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  1. ben51


    I won't forgive this. Banned.
  2. ben51


    Give me Rae & McCoist being as aggressively pro-Rangers, as Sutton is the other way, than this trumpet talking shite so people keep him relevant.
  3. ben51


    The more people who clock onto the fact this guy is just doing his job and wanting to wind people up to phone in the better. What if Defoe scored two goals yesterday? It's a loan market, stop being so fucking stupid. The cunt doesn't care about Rangers.
  4. Agreed. Poor passing, again. Positionally in transition from attack to defence he was terrible, gave so much space to their RB. If Borna wasn't playing he could have been at fault for us losing the game by more than 1. Which is mental to think considering how dominant we were.
  5. Arfield in for him then. Fully expect Kamara to start though.
  6. McGregor Tav Katic Helander Barisic Jack(c) Davis Aribo Kent Morelos Stewart
  7. Definitely a difficult fixture. The only thing that will help us is a positive result against Young Boys. We need to get ourselves back on track and playing in Europe after Christmas is the best way to do it, especially if we win on Thursday.
  8. ben51


    This isn't purely down to yesterday, but I think this would just be a better solution for everyone. Tav needs replaced as Captain. Gerrard needs to make that call, he isn't a leader and doesn't inspire. Ryan Jack all day long for me.
  9. One thing I'd say is AJ's chest looks much smaller. Will he have the boxing technique to utilise that?
  10. Undecided how I feel. Will he stay to 2024? Does he deserve a higher rate of pay? Are we protecting ourselves if another side come sniffing?
  11. Boxers can get beaten by someone but think it was a 'lucky punch' or a shite decision. But in this case I think Ruiz is AJ's 'bogeyman'. Someone who he could fight 3 or 4 times and not win.
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