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  1. Easy enough for Amir Khan to say it's easier to get KO'd than take a knee.
  2. When I look at him it is his right eye.
  3. Seems like a top guy.
  4. Spence is the real deal though.
  5. Stupid fucking idiots booing.
  6. I feel Brook needs to press more now when he lands a few combos.
  7. Brook 5 up Fs Froch.
  8. I wish he would stop calling him Spencer.
  9. Interesting to see how their weights start to effect the fight from here.
  10. Definitely. Major step up from the second.
  11. Good round from Spence there.
  12. Brook looking comfortable.
  13. Like a greasy chip butty'!
  14. Juiced up to fuck.