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  1. I think same, he doesn't look bigger than the last fight.
  2. I think he has to fight boring, a bit like Klit in this fight. Against top boxers AJ struggles because he has no head movement. So he needs to keep stuff at range and wear opponents down. Everytime he goes in for the kill and becomes exciting he gets caught. Like Klit he needs after his first ko loss. I think he'll win tomorrow night though.
  3. I wonder if it's for endurance in the heat. I think he'll have the same game plan as when he fought Parker.
  4. http://vipleagues.eu/soccer/see-1607676-aberdeen-Rangers-fc?l=3114832782
  5. Yeah, taken from the sun: Antony Joshua and Andy Ruiz’s rematch will start at 9pm GMT this Saturday, December 7 – that is 11pm in Saudi Arabia. The ring walks for the main event have been confirmed by Sky Sports for 8.45pm.
  6. It's all to appease the British fans so they'll buy the ppv. It's on at a great time here in the UK. 9pm start I read with the walkouts at 8.45pm.
  7. No chance he is leaving in January.
  8. So if Feyenood win next week, we are through whatever happens? However we should have enough to beat young boys at Ibrox.
  9. They would of got that back and more winning the thing.
  10. I was right, their game (and wales') is kryptonite to England. We were never in the game. Fair play, they were by far the better team.
  11. I'm English so I'm going to go with England. It's going to be a war. My issue is that Wales seem to be England's kryptonite and South Africa are a better version of them. Plus how much did the Semi Final take out of England.
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