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  1. I know keepers are there to stops goals being conceded and that is their job, but McGregor has been incredible yet again, game should be out of sight if it wasnt for him. That's telling and shows how shit we have been.
  2. What on earth does the manager see in Ojo, honestly mind boggling he continues to get a game.
  3. Easy to say now but seen this coming all second half, utter dross and brought back down to earth after pre-season. Dominate and then concede late on, story of last season.
  4. This is brutal, just like watching a game from last season. Cant kill off teams and they come back in to it.
  5. Have to agree with this. Shitebags.
  6. Feel sorry for all the bears who made the trip through there tonight having to endure this shite. Bye, Mark
  7. This is absolutely fucking horrendous, same shite again and again.
  8. ROSSM1


    Were at the Wetherspoons, seen that as well ?
  9. That is absolutely horrible from Rangers, I mean seriously ?. Whats also extremely disappointing is that statement they released days after the cup final, it was the best statement I've ever read from Rangers, calling out everybody and actually appeared to be sticking up for the fans and you could feel the unity among our support again. What a complete waste of a statement that was now, an absolute waste. Reading that statement again makes me raging now. I feel rotten for anybody who's just paid £400-£500 for a season ticket to now be banned and out of pocket, funny timing, eh ?
  10. Well done Accies would of easily taken a draw before the game kicked off.
  11. Exactly Anyway, well done Europe was well deserved, not played golf in about a month but after watching that its made me want to play again. Always happens
  12. 5 now And Westwood is in trouble on the 17th.
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