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  1. It'll be the same game as against the soap Dodgers , constant pressure from the word go , if we do get a chance we need to take it . 2 0 to them .hopefully I'm totally wrong
  2. Ivybank

    Strange people within our support

    You should have punched the bastard😟
  3. Ivybank

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Which is a terrible reflection on us, st mirren had more chances against them in 45 mins than we've had in the last 3 games😟
  4. Ivybank

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Did anyone hear the tims signing zombie nation when they were 4 0 down
  5. Ivybank

    Rat Nevin

    That's the guy who's son supports hibs , because of the scums "sectarianism" he wouldn't let him support them, I bet he never mentioned that , little rat bastard
  6. Ivybank

    Step back....take a deep breath.....

    I said we would get beat before the game and we did, nothing changes at the paedo dome same pathetic performance , and the excuses come thick and fast, new team,debutants, referee, tiredness, truth is their better than us that's the bottom line
  7. Ivybank

    Group Stage Package

    The games won't be a sell out, I remember the last time in the champions league it was the same
  8. Ivybank

    Group Stage Package

  9. Ivybank

    Group Stage Package

    Your right mate, I've had a season ticket since 1978 without any breaks and get f all
  10. Ivybank

    Group Stage Package

    FFS ridiculous amount of money
  11. Ivybank

    Next Four Games

    Last season yes, but when we played them in the cup they look half the team they were ,don't see the scum slipping up
  12. Ivybank

    We’re still scared of them

    Another baffling decision why sign him in the first place, complete nonsense
  13. Ivybank

    Dollar short, day late in the 'Couve

    Gerrards tactics have been abysmal, sitting back against them as if they were Real Madrid , sitting back against Motherwell and trying to hold on for the win against a glorified pub team, he plays attack minded people in a defensive roll for some reason,let them fkn attack and let the defenders defend
  14. Ivybank

    Bear Stabbed

    Get it into every news outlet possible, I'm sure the bbc will have it as their lead story 😪
  15. Ivybank

    We have came a long way in a short time

    I see people are spouting the old nonsense about players joining because of the lure of a second rate European tournament ,we will be out of Europe before the next window! Fuck Europe FOR NOW, our priority should be the winning the league and getting into the main champions league draw , getting crap teams like the tims got and getting to the group stages, that's what attracts players. Playing Thursday/Sunday is going to fuck our league chances, plus bizarre tactics of sitting back soaking up pressure won't get us anywhere