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  1. Well done to the times journalist. where were you mark Daly? Fenian scumbag
  2. Catholics in positions of power over the last 30 years have turned this country into a cesspit heartbreaking to read that😪
  3. Add barker and Stewart to that list
  4. Was excellent in the second half, dithers a bit too much on the ball at times ,but stepped up like the rest of the players defence looked solid, midfield poor first half great second, Alfredo some player brandon barker? Never know why he started offers absolutely nothing
  5. 3 noisy slovan fans here wtf! hypothermia setting in🙄
  6. 1 0 ht by far the better team, they hit the bar but not in it much
  7. 1 0 dapo, good play by Kennedy all us🙂
  8. Mclean sums up everything that's wrong is Scottish football
  9. Will be 12/1230 we can't have thousands of drunken fenians roaming the queens highway🇬🇧
  10. Katic, helanders pace will be a worry against speedy players
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