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  1. Exactly, because you think the managers poor, that means you want him to fail🥱
  2. Told that jamie Murphy was the best man on the park today
  3. Vermin game on 17 th october😀 off to bookies to put a bet on the Scottish nazi party announcing on 3rd October that all fans can attend games in 2 weeks🤮
  4. Morelos dropped for the first old firm game barker brought on in the cup final 2 of the worst managerial decisions ever
  5. I don’t want papish bastards within 10 miles of me , I’ve been social distancing from the vermin for 50 years
  6. Said weeks ago, 2 things were a certainty Tim’s awarded the league and hearts escape relegation what a fkd up country
  7. Post of the day, week year,decade ,century🙂
  8. Great post, you’re first sentence is sickening(but true)
  9. Been saying that for 2 years and got ridiculed
  10. See the people saying they won’t be back, that’s the reason catholic’s have taken over in the last 30 years in scotland we’ve sat back and done nothing , while the Tim’s have got off their arses seen what was needed and infiltrated all areas of society
  11. Let’s face it the only reason we got 13 votes was because we offered to pay for an enquiry, there’s no way they lower teams would have backed it knowing they would have to fork out money
  12. Just waiting on a smiling. Doncaster on the steps at Hampden , with his stupid haircut Saying there’s. Not enough votes for an enquiry And let’s get back to his 300’000 grand day job😪
  13. Yeah I think so too, and with the weather to be warm and and sunny all week , the scum will appear from their slums with their filthy tops on have gatherings in parks , houses ,and any other rat infested fenian areas 😪
  14. Season ticket £492 my gers £40 supporters club membership £30 supporters club fee to Rangers£10 rtv £60 x2 season tickets ffs ,have I missed anything out?
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