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  1. Simply The Best

    Though the had died, lost a leg or something
  2. Semi Tickets

    Dry yer eyes ya pussy
  3. Semi Tickets

    Need tucked into bed as well?
  4. Paddy McNair

  5. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    We don’t need fans looking for something to cling onto, we need fans who demand we are Scotlands premier club. The modern day Rangers fans are utterly feeble surrender monkeys
  6. Drawn against CSKA Moscow, they’ve got a nerve allowing that. no doubt we will all be behind the British team,
  7. Board Out

    How do you know that?
  8. Stevie Clarke

    Ten in a rows already sealed thanks to Dave King
  9. Bates out up to 6 weeks

    That’s what I was thinking, no one seems to be mentioning it
  10. You’re not really understanding this are you?
  11. The Arsenal in Europe thread

    epic fail
  12. The Arsenal in Europe thread

    yip and there were reasons why he got a new contract extension that have been addressed and are no longer there
  13. The Arsenal in Europe thread

    no chance, he wont last any longer than his current contract and will more than likely be gone this summer
  14. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Hope you enjoyed the second leg ya roaster
  15. Berbatov

  16. Paul Murray & AJ VIP treatment?

    Yeah, they were from Wonga
  17. Jamie Carragher gobs on a 14 year old

    Sky were looking for an excuse that get rid of them though, was handy
  18. Liverpool

    Make sure you lock your motor
  19. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Hope you enjoyed
  20. jack,dorrans, goss and docherty

    is that Gaelic?
  21. if the daft bint is complaining he wasn't mature enough to make the journey why did she let him go unsupervised in the first place
  22. Banned for calling them Savco

    Penis & balls? Gay magazine?
  23. Anyone a lawyer on here pref corporate?

    You wouldn’t say that if I stuck it up your arse
  24. Anyone a lawyer on here pref corporate?

    She was Ally McSqueal when I git a hold of her