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  1. The ibrox crowd

    The home support is utter shite,see guys leaving at half time for the pub,and by 70 mins onwards it starts to empty,contrast that with the away support who are fantastic,never stop singing and 95per cent stay till the end, I actually prefer away games now
  2. It's not far mate,15 mins at most
  3. Ok,we won't beat them cause we're shite
  4. Couldn't beat them at ibrox,so we won't beat them away
  5. midfield

    Every manager gets their tactics spot on against us,which tells you a lot about our players,their pish that they can't overcome pub players
  6. This Forum Right Now

    Same fans week after week on the eve of every game saying we'll win 3 4 nil, fkn clueless
  7. Bruno Alves

    Watched him in the confederation cup before he signed,and thought he be shite here as he is slow as fuck, just getting a final wage and strolling through games,no commitment or interest
  8. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Players are shite, manager should have changed it at half time when nothing was happening,out of his depth,
  9. Candeias

    Fans fooled all season by him, told everybody months ago the guy is the biggest shitebag I've seen,actually jumped out of the way of a tackle today so he wouldn't get injured, man down every time we play,as soon as he went off.tav pushed up to his position and within minutes had twice beaten his man,something that shitebag never does, detest the guy
  10. Mark Allen

    Imagine mark Allen or any DOF coming to the new manager with a list of signing targets," aye very good ,but their all shite", where would he stand then? Plus he recruited John brown!
  11. Much as I like murty, he should not be given the job permanently,he would play Miller into his 40s
  12. Candeias

    Exactly, the stick he was getting from the fans last night was deserved, a journeyman player as seen by all the clubs/ countries he's played in, add Scotland to another country where he's bang average
  13. Candeias

    Let's punt this shitebag in January, at it again last night constantly gave the ball away, shites out of tackles, gets rid of the ball as soon as he gets it in case he gets tackled, brings nothing to the team,constantly dives for f all,still can't beat a man, no wonder he's had so many clubs,they find him out after a few games
  14. Windass.

    He's out of the Motherwell game because of last nights booking
  15. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Wonder if Milne will apologise for the wig he used to wear,it offended me