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  1. Alves doesn't get it

    What does it mean to play for Rangers in 2017? Fuck all, we are irrelevant
  2. Walter behind the scenes?

  3. did you really say that?
  4. Mike Phelan

    why would he? could get paid double in the EPL as a number 2
  5. True blue ian Ferguson

    an utter legend and so underrated, Easily the best Ferguson ever to play for us.
  6. Anywhere to watch Hibs game in Moscow?

    Bears bar in Moscow, yer having a laugh
  7. Anywhere to watch Hibs game in Moscow?

    Aye on your tablet or laptop from Rangers TV for a fiver
  8. Does anyone want to manage us?

    That where you contradict yourself. Yes money rules in football which with the salary and budget provided makes it near impossible to attract someone capable of delevering
  9. Moult to Preston

    Preston are a bigger club than Motherwell
  10. Moult to Preston

    than Motherwell?
  11. Moult to Preston

    must be a wind up :)
  12. Moult to Preston

    not sure what you mean about ambition, its a bigger club, better league and no doubt about 5 times the wages. I would bite their hand off
  13. Derek McInnes

    Honestly, it’s like listening to jilted women sticking knives into the ex mans back. Cack cack cack
  14. This year being a write off

    we WERE the people
  15. This year being a write off

    You may or may not have noticed but in the last ten years football has changed, and those with the highest turnover are spending the most money and winning all the prizes. It’s why we won nine in a row and why celtic started competing with us at the turn of the century. It’s why we no longer can compete with celtic and will do well to win a title once a decade or two. It’s why Man U Man City and Chelsea will continue to win 90% of the titles betwween them. enjoy grans Apple turnover
  16. Congratulations Toronto FC

    thought that pussy shemale PM you have wouldn't allow you to sing the anthem in case it offended? Go Toronto
  17. This year being a write off

    and where is this money going to come from?
  18. This year being a write off

    incredible isn't it? were like an old bird that keeps getting knocked back still thinking it will happen
  19. This year being a write off

    they have just reported a turnover of £90 million in the last financial year and will turn over £100 million in this financial year. we are turning over £30 million. They are miles ahead and the gap will increase
  20. This year being a write off

    Oh for god sake if your Aunty had baws.... we are miles behind them and won’t lay a glove on them until we invest some serous money on our squad, sadly that’s not going to happen. can we stop all this feeble shite please? Views like this just confirm to me that the apathy in the support are going to hand them 10IAR. Do you care?
  21. Club Statement

    I know, not telling though
  22. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    Well obviously he does, who’s denying that?
  23. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    When are people going to realise someone denying they have been approached means nothing. All approaches are done agent to agent
  24. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    From what I’m reading and also reading between the lines he was first choice, you can also be sure many others have also already been sounded out
  25. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    Probably because he wouldn’t be daft enough to take it either