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  1. They really, really aren't happy with Liewell.
  2. Annan beat their youths 4-0 as well.
  3. A shame they play Hamilton at the weekend. They should count themselves lucky for that.
  4. Security bet. As I told the missus I've paid £25 for them to be put out the CL. YASSZZ!
  5. Put that money back on them to qualify.
  6. Hendry doing an Alves.
  7. Just stuck £25 on they cunts to qualify and they scored. But for some reason Willy Hill let me cash out. YASSZZZ
  8. ben51

    Reserves v Falkirk - IRN BRU Cup

    Still can't believe he's at the Club. That interview he did at Breezeblock Towers should have been the end of him at Rangers.
  9. ben51

    Reserves v Falkirk - IRN BRU Cup

    Middleton on the bench.
  10. ben51

    Borna brother bought him a cake

    Dino will be UB Capo by the end of the Season.
  11. ben51

    Reserves v Falkirk - IRN BRU Cup

    Sadiq starts!
  12. ben51

    Halliday going nowhere

    Won't lose any sleep over it. I'm sure he'll feel like he has a point to prove and I'd love for him to be successful here. A squad player, who will hopefully lift his level and learn from Gerrard.