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  1. NeilRFC

    ***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***

    Get Tav away from the ball.
  2. NeilRFC

    ***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***

    Unbelievable. What the fuck.
  3. NeilRFC

    ***the Official Rangers V Hertz Thread***

    What's going to change in 5 minutes?
  4. Our inability to play with a ball really is shocking.
  5. I hope lennon fucking dies, fucking ginger mhanky bhastard.
  6. He'll never be dropped,..if he lost a leg Walter would have him playing on a prosthetic leg.
  7. I expect to see the same shite football/tactics once again, however..its up to the players to put in a good performance to show that they care after getting hammered by the bheggers.
  8. I think I'll cry if I see Edu or Lafferty in the team tomorrow.