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  1. Everyone’s paid what the market deems they are worth, eat cake 🧁 oik
  2. It was the best fanzine by a mile, think I bought every one. There used to be a cracking contributor who used to give us so many exclusives like PLG coming months before it was in the media. Can’t remember his fanzine name, know his real name
  3. He did indeed, Wednesday I think
  4. Dykes, whipping balls. My kind of thread
  5. Even more remarkable that it was a Finnish film, love the Finns
  6. The best sports documentary of all time, the Misty eyed emotion in the players eyes as they talk about Clough is so strong. The biggest achievement ever in British football was Forest becoming the European champions, nothing comes close to it. All the more remarkable when you think all the players were not born within 40 miles of Nottingham
  7. And a bit of a shagger....though no one talks about that now 🙂
  8. I must admit I love watersport movies
  9. How can you score an international goal against the Palestine?
  10. Charlie Nickerless
  11. If we reduce their wages then we are in breach of contract and they can terminate their contract and walk for nothing. Whether they would get a deal elsewhere may weaken their hand but of course the ones that would command a high fee are the ones that would walk. The other argument is that at least they will be paying 45% tax on their high salary so are contributing
  12. I agree it’s a tough sell and not everyone can afford it, anyone who can pay it should pay though. the problem is that if you force these millionaires to take a wage cut they can terminate their contracts allowing the likes of Alfredo, Kent etc to walk for free. That’s the choice.
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