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  1. Wartime Titles

    Did Celtic count WW2 titles? I think it's daft but I do agree the players who did win them should be giving some sort of credit.
  2. 17/18 kits

    2 of my mates got sent out shirts today. You'd think the megastore could just get stock from SD shops
  3. Couldn't get 2 tickets together but got 2 single tickets in near the Union Bears. Buzzing!
  4. Gregg Wylde - Halliday on Thursday.

    I've more faith in Kenny Miller being on the park and calling the shots
  5. Club1872 Purchase Ashley's Shares

    Great news. Well done lads.
  6. Rangers Sign Aidan McAdams

    Bold move. Must be highly rated.
  7. Rangers launch bid for Kenny McLean

    He's only 25!
  8. Right Whos down at the megastore

    I'm going on Tuesday
  9. Travel Club

    Guessing non season ticket holders can't join?
  10. 17/18 kits

    I bought this, fuck SD
  11. Rangers to play Ards

    Most likely be fringe and youth boys
  12. 17/18 kits

    Buy retro or lion brand
  13. Bilel Mohsni

    Wee cunt deserved it. The big man off eh park was always happy, signing fans books and taking pics.
  14. Neil McCann Dundee manager

    I'll miss him on the telly
  15. Walter Advising Sunderland (Bain)To Land Ally

    Poor Sunderland