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  1. It's interesting that they are both coming in heavier for this fight. Fury was definitely under is normal fight weight in their last fight and I think Fury's best performances have been when we weighed 165. I think the extra weight is so he'll have a bit more pop on his punches. I don't think he'll stand and trade. He needs enough power so Wilder will respect him otherwise Wilder might risk trying and walk him down. Wilder has stacked on the weight too, he definitely doesn't want Fury getting back up this time.
  2. And there was me thinking the SPL was the most corrupt league in the world.
  3. We are really missing Jack in midfielder. Its like men v boys at the moment.
  4. Since the change in manager they have been ripping it up in Portugal.
  5. Fury is weighing in about a stone heavier than his last fight against Wilder. So he must want I bit more power this time, which indicates we wants a KO or he thinks Wilder will change his tactics and not just wait for the KO but try and get in closer and he'll need to have a bit of power to keep Wilder off. I can't see Fury KOing Wilder but I'd fucking love it if he did.
  6. Didn't happen, there is no evidence of it.
  7. I love how Warren said that AJ v Whyte wasn't a PPV and that Eddie was ripping off fans and then makes Dubois v Joyce a PPV .
  8. We seem to be looking at stepping up the quality in the squad. Hopefully this is the end of Barker in the match day squad this season. I'm genuinely excited to see Hagi play for us.
  9. I read this earlier and howled. He fails to mention that Gerrard shakes every managers hand like that after every game. Maybe he hates and disrespects them all?
  10. I don't see how anyone can say otherwise. His left foot is unreal. We are finally a threat from free kicks and corners.
  11. Hopefully the red card puts off the bidders come summer again.
  12. The 1 good thing from the first half is I've managed to get in a 20 min power nap. The first 15 and last 5 minutes was brutal.
  13. Yeah, it was announced today too. Its certainly interesting that they are both to 2024. But probably just coincidence as I doubt either will be at their respective clubs come 2024. I hope they are though.
  14. Another new deal. He deserves it. EDIT: The video has been taken down. But anyway looks like Davis has sign a new deal.
  15. Yep, I'm not surprised they left the announcement till after some good news. It was so close to being a perfect week.
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