position allowing a man free at the back post
  15. We are tightening up to keep the score down, it's not looking good for next year already