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  1. There will definitely be interest in him down south. Rangers captain, modern full back (likes to get forward but can’t really defend) and great stats. Not saying City will be interested but could definitely go to a Newcastle, Bournemouth, etc. and they’d love him.
  2. Not a chance is Tav on that list ffs
  3. Great signing who contributed a lot of good but should never have been made captain. Not all his fault but think it’s probably the right time for him to move on.
  4. Prefer most of the clubs in the lower leagues anyway. If they have to get promoted to form a league then so be it
  5. They’re obviously going to win the league but would argue that it’s close enough that they shouldn’t be gifted it. 13 points with a game in hand so let’s say 10 (even though we can’t beat anybody atm), game vs them on Sunday so that’s 7 points...
  6. Lack of creativity and bravery was summed up by our strategy for kickoffs. Pass it all the way back to George who lumps it anywhere he can
  7. That’s not really hiding though. Aribo didn’t touch the ball. Would say that’s hiding. Kent was showing for it and getting it - just couldn’t beat a drum
  8. I’m not sure Kent hides. Sometimes he’s just too predictable
  9. They must re-watch the games and be able to see how much of a coward he is
  10. Are you saying we should try to take over the club?
  11. He’s had some great spells for us but Davis is unfortunately holding this team back now. He contributes nothing. Slows the game down, can’t get into position quickly enough and is scared of a forward pass. There was a moment in the second half when he got the ball and waited for the only outfield player deeper than him (can’t remember if Goldson or George) to catch up so that he could still pass it backward. I think we would honestly be better off with 10 at the moment as at least the others would stop passing to him. Legs going is one thing but his brain has left him too. Absolute coward on the ball and Gerrard somehow can’t see it. The sooner he hangs up his boots the better.
  12. Great finishing but didn’t look that impressive apart from that. Just good enough to beat a bad team
  13. I honestly hope Steven Davis retires because Gerrard is too much of a coward to drop him
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