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  1. AlCapone

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

    Maybe it took 2 years for him to pass his death certificate
  2. AlCapone

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Is PLG managing one of the teams?
  3. Worked with me last night....
  4. AlCapone


    Chinese media you racist oik
  5. AlCapone

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    I guess a contrast is Gerrard had two tough away ties at Sellik and Aberdeen, something Pedro never had
  6. AlCapone

    Steven Gerrard - We`re on our way................ to 55

    It does matter. hearts wont win the league. If we can fisish above C*ltic we will win the league. We have 2 points to overturn
  7. AlCapone


    Cause Morelos got a daft booking
  8. AlCapone

    Leicester City Helicopter Crash

    I hope chopper Harris wasn’t on it, candle light
  9. AlCapone

    Europa Group G Table

    Yeah but much tougher second phase of games coming up, going to be a big effort to qualify now but let’s give it a go
  10. AlCapone


    Hung like a donkey
  11. AlCapone

    Summer of 92

    Pornhub is the best
  12. AlCapone

    David Bates

    Where’s that shop?
  13. AlCapone

    Ruud Gullit

    When did they play against each other?