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  1. I think the point is he’s going from a mega wage funded by Bournemouth to a very much more modest wage at Rangers, shoes commitment
  2. We are our own worst enemy, go back to Ferguson’s team in the 80s. He told everyone the officials were against his team, told everyone they never get decisions. His players bullied the referees. The result? They were shit scared of giving a bad decision against his team so when the linesman and ref had a big decision to make this was on the back of their mind and they bottled it. Fast forward to 10 years ago lieswell used the media to take Dallas out, they went on and on about not getting decisions putting pressure on refs and linesmen to get decisions right. The affect of this is that they are shit scared of the death threats that they will get if they give a bad decision against them for big decisions. this and this alone is why their goal was not chalked off.
  3. We ar3 Rangers, we play to win in every front
  4. Imagine having you in a dressing room, surrender monkey. We’ve got a league to win and win it we will
  5. Imagine being in the trenches with you
  6. We proved we are the better team today, the leagues there to be won. all down to the players character now, hope it’s stronger than many on here.
  7. AlCapone


    I don't think anyone disagrees that you’re a prick
  8. We need to start being more active on this front
  9. That’s the spirit my man, get fucking into them
  10. I honestly hope our team have more character than the surrender monkeys on here
  11. I think we’ve got a cup final to win and win it we will
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