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  1. Ivybank


    Said the exact same thing when they joined, by the time their fit the league will be over
  2. While leaving him out of the euro squad, and telling him he'd be a squad player
  3. Disappointed......... He never left earlier😪, the epitome of a journeyman who goes to upteen clubs / countries and wins f all hated him since the thistle away game when he told the crowd to shut the fuck up alongside windass( but he took all the abuse for some reason) .i thought Gerrard has Sussed him out when he left him out of the first 4/5 league games of last season, lack of competition for his place though, now he's got some he fucks off!
  4. Where are all these smug journalists who 3 months ago were shouting from the rooftops about them qualifying? As if it was a fantastic achievement to finish 3rd in a glorified pub league, if we can't beat them in our first league game we should chuck it
  5. And mulgrew😀,he'll probably leave his kids in the car for the duration of the match🙄
  6. He was their mole,that's why he was released
  7. One of the biggest pricks on the planet(bonner) all my bad luck stemmed from the day I bought your former house, you bead rattling bastard
  8. Won't be the sheep as we had them last year, hibs or Ross county
  9. Stv at the time we're going to run the story about Marseille and corruption a few days after the group stages,as they had a lot of proof, Jim White and Gerry Mcnee were ready to spill the beans on their Friday night football show which was on every week, a couple of hours before it aired stv lawyers pulled the plug,said it was too risky😞
  10. Don't know if it's true but , they wanted some type of advertising ,and a fee to enter, plus the scum would have wrecked it. Get edmiston house refurbished and put a memorial section in there
  11. Exactly, why wasn't Lego pulled up for simulation?
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