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  1. I'd let him get as pished as he wanted.
  2. I bELIeved. Some boy. All the best to him in his retirement.
  3. I couldn't wear jeans until 3 weeks in, and certainly couldn't run. It's keyhole surgery so the scars are in very awkward places. Admittedly my stitches were dissolvable so it may be more comfortable for him now he has them out. But this'll be the longest he'll go for a while without any form of real fitness. That'll take recovery in itself. Obviously I'm no Doctor, but I'd suggest end or mid February. The 21st of Feb would be 5 weeks. So don't think that'd be far out. Edit - That's all dependent on the fact it didn't burst. If it's burst he could be out for longer as recovery time is longer in that case due to your body fighting the infection.
  4. I was floored for weeks after getting my appendix out. But I'm sure the aftercare he'll receive, plus being as fit as he is, will be massively different in terms of recovery time. I'd suspect he won't play until the end of February at the earliest.
  5. Stand by this. We've shipped out a fair amount of deadwood, lets give Gerrard some real backing in a window which means so much. An injury to Kent or Aribo and we're relying on someone who the Gaffer clearly doesn't rate. Thank fuck for the 3 points tonight.
  6. They've just scored their 3rd goal at Rugby Park. If we have real aspirations of winning the League Gerrard needs to be backed in this window. Quite clearly we don't have the squad required to : 1. Win the League. 2. Satisfy our Manager. They're still chasing players, and I get that they have more money than us, but we need to get the finger out with the amount of players we've shipped out.
  7. Gerrard & the Club need to realise that signings are required. As Stevie said us winning the League in the next two Seasons is an obsession. So let's be real here and realise that our wide positions need an injection of quality.
  8. Should have came out trying to kill the game. Asking for trouble with this lacklustre display. Equally as 'boring' as Stranraer.
  9. Thank fuck we scored or else I think I'd be suicidal. I want to be able to be patient, but I just can't do patience. Another goal to settle my nerves would be nice boys, see it out. 3 points is all that's required.
  10. We look slow and far too deep for my liking. No intensity. You often can tell how we'll play in the first half within the first 5 minutes of a game. Tonight seems the same. No ideas, which surely we'd have been working on coming into this game.
  11. St Mirren executing their gameplan far better than us. My worry.
  12. Couldn't make the game due to work. I pay £5 a month for RTV, downloaded a VPN, but still can't watch the game. Says I need a better package. Is that right?
  13. Don't think he made a genuine attempt for the ball, but if you argue he did, I don't think it's a clear and obvious mistake. He's a fud, should have let Abraham take a shot. There's a defender on the line.
  14. Really heartbreaking stuff. Thoughts are with his family.
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