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  1. cheers brother

  2. hi shaun - i see you were checking me out dude - are you the asame shaun that joined my new website http://globalgers.com/gers-news ? if not have a gander we show all gers games live and free and we have not missed 1 yet this season - what a cracker of a goal last night from Jelavic - if we can get him the service he will win the SPL for us - he is better than your Boyd or Miller - he has it all

  3. Says you. Fleck is a creative player, inconsistent but worth a shot. Ness, fucking fantastic player. Hutton, who says he wouldn't of added a bit more solidity at defensively and we wouldn't of lost the 2 goals. Better him than Edu play.
  4. Can't believe we didnt make one fucking sub. Fucking useless cunts.
  5. IMO, we just lost the league. The tims wont fuck up.
  6. rfcShaun

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    BWAHAHAHA What a fucking lieing cunt.
  7. rfcShaun

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    Guy on Clyde just said Whyte had pulled out? On SSN. He talking shite?
  8. rfcShaun

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    Right not heard anything all day, just in from school. Whats happened?
  9. What are you going on about? I'm not even talking to you or about you.
  10. No. The moderator fuckwit. The report button is there for a reason.
  11. Aye. So do most people. We have never tried 3-5-2 vs them. You and martyboy should bum each other in the corner while sharing your endless amounts of football knowledge. Maybe you two can look through each others crystal balls too?