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  1. ben51

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    Fair does. Doesn't mean that the Board didn't fuck up though.
  2. Wanted Millwall vs Man United. Shite draw.
  3. Chelsea are like us in big games under Warburton.
  4. ben51

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    Quite clearly our board fucked up and he's probably been paid off handsomely. I just don't know the legalities of telling an individual as opposed to a media source?
  5. Will always love Zappacosta.
  6. ben51

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    After watching it all he did speak some sense. But Ferry didn't question him enough on specific issues. Warburton mentions defensive errors in the Cup Final but Ferry didn't hone in on that in the bigger picture, which is something we'd all want to hear his opinion on. I believe that he would have done far better with more money and in hindsight the sentiment of the 'Going for 55' is actually correct. But there's something just a bit soft about him which I don't think you can show up here if you're an OF Manager. You need arrogance (not ignorance) and at some points you need to be disrespectful. Warburton just wasn't cut out for that aspect.
  7. ben51

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    The reason we didn't beat HIVs was because we were 'running on empty and only had 5 subs that day'. But earlier he's waxing lyrical about having a small squad. Wee Club mentality.
  8. The cunt needs to get a grip and realise he won’t get any pats on his back by sooking up their arse on TV.
  9. It’s my fucking Birthday too.
  10. Just feels like yesterday at 5.30 all over again. Double fucking dunt and there goes any title challenge with it. Don’t want to give them the satisfaction but I’m absolutely fucking raging. We’re still absolutely pathetic, just a little less pathetic than last year.
  11. ben51

    Steven Gerrard

    Not sure if Lafferty's fitness was the reason why he didn't start. The tactics and decisions were strange yesterday. Long balls to nobody, Candeias drifting over to the left and bringing on a clearly unfit Middleton as the first change. We also totally lost the midfield when he brought off McCrorie. But in saying that I think a lot of the problems stemmed from the total lack of desire from the kick off. We knew they were going to come and frustrate us by slowing down the game, sitting deep and being very organised. But we just played right into their hands by not giving a fuck, we genuinely didn't even deserve a point yesterday.
  12. ben51

    125 Years Ago Today.

    Love these types of posts.
  13. I don't think Barisic has even had a game for us which is over a 7/10! Halliday at least would bring a bit of urgency as opposed to Barisic swanning about the park not giving a fuck. You forget that Halliday made two fantastic tackles and a goal line clearance against Kilmarnock as well. The only thing that Barisic has which can be important is his delivery, especially from set pieces. But Andy 100% deserves to start against Kilmarnock and win back his jersey.
  14. ben51


    Is an absolute fabrication. The boy did well up until the 60th minute, by then you could tell his tank was empty. He made plenty of decent interceptions and looked very composed on the ball. Definitely not what 'we needed' but on todays showing looks a very astute acquisition.