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  1. If you can watch tv at 3pm why would you buy a season ticket? You can’t ask people to dig deep at season ticket time when most of us will have had wage reductions. All:we can do is charge the same
  2. Would have preferred a pay cut for 3 months rather than a deferral, means Rangers will have a huge wage payout in 3 months time after we have lost a lot of revenue due this the situation.
  3. Looking after his own, means they get the last uefa cup place. Can’t blame him for that
  4. Stop being so fucking pedantic
  5. The government don’t pay it, the tax payer does
  6. Mate, he wants away and if his agent can get him a club there isn’t a thing we can do to stop it
  7. Keep writing that letter to Santa
  8. You would have to have your head buried in the sand to not know it
  9. It’s not speculation, it’s planted story by his agent
  10. The bottom line is his agent with Alfie’s blessing has been trying to get him away for the best part of 14 months. As soon as they get the right offer that they both want then we are in no position to stop him leaving, whoever that club is. It might be this window or the next that they get the right offer but we won’t be stopping him leaving. the signs are all there that since January he has known of interest and his head is turned, we now need to negotiate the best deal with the flub of his choice. No more contract offers to try and keep him, time to cash in and thank him for his service
  11. We won’t be in a position to decide who we deal with, if the player has an offer from somewhere and that’s here he wants to go we will have no choice. Not saying it is newcastle but that’s the facts
  12. Do you still write a letter to Santa?
  13. Well keeping in mind that the season is over, and you wouldn’t have to be a genius to know he wants out, what job is it that he still has to do? He’s been a great player but his time is up here and we have to get the best deal we can
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