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  1. I will have 2 spare mate pm me
  2. Nearly greeting watching that again, what a player de boer was
  3. Spot on
  4. It's a murty thread not a warburton thread you thick dick
  5. Your a fucking idiot, I never said murty was to blame for being third, and already said he got the tactics spot on on Sunday, but you just see what you want to .just ignore Inverness and Dundee displays
  6. Inverness? Bottom of the league, tims hammered them a few days after dundee: just a shite club 2 results that effectively missed us getting second place
  7. New manager watching,so I'll give 110 per cent syndrome from the players
  8. And the 2 worst (Inverness and Dundee) not having a go at him , he got the formation spot on at the girodome,but he's just a basic coach and not manager material
  9. The points gap got bigger under murty
  10. Was there not a separate interview for the papers?
  11. Something I never thought I'd say but agree with Ferguson on all ratings
  12. Pity he didn't play like he celebrated, having not touched the ball when he came on, played about 15 games in a year ,scandalous , a waste of money. Greeting the tims back room staff like best friends when he entered the stadium, scumbag. His fellow team mates don't even like him,
  13. Michael Francis ohallaran( or tarrier face)
  14. And warburton being here for a year and a half couldn't that see once, he never bothered about the oppositions formation or players,scandalous
  15. Well done brother madden