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  1. Hardie to Livingston

    Very harsh. I remember having an argument with @cushynumber because Hardie was brought on before Herrera by Murty.
  2. Hardie to Livingston

    Sweet as fuck considering they tried to loan him.
  3. Mad Billy Reid dain bits.
  4. Newco Rangers_no1 knows more than the last one!
  5. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Had been fairly critical of him early on, but yesterday he was different class. Keep it up lad!
  6. They never touched your account mate.
  7. My account got deleted, will be back to norm in the next few days.
  8. I had the TV on mute and thought it was a great 'old school' tackle.
  9. This Season City have always toiled against lesser sides. Bristol City, Wolves and now Wigan. Not to mention struggling to score again Crystal Palace, West Ham and Newcastle United. I wonder if its motivational.
  10. Russell Martin

    I had to go out into the back garden and scream my displeasure at him because I couldn't vent on here.
  11. Not seen a mullet since 2k6.
  12. West Brom players steal a taxi

    Too drunk to be served in McDonalds but sound to steal a taxi and not get arrested.
  13. Ampadu looks like he'd fail a drugs test.
  14. Giroud looking good for Chelsea. I think he'll finish the Season as their main striker, with so much pace behind him he's fantastic at holding the ball up and bringing them into play.