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  1. The problem is that both full backs attack at the same time and recently all of our midfielders are all up front when we have lost the ball; Aberdeen’s 2nd goal, the Kellie goal and 3 others Killie chances. Don,t know if it is tactics or just poor awareness or game intelligence causing this. If we are playing a holding midfielder why are we left with 2 central defenders on their own in our half?
  2. A bit like the early eighties when anyone who had a decent game against us was signed and we sank into mediocrity.
  3. To me with these protests they are coming across as spoilt brats whodo not really have much interest in the team and think they should have special treatment over the other 48000 regular fans and season ticket holders. I have read here that they wanted season ticket holders to move from their long held seats in Copland so they could move there, now BF3. Why do they want to move from where they are, is it just to be seen more on tv?
  4. I keep having the feeling that someone other than Allen has a lot to do with certain signings,Lafferty and Davis. Someone with no thought process trying to turn the clock back. Is bomber still our UK head scout?
  5. I fail to understand why they were brought in and why they get a place on the bench. They have proven that they cannot make a difference so even promoting a youngster would hardly be a gamble compared to these two.
  6. Just seen the result and the team; did Gerrard really put the two Irish duds on and think they would win the game? Clueless!
  7. Maybe the policing factor should be looked at; Hibs fans have previous, Easter Road has had various problems from that stand but the police were stationed at the away support. Surely past experience should have had them lined up along the home stands.
  8. Our former manager toes the media line and says the Hibs fan just went to kick the ball away and was confronted by Tav.This shows how we are going to be treated future if the authorities intervene.
  9. It should have been obvious to our manager that in the second half Hibs were dominating midfield, only Kamara was getting close to them and that was why they ended up being more likely to win than we were. A simple change to bring fresh legs and aggression would have turned the game back in our favour. Sitting in the dug out with his coat up to his face hardly inspires urgency and when we have a team full of players who are not winners we need someone pushing them on.
  10. We had only one player who knows what it is like to be a winner, how you have to have the bottle to be a winner and he does not play outfield. To be honest if we manage to beat Aberdeen then celtic I still would not be confident if we were to play Inverness in the cup final with our present set up.
  11. Spot on, we need someone to get points across to the players, gee them up from the touch line, someone who has authority rather than a nice guy who has a poor coaching managerial record.
  12. Agree with you and,as you said, Kent gets the praise but his final ball and decision making are poor; too many touches and lacks the killer ball and shot
  13. Do you watch modern full backs? There are very few defensive full backs anywhere even in international teams.
  14. We have dropped so many points against bottom six teams and that has cost us. Dropping points against teams in the top four is understandable but not bottom six.I cannot understand the reluctance to take shots at goal and the way we get sucked into playing to opposition strengths. My other question is why our manager is content to sit in the dugout watching this happen.
  15. SJ Rear from Club Deck; emailed asking for a move and got a call a few days later and asked where I would like Broomloan, SJ Front or rear, Copland front or high in Copland rear. I got plenty of choices (single seats) in SJ rear.
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