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  1. I can't really see the immediate need to have a DOF. Budget wise it will take away from the kind of manager that the fans want to see. Hypothetically say there is £12k per week put aside for the management team, you could be paying DOF £5k a week, assistant £2k leaving £5k for your head coach. A hypothetical £5k a week isn't going to get you very far in the current market and I'm being generous with £12k budget. Whatever happens in the summer will shape us for years to come. We either go forward or continue to go downwards. We need investment or we will lag behind and won't have a hope in mounting a challenge. We don't need £20m worth of talent either just the right man. Celtic seen the fans weren't buying into Delia and they needed to make a big move to get them on board. They are practically playing with the same shite team they had last season with two quality players added to the squad and someone that has motivated them into winners. Comes at a big cost to the club initially to break their wage structure for the manager and 2 good signings but straight into the CL first time of asking and £18m in the bank to show for it. Speculate to accumulate. It's not beyond reason to expect at least some of our squad to step up with the right man in charge to push and motivate them.
  2. The board are extremely naive if they think that the season ticket sales will be similar in the summer if this is what is being served up. Statement of intent is required ASAP i.e. Announce an appointment even if they are coming in at the end of the season
  3. That league table is an embarrassment 6 behind Aberdeen and 30 behind Celtic. Probably only going to get worse Inverness away is always a tough game for us.
  4. Is it a 1 game ban if he gets a red or would it add to the ban?
  5. Nice one Garner 👍🏻 let's get another 2
  6. I'm not looking forward to that, if they go all guns blazing in attack it will be a cricket score
  7. The heart has gone from most of the players now it's only going to get more painful now. We need major investment and a box office manager in or we are going to be in a terrible situation next season. its a bad day when you send the players out to make the score respectable when you are against Dundee
  8. Last chance saloon for Kiernan and Halliday. You can't keep picking the same players that cost us games. In saying that I'm glad Toral isn't starting he just doesn't look up to it
  9. Dundee are rank rotten so we should win today. We were terrible in defence against Morton but we did create lots of chances. Hopefully we will take them today and can change the script we have been seeing away from home all season. Senderos cant start today and shouldn't play again for us regardless of what his weekly wage is. That was embarrassing watching him play last Sunday. If he is fit give Wilson a chance at CB 👍🏻
  10. 0-0 Advocaats first OF game at Ibrox. Tosh McKinley got an ironic cheer when he came on as a sub and smacked the bar with a thirty yard dig 2 minutes later 😂
  11. It's another court case we will lose unless the resignation was in writing. I think a payoff will come soon enough, probably when the ST money is in....
  12. Stop them winning the treble and get the winning mentality back should be the goal this season. I still think we will get 2nd place quite comfortably if they can get the squad focussed and we finally start to put the ball in the back of the net. The only way I could accept 4th is if we blood some of the young talent into the 1st team, you can excuse them for errors knowing that they will learn from the experience. However 4th place with the same squad, same mistakes, same attitude and uninspiring managerial appointment will not sell season tickets next year.
  13. I still don't see the logic in paying £250k (alleged) on a back up keeper when we were desperately poor in other areas. That is a mixture of bad manager / poor board decision. Is this agent stuff true or is it rumours? If it is you can add our former manager to the taking the piss list.
  14. I think a big investment will come from elsewhere, new manager in and with a decent figure to rebuild the team and the club. This will be the beginning of stopping 10 in a row, I wouldn't like to see us waiting until the last season to stop it. Warburton had a decent budget and he spent it poorly. If he was given more money he would have wasted it more expensive flops that either played for Brentford or had a connection to McParland.