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  1. No expectation, never rated him and lived up to that when he tried to play for us.
  2. docspiderman

    Uninspiring new smart card :(

    Govan Stand? Old school.
  3. docspiderman

    Season ticket move

    Emailed for a move at the weekend and was phoned and offered a seat yesterday. Single seat transfers do not seem to be a problem.
  4. docspiderman

    Liverpool pumped (bear with me)

    Delighted Liverpool lost, like the manager like the attacking game but hate their whining fans. Hate so called knowledgeable football supporters who whistle and boo when the opposition have the ball. Reminds me of some other team who have the same anthem.
  5. docspiderman

    Dave King Full Q&A

    The administration issue is that the banks would want to know details he might not be happy to provide; banks want to protect themselves against , for instance, money laundering.
  6. docspiderman

    It's Jimmy Nic and JJ for last 3 games

    Last century man now in charge; what a joke our club is now.
  7. docspiderman

    Our squad

    Difficult for players who have won nothing of importance in their careers and never played for teams with expectations to suddenly become winners. The two who have done it are well past their effectiveness. Teams can usually carry a couple of passengers but never 17; years of poor recruitment and lack of understanding have reduced our club to one which accepts defeat and mediocrity.
  8. docspiderman

    The difference in fitness levels,

    We were not a fit squad under LeGuen, one of the problems and criticism was the lack of staying power of the team, losing late goals and not being fit enough to close out teams. Blame was split on lack of intensity in training and poor understanding of how much opponents used to raise their game when playing us. I agree we have not had a properly fit squad for years now.
  9. docspiderman

    **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Anyone from another country watching this would believe this match is champions against the relegated ream. Ross County would show more heart, fight and composure than the imposters in our strip.
  10. docspiderman

    **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    11 players way out of their depth.
  11. docspiderman

    Statement from A Johnston

    AJ never changes; an embarrassment every time he opens his mouth.Brings less than nothing to the club especially considering his “high profile contacts” , he needs to be chased from the club.
  12. docspiderman

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Team news was getting leaked when Walter was manager no players and not many club personnel remaining from then: a couple in the boardroom and on support staff.
  13. docspiderman

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Miller has won real trophies with us, Wallace can boast lower league wins.
  14. docspiderman

    Jimmy Nicholl

    Well apart from lower league titles and a league cup win last century his management career has been disappointing, relegation with Millwall and the mighty Cowdenbeath.Certainly not a choice if we have any ambition.
  15. docspiderman

    SOS to Walter

    Can we not ban the repeated bring Walter back threads?