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  1. Need to get a bit stronger in the air at the back but some encouraging stuff and a win's a win.
  2. Falcons fan here. Had a terrible season last time, but the offensive line looks miles better with Matthews, Asamoah and a healthy Baker. Still no pass rush, though. Saints will be a challenge (as they always are), but I think we can make the playoffs.
  3. Pretty surprised by this. I was expecting a six figure fine and common sense to prevail. Stupidity by Legia, no doubt, but they were 6-1 up on aggregate with two minutes to go when he came on.
  4. I honestly think that we could pick a World 11 and Ally would play the same way.
  5. Damn. Boyd looks overweight. What if he can't move the five yards that he needs at a time to score?
  6. Zenit and Inter have stolen the show. As somebody else said, if only they weren't going to stay at these prices for the next five years.
  7. What's the strange material in the middle?
  8. Love the red one. Mine arrived yesterday just in time for my team's pre-season training. Hope to fuck that blue one isn't real.
  9. I honestly can't think of a single good reason why the home and away shirts wouldn't be out yet.
  10. Some absolutely fucking class shirts on here. Wish we didn't just follow shite templates all the time.
  11. I really don't see how they were expecting us to bring in more money than we have in terms of revenue, so we're obviously paying out much more than we should be. Here's a suggestion: when the manager asks you if he can bring in a 35 year old substitute keeper then tell him that he can't. The amount of money that we have wasted on wages is unbelievable. We could have walked the league without having Steve Smith as our second choice left back, for example.
  12. Fucks sake. If the Colts beat the Chargers then I'll be fucking raging. I'd be up 30 quid if it wasn't for the fact that the Seahawks kicker couldn't even miss the fucking kick. I had them HT/FT on my accy and he does that. Just fucking bosh it wide, you prick.
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