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  1. Not sure how we’ll move on from this.
  2. Glad he took my critique on board and cracked a smile. Looks buzzing.
  3. Tough start to the Season and tough end to the year.
  4. Just turned it on to see Maxwell hopefully hit the quickest ever 50 and he gets fucking run out.
  5. If I was still Admin I'd rename Kirk, Spud.
  6. Can't believe how easily they fucked that on so many different levels.
  7. It's the keepers who are horrendous. Hence why they take digs from about 35 yards out. Can never make a save look normal.
  8. Was immediately worried you had done the link that takes whoever clicks on the link, to their own FB page. We get about 100 reports and several PMs from fucking randoms when its done.
  9. Gerrard isn't daft. He gets that Rangers is an institution, I assume he'll also want to win something here before contemplating leaving. Unless Liverpool come in for him before that (which is highly unlikely if he hasn't won something by that point).
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