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  1. Abysmal in his loan spell at Dundee by all accounts and completely lost confidence.
  2. Do not get the inclusion of Jones. Does no one remember how mediocre he was at Killie?
  3. So Barasic should have gone out from his defensive area because he should have anticipated Davis clearing straight to Boyce?
  4. Whoever gave Pedro the job and sanctioned his signings and the wages thrown at them should pay back the millions wasted on all the imposters.
  5. A red herring, we saw him at Killie and his asset was being able to run fast in a straight line and little else. A bit like Barker who we saw at Hibs where he used to run fast and nothing else. Why anyone would think that these two were worth signing baffles me and it means that along with Ojo we have 3 useless bodies on the payroll who will contribute nothing In the race for the title.
  6. That entails hard work and concentration, not our strong point.
  7. It is all about mentality; we struggle against bottom teams because we drop our intensity and tempo. We copy their style of play and get sucked in to their way of playing. I saw panic rather than control from the start, balls in the airtime and time again, long hopeless passes, clearances going to the opposition so often including the one from Davis for their winner. Their is also the question why we always play 3 defensive midfielders. I know Jack is given encouragement to go forward as is Davis but Jack is still more suited to breaking play and Davis has dropped into that role because of age. We need to vary our style of play and pass the ball quicker and have players who are prepared to move into space and have the balls to take a shot rather than pass the buck.
  8. You have to add Davis to that list; even first time round when the going got tough he lost interest and opted out.
  9. I would have expected that at least one player could have tried to help him or give an angle but all stood watching.
  10. They have a different attitude; against bottom table teams they go out to score as soon and as many as they can. Our players drop to the slowest tempo or play like the opposition and hope that things will happen rather than make things happen. Also they have players on the bench who can change things we have Arfield .
  11. Yes that the one, Played 44 games the next season at 17, scoring 28 goals and winning the title. Of course it would be crazy to compare the quality of that Monaco team to us but apart from celtic and Aberdeen, in general, the quality of the opposition in Scotland should hardly be too challenging to blood one youngster in a game. If we cannot or will not take that sort of chance would it be better to bin the youth structure and save the money to buy only experienced players?
  12. JBJ using your argument the only way Patterson or any young player will get a chance with us is if we have the league sown up before the last few games and are out of the cup. As I said I have not seen Patterson play so I really cannot say whether he should start the next game or next two games. I am talking about our complete failure to develop our own players and the obvious lack of faith in our youth development in the last 30 years. I wonder what Mbappe would be doing now if he had entered our youth set up.
  13. The other way of looking at it is that because they blooded 2 young players who are now regulars they now have a team which picks itself. They have done well in doing what used to be the best practice of introducing a couple of their own youngsters in a 3 to 4 year period. With us it has over the last 30 years been seen as a huge risk to play a youngster for more than a few minutes at the end of a game.This has brought the practice of loaning out players to get game time; over that timescale this has paid off with McGregor and Adam,at the moment I cannot think of any other. We keep being told that the way forward is producing our own players to play or be sold at a profit but I have not seen any progress in this dream despite so many changes in our youth system over the years. Basically we spend a lot of time and money producing players for other teams rather than for Rangers.
  14. Talking of Liverpool, they are getting the benefit of trusting youngsters now. Alexander-Arnold had 28 premier league starts as 19 year old. Gomez had around the same at20. They were chasing in a far more competing, higher quality league than our backwater. They took their chances because they were given the opportunity. Unless our promising youngsters are given a chance and I do not mean shifted out to part time clubs or lower league dross we will never produce our own players like we did in the 40,s, 50,s 60,s and 70,s. To have made real money from players we have developed once in 30 odd years is an absolute disgrace for a club our size.
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