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  1. Few fans I've spoke to said they'd take him back and Davis but obviously Davis won't be leaving Southampton anytime soon Naismith for me is a no go after that interview but I bet if he does sign and says sorry then scores against Celtic nobody will care
  2. He's so unfit
  3. Nah. Aidan Wilson
  4. Aidan is a good lad, head screwed on from a young age Had a bad injury before and came back, he's came on leaps in the last year Also he's a Rangers fan
  5. Gonna miss the big man, best defender we've got
  6. Gutted
  7. All the best Emerson
  8. Get them all to fuck
  9. Good news.
  10. If only have boys back who signed over Edu any good?
  11. I remember that goal and I thought it was Klos who scored it at first
  12. Gutting :(
  13. Kevin Thompson and Lovenkrands applied also I was hoping Rae or Ferguson would get it but good luck to JJ
  14. Celtic knew alright.