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  1. Looked as if they were moving at a different speed to our central midfielders
  2. Looks as if he’s trying to do too much sometimes. Clearly still has ability but it’s not happening for him at the moment.
  3. He reminds me of Suarez in the way he is on the ball and I honestly don’t think there are many better in the world at playing on the last man and getting in space on the end of through balls. His brain just works quicker. He gets treated horrendously by refs but he doesn’t help himself either with some of the stupid dives and petulance. He’s not a natural finisher but gets himself so many chances that he will still score goals. Just wish we didn’t have to keep having the same conversations.
  4. Alfredo plays off the last man as well as anybody in the world. Suarez-esque. Just needs to find the end product a bit more often.
  5. Kamara, Davis and Arfield are so one-paced. Badly need an engine in there
  6. Try out a couple of the younger lads and see if it rejuvenates the squad.
  7. No plan B and for the second time in a row the team has come back from the winter break looking more tired. When Morelos isn’t on top form we have very little.
  8. Great player for us but it’s foolish to not factor in the fact he played for them
  9. Horrible bastard but was a good laugh short-term
  10. We need a plan B. Some teams are going to be difficult to break down and just passing it sideways isn’t going to work
  11. No. I didn’t like the appointment and can say that I was completely wrong. He’s turned us back into a proper football team. Our players are being linked with big money moves, we’re playing attractive football and doing well in Europe. He needs to work out what’s gone wrong post-winter break the last two years and put it right but we’re miles ahead of where we were when he took over.
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