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  1. Looks like one of the bheggars who were ejected form SJ Rear before the game at the old firm match .
  2. Regardless about the bizarre team selection they were stronger, fitter and more motivated than our team and managed the game far better. Tactically, sadly, it was a manager against an apprentice coaching staff.
  3. docspiderman


    Really not sure about King because I only remember him coming on for the last few minutes in games with Leicester 4 years ago.
  4. The last few weeks we read that celtic have no decent full backs so are weak against teams who attack them so Gerrard does not pick wingers. Even when Ojo came on he played him on his weaker side and again did not challenge them. The team selection was baffling and tactics were so different from the times we beat them last season.
  5. docspiderman


    He, Defoe and the rest were victims of a tactical shambles today. We were beaten when the team was announced.
  6. I still do not understand why we packed the midfield and ended up with 3 defensive midfielders and 1 upfront after we went ahead. celtic would have done the opposite and added to their goal difference. In the end it was far tighter than it should have been.
  7. Fans have been asked for years not to sing these songs so there should be no need for the board to have that dialogue with them even though they say they are so special and unique. Their arrogance is certainly special.
  8. Well he has always been a strong supporter of the IRA, so hardly surprising he has been welcomed.
  9. I wonder how much Killie will bill our club for the damage? £10k or£500k? What do we think is most likely given their hatred?
  10. We are far weaker in the wide areas than last season, even Middleton offered more in goals and assists in relatively few starts than Jones and Hastie look capable of achieving. Candeias had the work rate added to the ability to make game changing assists and goals. Kent was a game changer and a constant threat.
  11. I agree, we look faster and fitter and more like a modern European team.
  12. Brilliant crowd for a tie that was over after the first leg. Took my grandson to his first ever game; no pressure game,relaxed atmosphere for him since he is not yet 5 and he loved the experience especially the second half hat trick and then wanted home and we didn’t, even travel by subway!
  13. Unrealistic to expect Motherwell to be able to pay any fee. I think over the last 5 years only 2 clubs in Scotland pay any money other than development fees for players.
  14. I still think in terms of goals and assists he offers more than Jones.
  15. There were plenty who thought he was a prospect and who looked far better than many of our players in the games against QP and said so at the time.. No one suggested or predicted he would be a superstar but anyone who was at these games could see he had talent.
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