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  1. The loan that wasn’t a loan, but is being paid back as a loan, but is not a loan looks very shifty particularly after Doncaster’s pledge that ‘there is nothing to see here’.
  2. If they are ending this early and looks like they will be, should be splitting the total prize fund equally among the twelve teams. There will be a legal challenge from Hearts and the lower league relegated teams so this will drag on for months. League ‘winners’ will have an asterisk against this one for sporting integrity.
  3. It’s a no win situation for the SPFL board, call of bias from either side when the decision is made. If they are given the title then there will be an asterisk alongside it and will be tainted. Not a hope in hell that the remaining games will be played before August so they need to make a decision about it eventually. League is tight for relegation, playoff and European place so there will be zero consensus from the clubs.
  4. This will probably be the end of the competition for all teams. No idea what the plan will be particularly for the Italian teams. Also talk of all leagues ending their seasons apart from UK of course, nothing to see here.
  5. I hate criticising players but completely agree. He was a bomb scare, so sloppy and all over the place
  6. Good team deserved to win, we will be disappointed with the 1st half performance tho did not press them the way we should have playing at home. Season officially over now, need to see who wants to and deserves to be here next season, including the manager. Morelos getting slated again unfairly, it’s a stinking job playing up front in these games and thought he done well considering the kind of balls he was receiving. Was up against quality defenders and couldn’t spin them, nothing wrong with that. Can see why he played Aribo on the right, using his height to try and win flick ons, but Kamberi proved he was the better option in the 2nd half. Just wasn’t his day. 2nd leg go for it, be positive, if we get hammered then so be it, nothing to lose and all to gain
  7. It’s more Le Guen - totally switched on in Europe but domestically it’s like the homework hasn’t been done
  8. ‘I’ll look at me players and ask who is with me....again’
  9. Players have chucked it. Last 15 mins was tippy tappy knocking the ball sideways, not a care in the world.
  10. It’s pure and simple lack of motivation domestically. Players thinking they are better than the opposition and not up for a battle. Morelos situation is just throwing shit in the fire pit. He is on his last chance, any more fuck ups and he shouldn’t play again this season
  11. Imodium


    Worked his socks off in a right shitty role. Chased and won a good few flick ins, thought he done really well. He adds something different and for the right price would be another good option to have in the squad
  12. We were on a better run of form with him in the team than without!
  13. Another option is Helander when fit. All too tippy tappy again today. System is not working, teams know how to play against us. Need more urgency and consider our options up top. Should be playing 2 strikers rather than trying to pass the ball through 10 men (we aren’t good enough to do it). Kamberi done well again when he came on. Will get a start on Weds and should get a run in the team if he performs well. Morelos needs go sit out a couple of games until his head is back in it.
  14. That was unreal. Very strange game they battered us then went to pieces when Hagi scored to make it 1-2. Morelos worked his socks off was very unlucky not to score. Also credit to Gerrard for making positive changes with time for them to make an impact. Well done boys 👍🏻
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