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  1. The road to nowhere.

    Being offered that is hard to believe: I still find it more than strange that any chinese club would have an uncaapped player playing in a footballing backwater remotely on their radar. But then we offered a serial managerial failure free rein to spend millionns on mexican and portuguese duds. Reality and fantasy seem to be more than blurred in our operation these days.
  2. Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    On the other hand if you compare the squads talent which the other managers had, bought and inherited it looks like Murty is a genius.
  3. Murty times up mate

    We did not have better players, our stars failed to make simple forward passes and gifted possession most of the time. All Killie had to do was wait for a pass from us and attack without fear of any attempt at a tackle. We were a very poor second to any loose ball. From the start there was a reluctance to break sweat and play at any decent tempo. How many of our stars deserved anywhere near pass marks? How many looked as if they were professional footballers? The subs were the only options possible considering the rest are duds and we were finishing the game with 3 players who should have retired. I fear for the future since e will have no money to sign any of the loan players and will be stuck with players we all know are not SPFL top league class, which is pretty awful and paying for the signings who we struggle to offload at any price.
  4. Wallace at CB

    Should try to bring him back since he would be more use sitting on our bench than sitting on the bench for Dumbarton.
  5. Jamie Murphy

    Everyone around me could see that Hibs always had a man in 30 yards of space on their right wing with Murphy nowhere near our half.First half was so unbalanced that Hibs were a constant danger down our left side of defence.
  6. Jamie Murphy

    Thought he was very poor; flattered to deceive by beating his man easily but was incapable of making the final pass to his own team. Never tracked back to help his full back so upset the balance of the team.
  7. Dalcio loan

    Was one not a 6 month loan and Dalcio a 12 month con?
  8. John and Candeias

    Do not think that would solve anything; John was left exposed all through with Murphy not attempting to track back like Candais on the other side. With Martin being so far off the pace John was trying to cover him as well. Basically the balance was wrong form midfield to front and gave Hibs far too much space to run at us.
  9. Lee Wallace - LCB?

    Cannot tackle,cannot head a ball,poor passer out of defence and slow reactions so another no.
  10. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    Great result considering our record against bottom 4 teams.
  11. League Format

    So it looks as if we will be away after the split to Piggery,Pittodrie and Easter Road.or Tynecastle
  12. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    I would hope the same for Martin who must be racking his brains to remember playing.
  13. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Ecuadorian Catalans?
  14. Did We Miss a Trick With Davie Moyes?

  15. Jimmy Nicholl

    You think he is more clueless about football than our board? Two words; Pedro Imposter.