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  1. Was popular with the fans, but was in and out of the team
  2. His books not a bad read, loved Rangers as a boy even though his family were all Killie fans, hasn't got a good word to say about Billy McNeil
  3. Met him a couple of times and seemed an OK guy, but that dyed hair of his is ridiculous
  4. One of my favourite players he was never a regular in the team though, the parlane song was one of the best
  5. Certain starter for the tartan trannies, 90 per cent of the squad will be tims, hopefully 2 defeats coming up, get it up you clarke
  6. Ivybank


    Candeias πŸ˜€
  7. The reason we didn't win the league this year, starting sub standard players in too many games like worral, Flanagan, barasic and candeias utter shite.
  8. Worrall Flanagan barasic and shitebag candeias are horiffic
  9. I thought the commentator at the end said Rangers have 20 mins to get ready for the final
  10. Excellent play in extra timeπŸ˜€
  11. Chance after chance, we looked far superior to wolves
  12. I think their selling tickets to their own fans for next season for the stand behind the goal
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