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  1. He hasn't a clue mate, he's a know it all
  2. Stevie g legend 😀😀😀😀away and support Liverpool of all our clubs legends ,you have him below your name what a dick you are
  3. Absolute pricks who couldn't give a fuck about Rangers , if he was near me I'd have punched the bastard
  4. Weirdo going through my posts again, are you on a register of some kind?
  5. Ivybank


    Usual Gerrard while leaving his favourites alone
  6. No I'm not fuckface, I already said there's no disgrace tonight stop replying to my posts and go back up Gerrards arse
  7. Stevie g legend 😀😀😀😀 halfwit
  8. Our midfield is really bad that defence will always leak goals a new manager would sort that out
  9. No disgrace getting beat off a team a couple of levels above us at least but some of Gerrards players are total shite Davis, Aribo arfield, kamberi and hagi should start every game morelos has chucked it
  10. This, edmundson is utter shite every ball in behind him he's lost, every game he's the same, management can't seem to see that his handball was pathetic
  11. Men against boys 3 in the midfield against their 5 cluleless gerrard strikes again
  12. Same, can't see anything other than an easy Leverkusen win, after Chelsea and Spurs were hammered by the germans
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