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  1. Agreed. Can't blame SG for the failures of the players to do the basics. He got it wrong tactically through the week but the players have let him down time and again. To think this was the same group who blew away Vienna, played the filth off the park at New Year... - they have downed tools and that is not down to SG.
  2. Done hee haw on Tuesday. Should not have even made the squad today after his midweek performance.
  3. The players have thrown in the towel. Despicable.
  4. Need to win this game tomorrow. If not, I can see a total collapse and a 4th place finish on the horizon.
  5. Wallace sticks with us through the lower leagues and most mercenaries on here want shot. Yet the same guys will call Naismith, Lafferty and the like for turning their backs. Weapons. ?
  6. Need to stand behind Miller and Wallace - the only 2 winners at the club. Squad full of imposters couldn't lace their boots.
  7. Get him back and give him a chance. If he's still a donkey we can get shot - nothing to lose.
  8. I think Kenny is making the right move trying to get the young guys back. Need to shake it up a bit there's too many guys walking into the first 11 undeservedly.
  9. Dark days for the club. Feel lower now than I did when we went into administration.
  10. Hahaha Rodgers you're getting sacked in the morning
  11. I'll not be renewing to these spivs are out.
  12. Looks as though it could be one of thse days for the Dutch. Serial underachievers when you lok at that 11.
  13. I woulda got tickets for the tour but Lesnar ain't touring.
  14. Yeah but if they make the final they will destroy Bayern or Madrid. Madrid did them last weekend but lightning doesnt strike twice inside a month, and Bayern don't have enough to trouble Barca on a stage like the CL final.
  15. I retract my previous statement. Cant stand Barca hope Chelsea can see this through. Doubt it though.
  16. 7 bids rejected Must have been piss poor bids - what a waste of time in a transfer window that is slipping away..
  17. The way this has been handled is embarassing. 6 bids rejected.
  18. He might be stalling to try and get a move to us. Don't see any other reason why it would be over 2 days.
  19. I really don't believe Goodwillie will sign for us - Dundee Utd don't want to see their best player playing against them, especially for us. I'd even go as far as to say they will reject bids from us higher than the one they accepted from Blackburn. I would love to see him in a Rangers shirt, but I think we've missed our chance.
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