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  1. Playing Queens Park 5 times in season 2012/13 & their full back Robertson was available at the end of the season for £50k.... our management and scouting team never eh noticed him despite playing against him 5 times. A year later he was transferred to England for 3 million and Liverpool are currently looking at spending £9 million on him sums up the mccoist years
  2. Fuck sake forgot about that, how pathetic
  3. if you subscribed to Sky fixtures last season they automatically update
  5. Add to calendar button on it
  6. 45? You come across as much older 😀
  7. Wonder what his pay off will be?
  8. The Torbett tubs
  9. without doubt The Arsenals title next season
  10. Any birds on here ever find out how big his weapon was?
  11. No but I heard the England fans were singing I'd rather shag Susan Boyle than Sturgeon
  12. 😀😀
  13. I'm sure we both know that's not the point
  14. That should greatly increase their profits....
  15. Well I guess you can't walk anywhere in Scotland without seeing a Leipzig top.....
  17. I remember that, there was a video of it with him badgering the manager to get on....he actually kept saying its for the money. Shame its not an YOUTUBE
  18. That will put the shitters right up them
  19. That's the only game I've been to since EURO 92 as well and it was also hospitality 😀😀
  20. Evil?
  21. Scotland means nothing to me now, sad,. I even followed them to Italia 90 and Euro 92. Zero interest now
  22. What money spent? :)
  23. Na, Billy's Boots
  24. I used to have a picture of Roy Race when I was a lad