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  1. Wallace seems to be running in a straight line into a Killie player or crossing it to knowone
  2. Yellow imo, but why are we playing a Natural CB whos now LB at LW!
  3. Fourth_Official Fourth Official Nottingham Forest have made a second bid for Wesley Verhoek #NFFC
  4. Malmo havent won away this season and have only scored 18 goals in 17 games, weve got to attack them from the start and not play Edu and Mculloch who pass it 5 yards, im thinking a 3-0 Gers if we attack.
  5. Celtic will throw everyone forward last 15 mins, keep 2 upfront!
  6. Iv got nothing against Lee but were playing St J at home, hes just standing in space.
  7. What is Mcullochs job? why do we need a defensive mid in a game like this, get Jelavic on for Lee and go 433.
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