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  1. flakychins

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

  2. flakychins

    **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    Was an off day, can't rip the pish every match, been a breath of fresh air this season, guys due a couple of off games, McCoist had years of it. Loving watching Rangers these days. Lets get through December then, freshen it up. W&W is what we all wanted, some being harsh on here. Warbs vision is what we all want and deserve after McCash wasted years.
  3. flakychins

    *****the Official Alloa V Rangers Thread*****

  4. flakychins

    *****the Official Alloa V Rangers Thread*****

  5. Fair enough the refs been pish but so have we, all season in fact, the fact is we were so many points ahead that the ten points lost shouldn't have knocked us out of the only competition we have left. As I said we all love Ally to bits and fair enough the timing may be off but his record so far is what it is, and i'm as disapointed as the next fan is.
  6. You assume wrong, opinions are what forums are about, not who has the top post tally.
  7. That's Parkheid talk, aye the goals should have stood but we're pish and have been all season, Ally!, love the guy to bits, a real Rangers man but this management role ain't working :-(
  8. flakychins

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    The £1.25M is what Blackpool will accept for him, QPR interested........
  9. flakychins

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Think this guy may be worth a punt at £1.25M. Living down here, i've seen quite a bit of him the last few years and think he could do a job. If we don't get Goodie, then maybe we could make an offer, mind you the way things go these days, around £100 will be the starting bid lol Any thoughts guys?
  10. That's Parkheid talk lol
  11. Can't blame the ref mate. we're fookin shockin', no idea, what's the game plan tonight? Fooked if I know......
  12. Without 2 up front and a change of instructions, we can't even get a shot on goal........fookin awful to watch, matter of time before we loose another one.....
  13. What's the option? wait till we loose another?
  14. Fookin shocking, right Healy on and go for it, Smith get a bastard pair, we're out as it stands...
  15. Spot on mate, Douf needs to stop that nutter shite, it's a Celtic game, they will wind you up, get a fookin grip and reply by fookin putting the ball in the net.....