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  1. Funny
  2. I don't see where the funds are coming from???? We don't have a bean
  3. No chance he is going to Forest. Their ambition and budget excludes him
  4. I'm raging
  5. Well it does make your initial point invalid and well eh makes you look a bit silly
  6. Didnt know he was our new manager.
  7. How is it? you made the statement
  8. He is leaving at the end of the season, al can guarantee that. As most of you know I've been saying for 5 years his time is up
  9. Shite
  10. I doubt it, they will be given proper funding
  11. You're the one acting the big man, grow up. I don't care if you bought tickets off me, don't tell me to stop attending Ibrox.
  12. Based on?
  13. Behave 😀🇬🇧