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  1. Whats the chances of getting 200 pages before we confirm any signings
  2. Hoping we've signed a few and somehow kept it quiet.
  3. I'll 2nd that. Think its his annoying smirking face.
  4. according to stv we've kept all our dealings in house so maybe theres a few more happened
  5. Does anyone know if we're signing that Argentinian boy cant spell his name
  6. Some prick calling himself Top Agent. Think its a wind up. Read a selik fan saying they were signing di Natalie
  7. All jokes aside do we know who any of the London consortium are? Or is it still rumours flying about.
  8. Pretty sure his home is in Monaco and were being run by admins so doesn't matter where he is
  9. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frédéric_Piquionne 6m and him for Jelavic don't think so not at his age or goal scoring.
  10. Fly out 2moro should be a good bevy. Agree with most o the teams on here but would start our second string and hopefully get a chance to check out the Indians. Wouldn't risk our 1st team players. Not worth risking injury half way thru a season
  11. If this deal is to be done think juhasz has to burn his bridges at anderlecht and force a move by handing in a Transfer request
  12. Pretty sure if he's homesick in England he'd be homesick here so doubt he'll sign
  13. You just answered you own question. Money
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