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  1. Another bastard is that (the gayest voice on TV) Stephen Thompson listened to his commentary on the tarriers game for ten minutes today and licked their arse at every turn.
  2. Ffs how many people are we employing😐
  3. Did they not have a meeting last night? Anyone got any updates
  4. Sending a list of players to English clubs with their valuations attached? anyone who believes the rebel is deluded
  5. Where's holt and Halliday?
  6. If they don't sell deep fried mars bars he won't!
  7. Excellent summing up of the season
  8. Forgot to add players who warburton might buy: tav and fod
  9. As Pedro said before the sheep game he will tell the players today who's part of the squad for next season, no doubt the usual leaks coming out of ibrox will let us know,players told to go/ find a new club could be: the obvious ones: hill,senderos,toral,hyndman under contract but never featured: forester, moh,kiernan Played but never shone: dodoo,windass,Halliday,hodson,holt players who I think Pedro is 50/50 on: McKay,waghorn just guessing might have missed somebody
  10. Not really watched him at all, so can't comment on what he's like,I remember somebody on here saying he played against the scum a couple of years ago and was poor is that true?
  11. If your good enough your old enough , bates is hardly a youth (think he's 22 not sure) beerman is about 5 months younger than that scumbag tierney, who's light years ahead of him
  12. Thought he was excellent last night, pinged 3 ,40 yard passes to people's feet ,strong got to the byeline a few times and made some great runs, would be a great addition
  13. Will be there as usual after a 4 hour ferry/ car journey to see another spineless performance 2 0 to the home team😡
  14. Can you imagine Pedro at his interview? Who the hell would understand what he was on about,not unless he moved some tumblers around to get his point across!
  15. Beerman reminds me of Wallace rotten defender but good going forward