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  1. Yes l do mate l am working as a doctors now
  2. How do they l pay 50 pcof my pay to the taxes mam so should they
  3. Hi should we cap all football players wages as they only play the game that they love and get a good wage should be a bonus. Me and everyone that l know have to get up at least 5 days a week to go out and earn a crust to keep her in doors happy why should a footballer get any thing like a heart surgeon that may be asked to help me or you any time of the day . We all have to look at each other. And ask yourself do they deserve all this money for me the answer is no
  4. Will strive G stop them if not hoo shut the f.. K up of you don't know
  5. Brown at the pen puts one on tavs not a mention
  6. Need to score against the unwashed to smile for me
  7. How many games is that that he has not been booked this time last season he had to sit out this match long may it continue
  8. Thanks for the rep Harry. WATP

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