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  1. Nick Powell was ridiculous in League 2. Remember watching him live at the playoff final too and he scored a peach. Didn't see much of him since then but a lot worse players have succeeded in Scotland.
  2. Haha. ffs.
  3. The next Hamdi Salihi.
  4. Ricky Foster cost Barca 11 million.
  5. Your opinion on them and the state of Britain is really of no concern to me. Feel free to answer the question.
  6. We don't really need him. He'd be an upgrade, but we can wait a year. Hibs had their chance last season when we were a complete shambles.
  7. If a guy came out saying how great IS were and somebody had a pop at him would it be the same punishment?
  8. Pretty ridiculous if true. Pro-IRA is fine and anti-UK is fine, but anti-IRA is forbidden? If it's fake then fair play to whoever did it.
  9. One of those feel good signings. If he was a Leicester fan then it would have never happened, but I am delighted that he got to play for the club that he loves.
  10. Gavin Gunning? Remember a few liking him when he was at Dundee United. Just left Birmingham after being injured all last season, but still only 24.
  11. To be fair, at the time everybody was saying that we should sign old camels and punt the ball up in the air. Wait... That was just the coaching staff.
  12. He's a clown. Embarrassing that he won SPL player of the year.
  13. One of those who was still being classed as a promising youngster despite being 25 and having played about twice.
  14. There is no chance that Wes came here to sit on the bench. He is highly rated down south.
  15. If we weren't losing to shite SPL teams then he might have been given a longer leash.