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  1. Possibly, but I doubt it. The mins will record an overview normally nothing more.
  2. Even the minutes wouldn't record what was said verbatim.
  3. If it's good news for the SPFL the results will be out within seconds. Subject to their SPAM filters.
  4. I think the same unfortunately. I'd love to see the backpedalling if we managed to get 50%.
  5. The best I can see is just over 50%. If we manage to get that, it'll put the SPFL under enormous pressure.
  6. I'm going to go in with a hopeful 32. Some how I don't see it been that many though, more like 18.
  7. Douglas Park initials are very apt as he has double penetrated the spfl.
  8. Holy shit no, I didn't see that. I've just seen Dana fist bumped him too, haha. Although it's great the the UFC is on, I think it's a little too soon. However they are putting the right steps in place to ensure they don't spread the disease.
  9. Same. I can't believe Cruz is fighting to be honest. I love watching him fight. Probably my favourite UFC fighter. I didnt watch UFC for mi this after he lost last time
  10. Thug Rose is out of UFC 249 for undisclosed reasons.
  11. It was always going to happen unfortunately. Wilder is deluded.
  12. Istanbul Basaksehir for me. I'd take that draw.
  13. The boy was smiling from ear to ear in that interview.
  14. I saw the match room YouTube video on it last night and thought the same. There is some great fights on the card.
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