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  1. Mate at the game said polster was motm apparently
  2. I thought traynor didn't work for us on a full time basis anymore?
  3. Chances of winning the league by ourselves 90per cent chances of winning the league by referees/ridiculous sfa,spl bans etc 50 per cent we should at least have a cup in the bag and 2-4 points better off but for clowns of referees
  4. So he has ,said when we signed him one of the worst signings ever
  5. Send that to the fat Fenian Brazil and ask him if Edouard is a screwball
  6. Ivybank

    Kris Boyd

    That's superb from Boyd , walkers face­čśÇ A typical torn face pape­čśë
  7. Brown doesn't get booked twice or red carded it's the law of scotalnd
  8. My three bets before the game us to win 1 nil scum to get a penalty alfredo to be sent off last 2 were a cert with any ref in Scotland in charge
  9. 6 times Liam mcfenian said champions during commentary! usuall hits double figures what a biased little bastard
  10. Magnificent Rangers­čśÇ Despite the whole fucking lot against us you Fenian bastard Clancy
  11. Will end up 3 1 to the scum Clancy already decided that, what's the point in this cesspit
  12. Jack at the goal ffs Aribo is a complete shitebag no chance in this corrupt shitehole with these officials
  13. Would have started arfield ahead of kamara, only to see his Giuy handshake with brown before the game­čÖé
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