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  1. Steven Gerrard Y or N

    Only said 'No' incase people could see. So knowing they can't I've changed it to yes.
  2. Don't know how Munchen haven't scored since Madrid did. Heating up to a nice game there.
  3. Allan McGregor

    From the italics to the bold. Standards mattered at our Club once upon a time.
  4. Munchen having name luck with injuries!
  5. Can't make the keeper joke two nights in a row.
  6. Bringing on Danny Ings in a Semi-Final of the CL. That's absolutely rotten.
  7. Steven Gerrard

    Mate you're posting a picture which gifted Man United a CL win. Are you not a Liverpool fan?
  8. Allan McGregor

    Same reception that Naismith, Lafferty & Whittaker got from me. No matter what top he wears. We're low just now, but not as low as we once were. I won't forget.
  9. Thankfully King's trip hasn't been wasted now Ings is on.
  10. I know Liverpool have been very good, but the kamikaze football they've faced at home against City, and now Roma is unreal.