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  1. 18th May Aberdeen issued a statement that it was the right thing to do offering refunds for the games not played but asked fans to help the club by not claiming this. Livingston said it would cost them£62k if fans insisted on claiming refunds due. Hearts and Hibs made similar pleas to their fans.
  2. Other clubs like Hearts,Hibs,Aberdeen,Motherwell are offering refunds albeit asking fans not to claim. It was reported that most clubs including celtic had this in their terms.We were quoted as the exception and I doubt if we have changed our terms so no refund next season even if all games are closed doors.
  3. He was embarrassingly poor against Leverkusen and remember first time round when the going got tough he went into hiding.
  4. Since we seem to have agreed to this I would say no.
  5. I thought he was a very poor signing; not good defensively and seemed to have a problem with depth perception and distance control when passing or crossing.
  6. We are hated by every club and their fans. I am surprised that there was support from some clubs with nothing to lose. I expected the support from Hearts, ICT Patrick, Stranraer, Falkirk etc who have an axe to grind but do not kid ourselves if they didn’t they would not have backed us. Think back to 2012.
  7. Used to go to Broadwood and Stenhousemuir when our reserve games were there midweek. But the old firm reserve games at Ibrox were tasty. One game I saw a young Barry Ferguson gliding over the pitch outclassing a strong celtic team. Nissy broke an opponents leg just in front of me in that game.
  8. I do not believe the club or any club should be asking fans to pay for a service or contract that the club do not know can be fulfilled and must know it is highly unlikely that it could be.I am told that there is a non refund clause in the small print although I have not checked. I know all football clubs are selling season tickets but if any company out with football was taking money for something they knew they could not supply would me not be screaming. fraud? Supporting your club is about emotion and loyalty which always overcomes rationality. People who may not be able to afford to spend 4 or 5 hundred and more will still do so.Some like me will hold off and probably forget sense and buy to keep their seat even knowing that they will mot be allowed to attend this year and possibly we’ll into next. Many others may be forced by circumstance to sadly give up. All round it is just a hellish situation just now.
  9. Watched him many times for the reserves, watched him at 16 bully Ian black out of a game. Central midfield and started every move but Walter unwillingly, in my opinion, gave him first team starts. Then he was asked to play wide right; no wonder he never progressed with us.
  10. Maybe rank 9th in the UK below Newcastle Utd.
  11. Many of our players and club officials earn twice as much in one week as my pension gives me in a year. Maybe these people might think about helping out the club .
  12. I will leave it as late as possible to renew hoping that it will be clearer when we will be able to attend games since Rangers do not do refunds on tickets. I cannot afford to pay out for something that we may not be able to use.
  13. Always thought he was given too much credit, terrible positional sense and poor defensive awareness, the Ivan Sproule debacle for example and the way he tucked into central defence even when the attack was coming down his side.
  14. Probably, my choices were all single seats.
  15. That Ness goal made people miss his painful lack of pace as shown in the build up to their goal a bit later. Great players can get away with lack of pace, he couldn’t.
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