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  1. Why not give it to whoever was man of the match in the previous game?
  2. Looked good. Could be a great signing
  3. Morelos trying to warn Lille off by doing fuck all. I like it
  4. For all we say about Borna’s delivery he doesn’t half over hit them a lot
  5. Awful, awful disease. RIP and thoughts with his family
  6. Sounds perfect for us. We never get outplayed in games. We concede stupid goals. Got 8 other outfield players who can attack - let’s have two centre backs who focus on defending
  7. Hopefully like Weir, Andrews, etc
  8. You’re not losing out if you don’t do it. If you want to keep your tenner then do so. I won’t be doing it but don’t see the issue with it
  9. Milner happy to play for 20% of his current wages is he?
  10. Gutted for him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a veteran come in like we did with Weir or Hill
  11. Certainly no harm in bringing the lad in. Good luck to him
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