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  1. I've had one for years on Google calendar, some guy with a Yahoo email address. I couldn't do without it. He must put some amount of effort into it.
  2. We need 1, possibly 2. I think 1 will come in this year and then another next season to replace Davis. It's paramount a box to box midfielder comes this season.
  3. Weirdly I'm not arsed at all with that result. For me it was a glorified friendly (in the end). The league is the most important thing this season so staying in this competition would of been a huge distraction. But we must get another midfielder in.
  4. There is no need for him to play. He has just come back from injury.
  5. I agree, I said it earlier in the thread. This is showing how badly we need a really good midfielder. The game is passing them by.
  6. This game highlights our need for for another central midfielder. Its like we don't have one.
  7. Harry Redknapp has come out and said Jamie is talking shite too. Redknapp said: “I love Ally McCoist to bits and he’s dead right when he says Jamie must have been drinking when he came away with that statement. “Let’s face it, he can’t have been serious and that’s coming from someone who has a lot of affection for Bournemouth. “Bournemouth hadn’t even been in the second tier for the first 88 years of their existence. They were a Division Three or Four team and I was the first man to get them into what is now the Championship and that was regarded as a miracle. “Eddie Howe then got them into the Premier League which is a miracle but when I was there we used to get 2000 and 3000 people so to say they’re bigger than Glasgow Rangers, one of the biggest football clubs in the world… “I worked in America and Rangers came on tour and the place was mobbed. They had fans coming from Canada and all over to watch them. They’re a massive club. “Honestly, people don’t realise how massive Rangers and celtic are. If you go anywhere in the world you will find people who support Rangers and celtic. “Jamie’s a great lad and I like him a lot but he must have been having a wind-up. He must have been trying to cause a bit of controversy because he can’t have been serious. “I heard him saying it and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was laughing out loud. Ally’s response was great. Bournemouth’s stadium holds 11,000 so Jamie has clearly never been to Ibrox!” Redknapp counts many former England internationals who signed for Gers among his friends in football as well as Graeme Souness who sparked a revolution at Ibrox in 1986. And he said: “Talk to any of the English boys who played at Rangers and they’ll soon tell you about the size of them. “They should go to an Old Firm game and they’ll soon find out. “I’ve so much respect for Scottish football because in my era every successful club in England was full of players from north of the border.”
  8. My personal feeling is that he doesn't believe the bench is good enough. If we get in a box to box midfielder I think the squad will be in a very good place.
  9. I agree, I'm sure he does believe it. No one in England can see past the Premier league.
  10. If we are top, the league will not be called early.
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