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  1. see this pish about needing a special mentality at beat the likes of St Johnstone and ross County,,,,yawn
  2. we didn't invest heavily, he's spent peanuts
  3. a top class manager wants a top class budget, it aint going to happen
  4. I've been saying to that @King Jela for yonks that Wenger is a dud, the arrogant cunt wont listen
  5. wait for a top class manager it aint happening.
  6. how can a new club be back???
  7. fixed that for you
  8. I think we over estimate the pressure, we truly live in a bubble thinking about our importance. We are no different from other clubs.
  9. What pressure playing for us???? Always cracks me up that
  10. Pull many pints tonight Pierre?
  11. Looks like it's Arsenal for the title
  12. Who's got her tits?
  13. proud of it
  14. gay pride more like, you sound like one
  15. following with PRIDE you say....
  16. piss off snowflake
  17. @cushynumber says you have a face like an arabs bawsack
  18. yeah.....ugly
  19. stop looking for attention
  20. Gla Uni? didn't think we would have any fans in amongst the snowflakes!
  21. Do they still have fans?
  22. a poor mans Andy Halliday
  23. sickening
  24. Aye because we are going to get wall to wall tv coverage of the Azerbaijani premier league now......