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  1. I think his attempt to run in the few minutes he played earlier this month proved why he was never a pick or regular in the squad.
  2. The game made it even more clear that professional football should not be played on that pitch, that Worrall will never be a player, that Barasic is not good enough, Flanigan is back up at best.Halliday plays better at full back than midfield and Jack is still overrated. No game for Rangers should be meaningless especially those against such bitter opposition fans.
  3. Our fans going to the match expect and deserve to see our strongest team playing!
  4. Problem is that in his loans he never was a regular starter and if he could not impress at Alloa or hold a position he was never going to succeed with us.
  5. My take on it was that he was getting irate because so many players seemed to have taken their feet off the gas in the second half and Hibs had taken control for a time. But to act like he did with a couple of minutes left was more than stupid and let everyone down.
  6. He has never been in a team which has won the top division. The first signing of the McCoist regime and the only one to remain. And as for playing him again surely watching him trying to run last week would kill that idea.
  7. Maybe because they were very talented, played well at very high levels, lots of international caps and were winners, unlike a player who only really starred in division 1 and 2 in Scotland against part timers.
  8. Was Chester not last century version of Stevie from it? From memory one favoured Italian agent brought him a list and videos of Italian players he represented and Chester said yes or no. Boumsong was brought by Willie McKay and there were stories that he owned part of his contract and the move to us was a short term manoeuvre for a transfer to the premiership.
  9. The topic is have we made progress, well over the season we are told the table does not lie; 3rd with 67 points, then 3rd with 70 points, now 2nd with 66 points and 5 games to play. We need more skill, more bottle, more consistency and a trophy but we have made progress if we can get 8 points from these games.
  10. Our style of play ensures that it is almost impossible to break down packed defences; the countless passes across our goal by the central defenders, the pass backs and painfully ponderous build up gives the opposition so much time to entrench, then the obvious ball out wide for the cross to the lone striker surrounded by opponents. Surely management and players watch football and see how fast passes and movement is used to open up this type of defence, it is not as if we are trying to beat any sort of quality.
  11. Exactly right, I could not believe our approach from kick off last week and the lack of any pressing compared to our approach at Ibrox. Time to stand up and take the fight to them and anyone who wants to take us down.
  12. Brown not to be cited for the stamp on St Mirren player but St Mirren player charged for violent conduct against Ajer.
  13. I find it very strange that with the health, nutrition and physical improvement since the middle of last century more teenagers are not being given starts. When I was young Rangers gave 16,17 old players their debuts who went on to have long successful careers and the 16 and 17-year-olds now are physically better prepared than those who grew up through war years and rationing then.
  14. Guess so as he has been on the bench when no other full back options have been there.
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