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  1. Jorg Albertz

    It’s Paul Dumbert
  2. Soooooounness

    No, that's why I struggled to understand it.
  3. Ashley

    yip, £30 million would do it IMHO. We need a billionaire to stop 10AIR
  4. Ashley

    Newcastle a big club 😀 is it not something like not won the league in a hundred years, the FA cup in 70 years, never won the league cup and have been out the top tier in nearly every decade for a hundred years??
  5. Blue Pieter

    Always thought he was a bit of a pussy at times....shows you how spoiled we were then,! Loooking back at that video you forget how much fun it was standing on a terracing at 3pm on a Saturday at an away game,, younger bears have truly no idea what they missed and why older bears have such high standards for Rangers, second is not acceptable.
  6. Soooooounness

    Is that Gaelic?
  7. Rangers Development Squad v Liverpool

    Maybe we could get Dave King and his kids do a Match report?.
  8. McInnes- is it now or never?

  9. McInnes- is it now or never?

    We couldn’t afford him
  10. Andy Goram

    Love the way he doesn't charge for attending, top bear
  11. If you won the lottery...

    Joey deacon
  12. Football is fucked

    I know
  13. Football is fucked

    Sky haven’t done anything bad to the Scottish league, they’ve pumped in millions after all. hows it a national disgrace? The Scottish FA signed a deal with a satellite tv company and the English FA signed a deal with a terrestrial tv company.
  14. Newcastle investigated for tax fraud

    The alleged arrangement was in breach of FA agents’ regulations and happened in the “full knowledge” of Newcastle, according to HMRC officer Lee Griffiths.
  15. Football is fucked

    Spot on, I loathe the champions league with a passion. Gone are the days when teams like Rangers could actually win the trophy. Back in the days of Souness we had a chance, it took quality teams like Red Star and Steua to knock us out. Now teams like us celebrate if we qualify and go mental if we get out the group stages. cant understand why younger bears have a passion for the CL when it was put together to take us away from the top table. we have no hope of winning it and without hoe what’s the point really?
  16. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    Yeah I know
  17. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

    Over all he's done not a bad job
  18. The Arsenal in crisis go level on points with Chelsea 😀 @King Jela
  19. Good result, enjoyed that. Well played
  20. Ripping Off Your Own Kind

    eating kebabs are life changing moments
  21. Ripping Off Your Own Kind

    its really not the way to curry favour with someone
  22. Who Chooses The Next Manager?

    He's not stupid, he knows the budget and knows he couldn't do it
  23. Who Chooses The Next Manager?

    The budget our board provides means we will only attract novices
  24. Who Chooses The Next Manager?

    a new board, end of story. The current board have chosen 3 failures and lets not forget most of them sat on a board that chose McCoist with his bomb proof contract. There time is up