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  1. AlCapone

    Talksport- Morelos

    I’m glad we don’t employ you as a scout.....
  2. AlCapone

    Alfie our best striker since...

    Kevin Kyle
  3. AlCapone

    Gordon Banks

    No he didn’t
  4. AlCapone

    Gordon Banks

    Yeah Stanley Matthews of Stoke and Blackpool was shite as well
  5. AlCapone

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    That’s what we need. All guns blazing asking why our rival doesn’t seem to have this issue, asking why they have favouritism, asking if the compliance officer went through a proper recruitment process, ask what process was used for recruiting previous compliance officers, being upincidents at other clubs and ask why nothing was done
  6. AlCapone

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    That makes no sense, if you say there is a clear bias and misrepresentation then why are you saying what else can you say? If that’s the case then you should be booting baws
  7. AlCapone

    Cardiff’s New Signing

    All these people grieving for someone they never heard of s month ago are mostly looking for likes in social media, VS is the new way
  8. AlCapone

    Fair tackle.

    You ever think of doing stand up comedy?
  9. AlCapone

    Scottish Cup Draw

    St Johnstone at home, that’s what every bear should be hoping for if we get through
  10. AlCapone


  11. His sons got a sore shin
  12. AlCapone

    Where are the biggest Rangers towns?

    My maw said it’s tiny