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  1. Why on earth would his agent accept that?
  2. Why? If he’s looking to move in the summer why on earth would he sign a new deal when that would put the fee up and reduce his salary with a move? His agent would eat you alive
  3. Let’s not fall into the trap our enemy has made, be confident, be assured but only start crowing when we have delivered
  4. PWhy the fuck would the countries top team need to rest players before playing the likes f Kilmarnock 3 days after they have a tough game away it Aberdeen?
  5. You do understand Kilmarnock are going to Pittodrie 3 days before they play us?
  6. I firmly believe a lot of the speculation is agent driven to get them a better contract at Ibrox. It’s the perfect storm right now for agents to get a better deal for their clients at ibrox. They know we are challenging for the title and won’t want anyone to leave so they are saying deal ya in for what we are worth. A squad full of players signed at a different stage of their development who have now proved they are at a different level. I don’t see any of them moving this window, hopefully another 2-3,agree new long term deals to everyone’s benefit.
  7. Good shout Wully, you’re a clever lad
  8. All of them, best team in the country by a mile
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