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  1. AlCapone

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    He’s not a scum fan
  2. AlCapone

    Thomas Cook

    There’s no window, it’s just when there is a plane free that they can get it for a good price. Also the flight from Glasgo is around 4 hours so you need to have an aircraft free for around 10 hours in the middle of peak holiday season. TNT May just have been lucky. I chartered a plane for a Scottish football team 30 years ago to go to Cyprus, from memory it cost nearly £400 a seat return as it had to fly empty legs to and from Cyprus. The club had to charter it anyway to get there and they sold seats to fans to fill it up and sold them at less than half the cost just to get some money back. Might be happening with TNT
  3. AlCapone

    Thomas Cook

    Well your dear friend Al Capone used to be an aviation logistics manager.... though it wasn’t called that in my day. if they are saying they don’t have a plane available then I believe them: why wouldn’t they want to earn? The challenge is it’s the height of the holiday season and across Europe most charter planes are booked 100% so very difficult to get a plane...whilst many teams in the Europa League qualifiers are trying to get one meaning anything feee will be at a premium. if you can source one it’s likely to be free in say Brussels as an example. It then has to fly from Brussels to Glasgow empty, fly to Macedonia, fly back to Brussels empty, fly to Macedonia empty , fly fans home to Glasgow, fly to Brussels empty. So 6 flights and 4 of them empty making it a very costly excercise. They would have been able to get a plane but more than likely the cost involved would have made it prohibitive to earning a profit and one that people would buy. once you hit late October charter planes are parked at airport doing nothing so they are desperate to hire them out, lower prices. Glasgow will typically have 2-3 planes parked so no dead flying to get to Glasgow as the planes here, it’s also not needed for other flights so can sit unused at the destination for a couple of dates. No dead legs wth empty planes reduces the prices. The dates TNT fans were looking at must have been lucky enough to have an aircraft free in the area.
  4. AlCapone

    Fernando Torres (Atl Madrid)

    Maybe we could beat Juve to Ronaldo
  5. Let’s be aving you come on England 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  6. AlCapone

    BT Sport Confirmed Shkupi Home Leg

    McDonalds got TVs?
  7. AlCapone

    Andy Carroll

    is that the guy with spit the dug?
  8. AlCapone

    Andy Carroll

  9. AlCapone

    A British league?

    The point I’m making is why would they go to all the bother to let in teams that wouldn’t make the league any better? If there’s going to be change it will involve the top clubs in Europe, British league has little appeal
  10. AlCapone

    A British league?

    A british League is so last century, will be a European league if anything . Do you honestly think Arsenal, Man U , Man City, Chelsea, spurs and Liverpool want games against Rangers, hearts and Aberdeen?
  11. AlCapone

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Did Lineker really just ask that Spurs cunt Klinsman about player diving and rolling about...... fuck me 😂
  12. AlCapone

    Out?: Josh Windass

    I’ll take it that’s a yes then, I’m guessing yer no Don Johnson?
  13. AlCapone

    Alcohol Licence for Fan Zone granted

    yer birdy, if yer not drinking a fosters and lime yer at your local crocodile Dundee take away
  14. AlCapone

    Alcohol Licence for Fan Zone granted

    so you are, bet you drink a fosters and lime Skippy