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  1. I’m his double, message me doll
  2. Hopefully the invite wasn’t by email asking for his passport details
  3. AlCapone

    Joe Aribo

    Get a life, the Internet is for porn
  4. Change the thread title to up the shitter
  5. Imagine some Qatari cunts gave Hibs a hundred million pounds, put Benitez in charge and then said oh look we are Scottish champions, well done us what an achievement. Hollow and meaningless.
  6. What a disgusting example of modern life. Spend a billion pound on players, buy the best manager and then go oh look we’ve won the league... how gooD are we. their treble was hollow, no glory in it. as for lauding anything backed by Qatari blood money, no thanks
  7. The sites favourite poster 

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