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  1. The snooker hall in govan along from richards bar, with my dad and my bro. Fuck knows why we decided to watch gers v them in there. Altho a Kevin Thomson winner made that shite hole that little bit brighter. The walk though govan after it was gold,
  2. Govan west i think is open fir public sale, 10adult 5kids/con
  3. stampyurie


    I know i forget were i live sometimes
  4. stampyurie


    If griffith can survive his 9th wean to the 8th woman or lennon threatin woman been in the papers and are now forgotten about then this will be chip paper by tuesday surely ?
  5. 1st thing pundits are on about is miller. Its game day hes no in the squad and pedro doesnt want him. Just leave it
  6. With reading about the way the lad from southampton runs his ship with a list off coachs of replacements, i do think he is 1 on his list. I think our board would have went for a scottishfootball tried n tested manager like Eck, Wright or McInnes.
  7. Hes keeping that for the halloween night out if he stays
  8. So is overhead kicks now outlawed if jaromes goal was high foot?
  9. So in all honestly how many of the new guys do u c starting the nxt game. Am thinkin one with rest on bench or in the stands
  10. athletio madrid v barca tonight. willie hill giving 5/1 on madrid
  11. Sky have messed up and you can watch the Cleverly v Bellew boxing for free on Sky channel 872
  12. we should be good enough to win with the assemblied squad that a lousy ref display is irrelevent.
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