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  1. I agree, we look faster and fitter and more like a modern European team.
  2. Brilliant crowd for a tie that was over after the first leg. Took my grandson to his first ever game; no pressure game,relaxed atmosphere for him since he is not yet 5 and he loved the experience especially the second half hat trick and then wanted home and we didn’t, even travel by subway!
  3. Unrealistic to expect Motherwell to be able to pay any fee. I think over the last 5 years only 2 clubs in Scotland pay any money other than development fees for players.
  4. I still think in terms of goals and assists he offers more than Jones.
  5. There were plenty who thought he was a prospect and who looked far better than many of our players in the games against QP and said so at the time.. No one suggested or predicted he would be a superstar but anyone who was at these games could see he had talent.
  6. My memory as a local was that he was sacked for offering and allowing Love Street to be used for a Boys Brigade area cup final without clearing it with Todd. I also remember he spent Friday nights going round local pubs promoting the club and raising funds while their board sat back and lorded it for having such a great manager.
  7. DId Ally not signStevie Smith instead of a guy that was obviously a talent who everyone round about me raved about when he played against us for QP.
  8. I think his attempt to run in the few minutes he played earlier this month proved why he was never a pick or regular in the squad.
  9. The game made it even more clear that professional football should not be played on that pitch, that Worrall will never be a player, that Barasic is not good enough, Flanigan is back up at best.Halliday plays better at full back than midfield and Jack is still overrated. No game for Rangers should be meaningless especially those against such bitter opposition fans.
  10. Our fans going to the match expect and deserve to see our strongest team playing!
  11. Problem is that in his loans he never was a regular starter and if he could not impress at Alloa or hold a position he was never going to succeed with us.
  12. My take on it was that he was getting irate because so many players seemed to have taken their feet off the gas in the second half and Hibs had taken control for a time. But to act like he did with a couple of minutes left was more than stupid and let everyone down.
  13. He has never been in a team which has won the top division. The first signing of the McCoist regime and the only one to remain. And as for playing him again surely watching him trying to run last week would kill that idea.
  14. Maybe because they were very talented, played well at very high levels, lots of international caps and were winners, unlike a player who only really starred in division 1 and 2 in Scotland against part timers.
  15. Was Chester not last century version of Stevie from it? From memory one favoured Italian agent brought him a list and videos of Italian players he represented and Chester said yes or no. Boumsong was brought by Willie McKay and there were stories that he owned part of his contract and the move to us was a short term manoeuvre for a transfer to the premiership.
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