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  1. ANy streams actually working?
  2. That video shows Jack up. Can talk about Stokes and the refs shambolic performance all day but hes gave the ref a chance to send him off and essentially cost us the game. Total fanny who has took the bait so he could get his pretend hardman "butt" in, fucking embarassing letting that fenian prick hook, line and sinker you.
  3. Spot on with Dorrans, experienced and should know better... his reaction caused it, as stupid as that sounds. Miller is a fanny, wants to be everybody's mate and somebody within the club needs to tell him to shut the fuck up and back your team mates whether right or wrong.
  4. Improvement in the first half but his 2nd half was poor. Defensively he is woeful and almost similar to Kranjcar in the sense he becomes a passenger, however Niko has much more technical ability. If he had the dig and drive that Candeias has for example he would be a real real handful for any team.
  5. McLean will most likely sign a pre-contract with us. Not in a great rush to leave Aberdeen, has a decent gig up there and Rangers daft so will be happy to hold out until then IMO. Again he is not a world beater but a better option off the bench than Holt, Dalcio etc.
  6. This one should be sealed this week now, what was clear to me yesterday is this is exactly what we need. Windass ran his race after first half and having Walker to bring on or vice versa is a better option. If Pena turns out to be an improvement on what we have I would say we are a good full back, classy striker and Walker away from a decent team.
  7. Best wishes from me.... Good deal for all parties and I hope he does well for himself. Every single penny needs reinvested in another striker as I would never write anybody off after hardly kicking a ball but I just cant see Herrera or Morelos working out for us. Herrera must have been cheaper than the price we paid as we may as well have kept Garner, same difference really. I think looking at us yesterday we are a Walker, Naismith type player who can play a few positions up top and an out and out goal scorer away from it. With them and if Pena turns out to be better than whats there I would say we could realistically start challenging.
  8. Feels like Hearts trying to push it through to be honest... 'Please buy him for more than offered'
  9. Ok. Just keep deflecting from the main points in here and answering everybody properly then, it's working for you.... honestly.
  10. Why even draw a comparison in the first place when you have admitted they are different in this thread?. Why the fuck would any Rangers supporter even go down that route, there has to be an ulterior motive. You certainly do not speak for me and it seems the vast majority on here, so no surprises you work for the DR. A match made in heaven.
  11. Honestly... who gives a flying fuck what he thinks. Of course the speccy fenian prick wouldnt condemn it. I am annoyed i am even joining the topic about him but we need to ignore these clowns, sadly too many people will always bite.
  12. How is starting a thread to open a debate regarding a new player moaning you fud? Clearly I am not the only who finds it strange and maybe a tad concerning, especially when you hear the rumours. I am sure Pedro will get questioned on it shortly and give an explanation... My main point was that regardless of fitness I am surprised he got 0 minutes against Sheff Wed at the weekend after 45 against St J, even more so when you consider guys like Holt got a cameo ahead of him.
  13. Naw really a negative is it? If he isnt match fit/fit surely a pre season friendly would be a chance to fix this or is that too sensible?
  14. Right whats the script here? Not even worthy of a 15 minute workout today? Something doesnt seem right.... Dont give me the settling in/new country patter, even Waghorns on.
  15. Chill mate.