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  1. Apparently Edu and a few others used to live in my building. There's a few belting flats in my building so guessing his flat was a lot nicer than mine!
  2. View My Seat

    Sat up there a couple of times recently and it's more the lack of leg room that's a pain in the arse. View isn't perhaps as bad as some have made out but it's certainly no GR4.
  3. 17’s Cruise To Glasgow Cup Win

    Can't believe we signed Jamie Walker just to leave him on the bench for the u17s. Pedro oot!
  4. Europa League who am i

    I think we're all missing the most important part here in that the OP is sitting reading match reports from the 90s.
  5. Advertising at Ibrox

    To be fair, he wouldn't spend money on them either as he wouldn't want us to appear biased, and half the staff are bears. Just thought I'd try and get some more bears involved and help both sides out.
  6. Advertising at Ibrox

    Admin please feel free to move if you feel this should be in OT. I manage a local business and one of my colleagues got a phone call from someone at Rangers today about advertising on the boards at the stadium. The fact that our owner is "one of them" means that there isn't much chance we're going to be able to go ahead with this (which is bollocks for me but hey ho). However, the pricing for this was pretty reasonable so I felt it might be of interest to anyone on here that is involved with a local business. Looking at £1500 per season for 3 mins of advertising per game, split into 30 second bursts. Drop me a message if you want contact info. Also, good to hear that someone at the club is pushing this and trying to drive revenue streams. This is only a tiny part of things but it's so positive to see everything that's changing at the club recently. The future is bright...
  7. Gregg Wylde - Halliday on Thursday.

    Greg Wylde knows what he's doing when it comes to keeping a decent income coming through. Moves from team to team down South every year. Got to pay for those hair transplants somehow! No surprise that he's sticking up for his mate really but, from what i know, Greg is a nice enough guy and apparently had no poor intentions when leaving us. Know a friend of his.
  8. Which new signing excites you the most?

    Pena or Morales. Or Dorrans. Fuck me, this has been a good window so far (if finalised).
  9. Alex McLeish 'says no to Rangers DOF role'

    Feel free to shoot this down but here is what i was told... My boss is a friend of his and says Mcleish was given a very informal interview for the role down in London a few weeks ago but money was a major stumbling block. Wanted guaranteed funds etc for transfers and the salary being offered wasn't what he would have expected. Apparently the board thought he still had his house up here too but i hear he's sold up and lives in Fulham these days. Apparently didn't have much good to say about those who interviewed him anyways. My boss is a tim mind you so take it with a pinch of salt.
  10. Fantasy football league

    Sorry. My phone wasn't showing up the general sports section. Please delete admin.
  11. Fantasy football league

    Apologies if i've missed this but has anyone started a Rangers Media fantasy football league yet? There's always one so it'd be gutting not to carry on the tradition. We usually use premierleague.com. I would start it but don't want to step on any toes...
  12. Breaking News

    Heverlee is the tits.
  13. Got 13/10 on us. No bad.
  14. Heaven

    Sorry for the stereotypical "I'm on holiday" post but.. I'm in Magaluf just now. Bunch of guys started whistling Follow Follow in the hotel bar there before the only other group in the bar started whistling it back. I'm just sitting here in the corner with my bird thinking "fucking yas".
  15. 'Arry on Joey

    Harry Redknapp has backed Brendan Rodgers and Joey Barton to be successful after moves to Glasgow this month. Rodgers, 43, has taken over as Celtic manager while midfielder Barton, 33, has joined newly-promoted Rangers. "It's a great move for Brendan," said former Tottenham boss Redknapp, 69. "Joey Barton is a leader on the pitch and in the dressing room. "It's a big pull next year with the Old Firm games again." "Two of the biggest clubs in the world in my opinion, still," Redknapp added. "Even though they're not in the biggest league, they've still got incredible pull around the world. "I'm looking forward to those games. They're going to be fantastic. I certainly would love to come up there at some stage and watch a game. It'd be a great atmosphere." Redknapp and Barton worked together at QPR Former Manchester City and Newcastle player Barton, meanwhile, has joined Championship winners Rangers on a two-year deal after helping Burnley seal promotion to the Premier League. 'Student of the game' "I recommended him," said Redknapp, who had Barton at Queens Park Rangers. "Burnley rang me about him. [Manager] Sean Dyche called and asked me about Joey and I said I would take him. "He'll have his mood swings and if things don't go his way, there can be aggro. But, he wants to win. "He's a real student of the game. He'll watch a million games. He'll be all over the place watching other teams play. He's interested in football. He'll watch every game on TV. "He doesn't hold back. He's got strong opinions on the game. He gets people going. He'll be a big voice in that dressing room. "He's got a real good understanding of football and his role in the game. You give him a job to do and he'll do the job. "He was as good as anybody defending corners. The amount of balls he headed out the box when I had him, he did his job in the right position that you put him in. "He'll be a good player for Rangers, I'm sure he will. I'm sure [manager] Mark Warburton will get the best out of him."