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  1. stampyurie

    New Home Shirt ? Or Another Blag ??

    I seen some guy wearing it in clydebank. Still looks smart but no doubt not be out away top
  2. stampyurie

    Alfredo Morelos

    No doubt the papers will have him linked to a 750k move to wigan
  3. stampyurie

    Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/312659-hh-podcast-on-mcinnes/?page=2 Ok save ur pennies and listen to it on this thread
  4. stampyurie

    Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Got pay to listen to the heart n hand podcast and u will hear him say it
  5. stampyurie

    The AGM in the next week or so

    There isnt any1 to vote for tho to try n get them off the board is there?
  6. stampyurie

    *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    1st thing pundits are on about is miller. Its game day hes no in the squad and pedro doesnt want him. Just leave it
  7. stampyurie

    If you won the lottery...

    In a single penny
  8. stampyurie

    New Strip old strip back

    I paid 20quid in benidorm for my boys top in may assumming we were getting a new design. It was his 1st gers strip he want he was chuffed
  9. stampyurie


    For us or the team?
  10. stampyurie

    Any statement from club re Miller?

    Rumour of what? Kenny been the mole
  11. stampyurie

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    With reading about the way the lad from southampton runs his ship with a list off coachs of replacements, i do think he is 1 on his list. I think our board would have went for a scottishfootball tried n tested manager like Eck, Wright or McInnes.
  12. stampyurie

    All Barton Chat.

    Hes keeping that for the halloween night out if he stays
  13. So is overhead kicks now outlawed if jaromes goal was high foot?
  14. stampyurie

    *** The Official Rangers V Peterhead Match Thread ***

    Was thinking that or Cecil the lion
  15. stampyurie

    *** The Official Rangers V Peterhead Match Thread ***

    Why has Wallace got the black arm band for?