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  1. Sad but who cares really..... Can't stand the sight of Murty now and couldn't care who plays. There will be a few changes and a lot of empty seats this weekend.
  2. No mate, sorry to be the one to break it to you.
  3. Halliday sub and tactics were questioned. Board are to blame for this mess, nobody else.
  4. You know what, I don't even think he is a cancer now. I am changing my tune. I just see a guy hurting who has the best interests of Rangers at heart, Pedro and Murty saga's have confirmed this. He has an ego and ignorance about him but I don't think him and Wallace went berserk for their own sake, surely for their passion for our club we love? He has effectively ended his Rangers career through caring.
  5. Worst thing is that he is an absolutely awful footballer. Honestly can't stand him, he is everything that is wrong with Rangers at the moment. An absolute nobody that thinks he knows best because he is a supporter. Shouting at Murty in the stand but doing fuckall on the pitch sums up how much of a weasel he is. Anybody with a fucking brain can see we need rid of guys like him and the likes of Windass, Foderingham, Holt, Forrester, MOH, Cardoso - all shite and all done nothing in their careers and do not have the mentality to play here. Even the likes of Miller & Wallace, time should be up for them too. Out all Jan business i would only keep Murphy. We need a total rebuild again and a ruthless manager who realises that the shower of shit we have is nowhere near good enough. Mediocrity is our thing now, gullible supporters lap it all up.
  6. Teams all wrong for me... McCrorie should be sitting in front of the defence and as much as Alves gets slated he won every header last game. Will be outmuscled and they willl score from a corner, the height difference is staggering but Murty too naive to see that. Hope i am wrong but Halliday and Docherty gives me the fear
  7. The team will be as predictable as ever, it's Murty in charge remember. Murphy is the key to success in this game for me, RB positon is where they are weak and he barely wasted a ball the last game against them, we need to get him running at them and causing problems. I hope McCrorie comes into midfield in place of Docherty to line up something like:- Fod Tav Martin Alves John Candieas McCrorie Dorrans Murphy Miller/Windass Morelos Wouldn't even be against Miller in ahead of Windass if fit, both are brutal at times but Miller wont hide.
  8. I am probably one of his biggest critics on here, but at the end of the day he deserves one last crack at it. He has handled himself well during all of his Rangers career and if he can find a position that suits him and add a little more dig and determination to his game then he will be a much better option than the likes of Pena, Barjonas etc. Even MOH falls into this category, I think a lot of people were harsh on him due to his ties to celtic, he actually showed in glimpses he can be a problem and again I would much rather bring on him than Herrera. We need to accept the level we are at.... but to be honest we are only a good manager and some shrewd spending on a 3/4 good players away from getting nearer to where we should be.
  9. Sorry i have missed the revelation of tonight, can one of you summarise? Something to do with DOF?
  10. You make a few valid points, however they are not scum, just anunderwhelming board that arent up to the task it seems. As you say we dont have anybody else though mate and you would need to be a fucking mongo to waste all your hard earned money on Rangers. We are in a horrible position where they need to start getting things right or even the brown noses will start getting fed up. I am willing to give them the benefitand see what they come up with... there needs to be a trend of progression soon or we will never recover.
  11. Lets be honest the statement is childish and needless, it's pandering to the gullible. I am fed up with them but will give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they come up with, I was settling for McInnes as he seems best out of a bad bunch. Let's hope they come up with a better alternative and we can forget about this and move on with a decent manager in place with a chance to sort this mess.
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