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  1. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Garza,You are correct he is toxic. Should not be welcome back to Ibrox in any capacity.
  2. Rangers Radio - get it on

    Cannot get on either
  3. Dunfermline Statement

    The SFA should put a statement out and knock this on the head. I doubt they will.
  4. Rangers TV Down -- Error ?

    Back up now here in Canada, just got logged in.
  5. Ronaldo might be a dick, but what a player he is.
  6. ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    Great support by the Most loyal fans in football.
  7. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Dart, yes I missed you being on the show , what date were you on and I will listen to it on the archives.
  8. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    I was a fan of Rangers Chat, but now it is so one sided towards the board it is boring. I have given up with it.
  9. Radio Clyde saying Hearts will be liquidated Monday

    You are correct, this is Liewells overall plan, a club of their size must play somewhere will be his pitch if scotish football goes down the drain. Believe me that is what they want.
  10. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    It was a one sided debate , i thought we had somewhere that was impartial , i was wrong after last night.
  11. king statement

    You are correct the loan is secured with assets , 30% per annum is loan sharking
  12. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    I enjoy the show here in Canada through the archives feature, who funds or pays the costs for the Rangers chat.