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  1. docspiderman

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    Game was finished and did not need the analysis and was never going to watch the next game on that channel.
  2. docspiderman

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    I did the same as SG I switched channels at the final whistle asI guess a lot of us did.
  3. docspiderman


    That seems to be a huge problem with young and youth players at Premiership clubs; they have no hunger because they are financially made before playing or getting into a first team squad.
  4. docspiderman

    Deliver the League Title

    Mainly played right midfield where he was decent as opposed to his performances in central mid.
  5. docspiderman

    Deliver the League Title

    Short memory! Captained like Wallace and was not good enough to play his central midfield position when he still had legs and played regularly. We do not need yet another midfielder who is past his sell by date.
  6. docspiderman

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    The goal we lost was nothing to do with attacking more the negative way we resort to passing the ball backwards, suicide on a pitch like that. Going for a scoreless draw still meant exit. One attempt on target in 93 minutes is certainly not the right way to progress. The argument that if Goodson scores and we hold out is nonsense; he didn’t.
  7. docspiderman

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Rapid are not prolific scorers so why set out to play for a nil nil and maybe hope for a set piece goal? This was a game where only a win would do but for a large part of the game there was little appetite to go at the opponents, far too many needless pass backs especially to the goalie on what everyone was warned was a really ropey playing surface. Wrong selection,wrong tactics and the result that we have come to expect.
  8. docspiderman


    He is not a presence just an ineffective moron who disrupts our game.
  9. docspiderman

    Squad rotation

    I have been baffled about the need for rotations but also about tactics and substitutions; is it down to Gerrard or the input from his assistants?
  10. docspiderman

    Loan players need to go

    I think the problem is that we have taken youth players, I do not think they are average or poor. They are miles ahead of our youth players but are young have to adjust to a higher pressure game than they are used to playing at youth level.I am more concerned with the dire performances of our older contracted players.
  11. docspiderman

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Actually 5 points dropped over 5 days to bottom 6 teams does not read well.
  12. docspiderman

    Levein wants us to pay for VAR

    Can you imagine the free kicks and penalties they would concede with VAR, Berra always has his arms round opponents.holding them as soon as they get close.Anyway he could also contribute with the money we paid for Lafferty.
  13. docspiderman

    ***The Official Dundee v Rangers Match Thread***

    So batten down the hatches and go for a nil nil?
  14. docspiderman

    It's not about being top of the league

    We have to remember what we are; I am gutted that we lost to a bottom six club but look at our squad. McGregor and Lafferty are the only ones experienced in playing in a successful team. We have mainly young players,loanees and older run of the mill players who probably have been in losing teams more than winning teams in their career. You can go through the team and look at their history and those missing tonight have never played for a club as big or pressured as ours. Sadly we will have to get used to disappointment until we can sort our affairs out and afford proper footballing investment which will be a long way from now.
  15. docspiderman

    January - We need three new strikers

    We certainly need 2 strikers; one to fill in every few weeks when Alfredo is suspended and another as back up. Lafferty just disrupts our play and continues to be the waster he has always been and Sadiq is just a mistake.