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  1. Half time 0 0 ballymena better side hit the post and the bar
  2. The central belt of Scotland, a republican toilet😪
  3. Clarke epitomises everything wrong with Scotland in 2019 from people looking from abroad 1. A dour face bastard 2. An alky 3.a pape in a position of power
  4. Between 2011 and 2017 the scum were fined 12 ......... Yes 12 fkn times by UEFA , making them the most fined club in the world at that time, Scottish media conveniently said f all as usual, a scandalous record . No doubt it's 13/14 by now with another pending. What an abhorrent club they are
  5. only difference is that mutant rolled 6/7 times arfield should have done the same
  6. That's right, that's when he got the injury
  7. I didn't think he got the injury from the sending off, I seen him limping slightly before that
  8. Scum being reported for flares and crowd trouble last week in sweden
  9. Nonsense, should be on the bench every week ahead of barker and stewart
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