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  1. The Dalcio

    Windass should never start contributes nothing, weak as water, and another thing he has no left foot cuts on to his right everytime
  2. Morales Cardosa

    Sportscene ffs! Never watched that in the last 10 years
  3. Butcher

    Does he do the hospitality at ibrox, if so you would think somebody would say to him,or is it the typical hospitality guys one/two games a season freebies who are licking his arse,and getting selfies with him to tell their pals
  4. Butcher

    Said dorrans was right to get booked! What a complete bastard
  5. It was hilarious listening to the arses on bbc Radio Scotland greeting after the match,cause they wouldn't get a free junket to Russia next year.chesney was doing a great job until the final whistle,then the criticism started and they slated him for his selections,when they knew their freebies were in tatters😄
  6. Couldn't give a flying fk what he said,not our player who cares?
  7. Gazza at Pavilion

    My sons there tonight,just got his picture took with him😀
  8. Jonathan Watson on Marseille 93

    This, never seen him at an away game in 40 years of going to them,where are they people on a freezing Tuesday night in Forfar. Usual big time Charlie's, also heard he's a bit of a tit in person
  9. Anyone else get this?

    Yep I got it and sent the cheque away first class post to nigeria
  10. IRA Sympathiser Giving Evidence at Holyrood

    Could only happen in this country, we've went completely down the pan in the last 30 years
  11. Pena

    Certain to be banned for st Johnstone, thanks in part to the media having a go at every oppurtunity( would never do that to a Scottish player)so again won't be able to get a run of games.is going to be one of these players who gets banned/injured throughout the season and never gets a run in the team,so never gets up to speed🙁
  12. Impartial mhedia experts!

    Just watched sport scene for the first time in about ten years, what a bastard that Stephen Thomson is, never has a good word to say about us, heard him a couple of times on the radio with his pathetic feminine voice,and runs us down at every turn. An ex player as well
  13. Slightly off topic,and I try to keep it quiet, I use to stay in paddy bonners old house in Newton mearns,no wonder I ve been jinxed ever since😩
  14. It's the one on Ayr road, it was just across the road from the train station,and the first street on the left
  15. Cardoso is costing us too many goals

    He's not the best, but would go with him and Alves ,mccrorie looked terrible last night in the second half against a small tricky player,and the 2 goals against the scum when you look at them again especially the second he was poor, l feel he's good against a big centre forward like he was against thistle,and he's still young to improve