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  1. I'm B6
  2. I fancy u more.
  3. Shearer spot on there.
  4. What a fucking strike.
  5. I hope this Spurs fan is enjoying his day..
  6. Anyone bought tickets for NFL games in America? Heading over to New York during the Season but going to have to watch the Jets due to the fixtures. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Didn't know he was still playing. What an effort.
  8. I keep thinking Kane will stop scoring, but the cunt is the real deal. It's probably because he's English and you just naturally think it's all hype.
  9. Looked brutal. No chance of signing a new contract now.
  10. Only a shoe load? Not sure that's enough to be honest.
  11. Absolutely horrific news. Far too young. Sleep easy big man.
  12. All the best, Ugo!
  13. Why the fuck does it sound like there's 100 car alarms going off in the background?
  14. So many fucking ballers in this Juve team.
  15. Khedira fucking raging. Steamrollered into Suarez as well.