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  1. Im up from England with my eldest who just turned 18 in September, for his first game. Anyone any suggestions of somewhere with a little 'culture' we can go on the Friday night? We are staying in the city centre. Intention is to have a bit of a crawl down PRW after the game on Saturday.
  2. I am warming to the idea the more time goes on. I thin though if he doesn't now come, it will hit us trying to find someone else, with the amount of publicity it has had
  3. What matters now is the reaction against Morton at the weekend.
  4. Havent seen it but I would presume it will be some bit of tech, checking things like heart rate and bp ect
  5. Think we have to remember this team were playing at the likes of Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and Anfield last season. A lot more positives to take out of this game in regards to the general overall play
  6. Think we just seen why we need another winger attacking player - after that Templeton and McKay exchange on the break
  7. Will be interesting to see how we do now going 1-0 down, was looking good though before they scored
  8. Got to admit that's the biggest rollercoaster of emotions during a game I have felt for a very long time
  9. Way to much room for Allan then in the middle of the pitch
  10. Foster has lost the ball more times than whore drops her knickers on a Friday night
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