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  1. Annual leave happens throughout the year, that's why it's called annual.....
  2. Just a matter of time before the manager falls on his sword, be gone by Christmas. Sad really
  3. there will be certain people in their Edinburgh bunkers scared 'legless' that the Boumsong transfer from Rangers isn't investigated.....
  4. The C*ltic board were approached by family of Jamie Mcquilken ( ) around 1990/91 ( I can't remember exactly) that Cairnry had abused him on a trip from memory to NYC. The family did not want the police involved. Cairney confessed to the board and was kicked out the club. When Fergus McCann took over he appointed Tommy Burns as the manager and first thing Burns done was appoint Cairney to the club as a coach. Members of the old board who had been ousted alerted McCann and McCann suspended him. This caused a rift with Burns that was never healed with the Bunnett. Burns also went out his way to make things difficult for the old board members who reported this. When Torbett was arrested the first time Cairney was also investigated but charges were dropped. My understanding was that Cairney was every bit as bad as Torbett if not worse but that he had friends high up in the playing side who covered up for him. Tommy Burns was a youth player under Cairney and became very very close to him, he was well aware of all allegations and despite this brought him back and went to war with anyone who spoke out against him. Twist and turns has a lot to answer for and could have his reputation ruined over this. I was told of this over 20 years ago directly from 2 sources deep within C*ltic, people who knew 100% what was going on I'll be the first to say it.......TBK
  5. dave king
  6. me, our boards lack of investment may tarnish his reputation
  7. Eh we did turn up
  8. We haven't spent enough to finish a strong second, that's silly
  9. Seriously mate, do you realise how silly you sound? Head out the sand
  10. The club has been subject to years of financial abuse and incompetence.... you are aware kings been a director for years?
  11. What a lot of pish. He didn't ONLY put money in as a loan, he bought shares
  12. The current board have been in charge for over 2 years, the buck stops with them end of story. It's their responsibility and only their responsibility to allow us to challenge. lets leave blaming bogeymen to the cult followers of the SNP
  13. Do expand....
  14. We paid £200k for him, what do you expect at this level?