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  1. It's down the bottom of the page. Only thing I haven't seen is the orange t shirt. https://shop.Rangers.co.uk/search?q=training&type=product
  2. Got me paranoid so I had a right good look at mine. I noticed a triangle of rogue sellotape or something stuck on the sponsor. It was on tight, so was worried it'd tear the 32red but thankfully it peeled off fine. Other than that it's great.
  3. I'm in the 30 odd thousands and getting it today. Like most other folk I was expecting it to take ages. Hopefully it fits.
  4. That summer was a scorcher too mate. Nothing but good memories. Loved it.
  5. Whoever is behind all these leaks, and as a result steals the thunder off the club and manufacturers, deserves a swift boot to the baws IMO.
  6. Was thinking the same thing. Hopefully it's looks better on.
  7. Have you confirmed that will go ahead now mate? Do they usually do tours on the morning of a game?
  8. I'm not looking for an apology. I just posted what I was told. I wanted to believe it was a taig cop as well, because IF this is true, it's embarrassing. Totally understand folk being suspicious of me, because I'd have been the same if someone else posted it.
  9. Just putting this out there from a cop I know. He asked another officer what happened. Could be bullshit from the officer, or could be bullshit by the offender however.
  10. I was up in the club deck that day and was convinced Cousin had killed McManus
  11. Can't help but think they're baiting us.
  12. He was well up for that scrap with Dykes today. Absolutely determined to give him nothing. Was a great performance by Goldson.
  13. My cousin was a rock steady steward back then, and that night he was working the car park. The young team sprayed lighter fluid on him and tried to light him up. 😂 I remember meeting him after the match and he was a nervous wreck.
  14. Wasn't as hard as I expected if I'm being honest. Done it in 40 mins. Probably could've been quicker if I hadn't farted about taking pictures and stuff, but a good day and all worthwhile.
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