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  1. There have been plenty of instances where teams including us have been left short of players through flu, sickness etc and have been refused permission to cancel a game. Maybe if they can find that some ex player from decades ago has died they could get postponements.
  2. We improved when Davis went off Hagi came on and Aribo pushed forward, Stewart did even less than Alfredo.
  3. Hard to tell about him considering the truly appalling attempts at service from our midfield. I would be more than pissed off making runs and the ball coming nowhere near; and I am not just talking about tonight, since December it has been so frustrating for all our front players.
  4. We need a true class dominant midfielder. We have Davis who is slow in thought and in delivery, Arfield who has a purple patch for 5 or so games a season through his career, Kamara who is good in possession but lacks the killer pass and fails to react too often. Aribo has great potential but I do not see him as a dominant force. Jack is an injury prone grafter whose strength is as a spoiler. Maybe in time Hagi will be the main man but this season we desperately need someone to make the quick incisive passes to the front line.
  5. Our biggest problem is that no one, apart from Alfredo, seems willing or capable of making quick forward passes, one touch or two touch for runners. Invariably back or sideways or 4 touches before trying to find a pass by which time runs have been aborted and opponents have set up their defensive stall.
  6. Happy with 3 points but there is still a really serious problem with the mentality of the team and with that the lack of positive influence from the dugout. We have to play for 90 plus minutes and have to stop slowing down and sitting back after 1 goal.
  7. Pre season friendlies are not real games so never judge players on this basis.
  8. Have to get some urgency into the team or else we will get caught out at some point.
  9. I expected that the obvious flaws would have been acted on and a quicker passing game with more emphasis on going through the middle with better movement. GOAL,
  10. No change from the end of last season; lots of slow sideways play with the predictable tactic of getting the ball wide to cross into the box crowded with none of our players.
  11. Krankie has told us that shouting was a danger in spreading the infection, scientists warn about chanting at sports events as a major worry. Even cutting the social distance to 1 metre will mean lass than 20% capacity at grounds and the Gestapo bitch seems reluctant to allow fans to attend outdoor events in open air like golf courses never mind seated stadia events.
  12. Performances and results in friendly games and competitions mean less than nothing. Usually less intensive than trading games and why anyone uses them to judge anything baffles me. Over the years fans here have raved about individual players based on friendlies then reality strikes in real games. We are all missing watching our team but thinking a friendly against Motherwell or Hamilton means anything is really bonkers.
  13. Ending the season early and deciding title and relegation then was wrong. I have sympathy for Partick and Stranraer but Hearts virtually accepted that decision by agreeing to go down the reconstruction route so no sympathy for them. They should have gone down the legal route as soon as the league was ended. However, SFA action against clubs who wish to take action against the blatant breach of sporting integrity shameful even if it is to be expected from the self centered corrupt organisation.
  14. Davis is past it and hides when things get tough, Arfield has always been a 4 or 5 weeks a season star. McCrorie, Docherty are farmed out and do not appear to figure in Gerrard plans. Kelly is 20 years old and if he was going to make it with us he should be in our midfield mix next season rather than following the the path that leads out of Ibrox.
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