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  1. ChrisVanDarche

    **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Need to win this game tomorrow. If not, I can see a total collapse and a 4th place finish on the horizon.
  2. ChrisVanDarche

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Wallace sticks with us through the lower leagues and most mercenaries on here want shot. Yet the same guys will call Naismith, Lafferty and the like for turning their backs. Weapons. ?
  3. ChrisVanDarche

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Need to stand behind Miller and Wallace - the only 2 winners at the club. Squad full of imposters couldn't lace their boots.
  4. ChrisVanDarche

    Steven Thompson - Video

    Big Thommo was decent back in the day. Scored a fair few goals considering his limited time on the pitch.
  5. ChrisVanDarche

    Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    I've heard everything from £12k up to £26k a week. Also heard he used to send the Mrs down the offie in Milngavie for his cargo so don't take the above as gospel.
  6. ChrisVanDarche

    Rossiter having “hard time” in fitness fight

    Think the time will come to cut losses and release him. A lot of potential but at the end of the day we can' have him on the wage bill if all he is gonna do is sit on the sidelines.
  7. ChrisVanDarche


    Get him back and give him a chance. If he's still a donkey we can get shot - nothing to lose.
  8. ChrisVanDarche

    El Buffalo

    Morelos gives his all for the jersey. Still a young guy but has the potential to be a top player. Just his decision making that lets him down now and again but he knows where the goal is.
  9. ChrisVanDarche


    Alves is an empty jersey. Struts about as if he' a world beater but fact of the matter is that he has been a liability recently.
  10. ChrisVanDarche

    players xmas night out

    Don' know why folk are going off their tits about this. Good opportunity to build morale. Guys can' be beat with a stick all the time.
  11. ChrisVanDarche

    ***The Official Hibernian vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Dead and buried.
  12. ChrisVanDarche

    ***The Official Hibernian vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Hand ball and no yellow card what's the deal?
  13. ChrisVanDarche

    ***The Official Hibernian vs Rangers Match Thread***

    I think Kenny is making the right move trying to get the young guys back. Need to shake it up a bit there's too many guys walking into the first 11 undeservedly.
  14. ChrisVanDarche

    ***The Official Hibernian vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Dark days for the club. Feel lower now than I did when we went into administration.
  15. ChrisVanDarche

    ***UEFA Champions League 2014/15***

    Hahaha Rodgers you're getting sacked in the morning