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  1. I take it your not a fan of the President Elect
  2. Great support by the Most loyal fans in football.
  3. I am staying at the Holiday Inn at the Historic district , anyone ales in that area
  4. Look forward to meeting a few of you there, got my tickets this morning 55 dollar section.
  5. Great show , love all the hosts but Bridgeman seems to be everyone's favourite I speak to here in Canada. Hopefully Rangers Radio grows from strength to strength
  6. Some people claim that Jackson is a Bear, my ass,it must be that he obeys orders from the Bheasts that run the daily rebel.
  7. They will not have to worry about changes for tv next season as nobody will be showing Championship games on tv after we are gone from that league
  8. Also in Canada and subscribe to RTV, it is for bears abroad mainly.
  9. Great work Fox on the show, I listen live when I can here in Canada and use the archive if I can not listen live in the office. Keep up the good work and give my best to Bridge, Tru, and Ox.
  10. He will be linked with every job that comes available in England by the Scottish prss
  11. I has anybody got a update, site seems to be still down.0 U
  12. If we win the league there will be reconstruction to 16 or 18 in the top league, if we do not win it there will be no reconstruction, sporting integrity and all that .
  13. We are getting carried away with the SA stuff, English Championship , he has already failed miserably down there. He will sign for the Tims for the cash no other reason its all about the money
  14. SA , will sign for them, Liewell would not make the mistake of leaking this out to the papers if he did not have assurances that SA would sign for them. Please do not give me the Pish that its a short career, I would be shocked if he does not sign for them now.
  15. Lets just sign Allan in January to a pre contract for nothing, lets remember Allan failed miserably at West Brom.