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  1. Having issues on RTV use this link: https://europa.rangers.co.uk
  2. It'll probably be your bank not authorising the payment due to the location not being a recognised one.
  3. Jack Butland is currently having a mental breakdown.
  4. Edit - Would have liked then at home. Not ideal.
  5. *Disclaimer* Unless it's his video following 55 come May.
  6. I know the point of VAR is so there are more correct decisions made and less talking points. But I really don't like it. Taking away from the fans the excitement will kill football. Football is about the buzz and adrenaline from goals. Fans will be scared to celebrate goals if this keeps up.
  7. Absolutely crazy. The disallowed goal happens because of the rule change (which is mental but okay) but how do City not get that penalty first half via VAR. Making an arse of it.
  8. Keep his rhat bastard face out the Bears Den.
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