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  1. Long time lurker on here & don't post much but I think I can help the OP: You can get the official SFL Numbers and Sleeve Badges here: http://www.thefootballnation.co.uk/scottish-football-league-numbers-white/ and http://www.thefootballnation.co.uk/products/Scottish-Football-League-Irn-Bru-Sleeve-Patches.html Had them sent to Australia & put on my shirt, turned out OK I think: Hope that helps.
  2. Watching it in Australia where the sound wasn't muted, loud chanting of Provo songs throughout the minute. Disgraceful!
  3. Thanks for the update, I wasn't aware of this and was annoyed that the game had been delayed for the Egg Chasing by Setanta. Good stuff by SBS.