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  1. Ivybank

    Lack of winners?

    Disagree, we are a bog standard middle of the table spl team with journeymen and loan players hence the defeats by shite like Aberdeen, Livingston and shipping 3 goals to a pathetic Motherwell side, failing to beat a spartak side who had 7 men missing from the ibrox game, can't buy a win at home and score 4 against us
  2. Ivybank

    Flanagan cost us that game

    Hooked him at half time against Killie he was that bad, yet thought he could play in a vital euro tie away from home😡Dick
  3. Ivybank

    Gerarrds Fault

    Anyone that would play a woman beating prick, who Bolton didn't even want is fkn clueless
  4. Ivybank


    Don't understand why Gerrard played him in an away game for his first start, would have been better at ibrox bigger park and more time on the ball
  5. Ejaria won everything in the midfield , what arfield and jack do is beyond me
  6. Well done candeias cross/ shot whatever 😀
  7. We are a bog standard spl middle table team nothing more
  8. Utter utter shite looks like another livi result only for mcgregor would be 2 down , dummy of a manager on the sidelines utter clueless looks like mccoists team every week, players are utter pish Kent up against a 17 year old not beat him once grezda looks lost worral is a joke, ejaria is the only decent player we have
  9. I thought his booking on Wednesday was his 5th putting him out for well next week
  10. Ivybank

    McAllister & Halliday Presser

    Didn't like the comment about grezda when he said he's looking like the player from his clips, does that mean they never physically seen him play? Sounds like it😐
  11. Another dire away performance like livi and Hamilton , st mirren doing an Aberdeen with 11 men behind the ball and us trying to pass them to death 0-0
  12. Ivybank

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    I'll say what I did before the Killie game ,there's no chance we will get 6 points from the next 2 games, I'm not concerned about Spartak , more interested in the league
  13. Ivybank


    Goldson and Katic are our best pairing , anyone can see that except Gerrard
  14. Ivybank

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    Remember a reporter asked Gerrard that, and he was raging and said all the signing he decides Allen only recommends maybe he took the advice from barasic and Katic , who told him grezda was a great player ☹️