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  1. Ross McCrorie I think?
  2. There's not even been a game, we just paid them a bung with 3 stipulations: 1. We pretend we scored from a Wallace cross. 2. We pretend win. 3. We pretend score a last minute winner. We read through the contract but it didn't mention corrections after the '90 minutes' were up. Hence giving Waghorn a boost. Even Watford wouldn't have signed up to saying he scored against them.
  3. You remind me of this.
  4. Open top bus tomorrow @ 7.30PM.
  5. I'm going to lock the thread just before 17:45 and then post the score, then re-open it so @RFCRobertson or @Lloyd72 can't be the first to do it.
  6. Finally clears up the Naismith situation. Obviously we're not interested.
  7. Missed the game due to work. Read some positive reviews which is nice. How did the new boys get on? Particularly Dorrans and Herrera?
  8. McInnes for me. Massive mistake we didn't move for him when Pedro was brought in.
  9. The Manager is a dud. It's fairly obvious considering the results and performances under him. A gamble which has totally backfired on the board and completely shat on the breeding optimism in the Club this Summer. Let's hope the board learn from their mistakes when they inevitably have to replace him. Fed up with this shit, especially when I know we'll have to go through further disappointment/humiliation before he does get sacked.
  10. Naismith will get the same reception from me as Lafferty and Whittaker. No matter what shirt he wears.
  11. The emails aren't out yet ya maddy. Fingers crossed though.
  12. Edited the title.
  13. Was that Stewart Robertson in the crowd?
  14. Aberdeen sign Gary McKay-Steven. We better get Pedro to fuck so we can hit the ground running because they're signing some decent players. No doubt the same people who laugh at this post will be the same who were scoffing at my posts in the first half of the Progres game.