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  1. Agree, still have nightmares of him at millers goal for dundee
  2. Mccoist will be asking for his usual 6k fee😳
  3. Apart from brown, broadfoot is the biggest bastard in Scottish football
  4. Another candeias lover,fooled by him😔 gerrard signed Sadiq , he's the only one who can't be taken seriously
  5. Funny the amount of people saying he's not good enough, I've been saying this all season about him and got slated,he's a loser playing in a team full of losers, the scum have winners in their team ( not great players) but winners.
  6. Players have downed tools 😀 Its the refs fault😀 Sounds like something the tims would say bottom line is the manager has brought in shite players who're not good enough
  7. No doubt people will still be backing him when we get hammered at the chamber of secrets
  8. 93 minute Dundee broke 5 men against 3 made a complete arse of it
  9. Trial by sport scene will be all over this and he's sure to be banned, is goldson not out also after his booking?
  10. No need to worry stevies got Matt pollster, John Flanagan, Jordan Jones, and graham dorrans and a non league keeper for next season exciting times😪
  11. Ivybank

    Ryan Kent

    Good player who's lost a bit of form in the last few games plus the fact he's playing against massed defences and his team mates are shite
  12. And is fucked around 70 mins in every game
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