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  1. Over 2.5 for QPR & Luton is printing money.
  2. I know Walter's squad had winners, but I honestly believe this one is stronger.
  3. Hoping Levein goes for a Jimmy Calderwood type team talk. "They've got to win today, we don't"
  4. Ireland absolutely swept clear. Australia were very poor, absolutely no were near the place they once were. Beale is a bombscare. Interested to see how the Box get on tomorrow, feel like they're the only team who could give the AB's a game.
  5. 3 punch knock out. First punch stunned the fuck out of him. Well sad.
  6. Unlikely. The sleepers in will get passed about RSC's. Hopefully.
  7. You hear monkey chants every week around stadiums when a black player touches the ball/scores?
  8. Depressingly bad. Two meaningful matches and we get gubbed in both. Japan are unreal right enough.
  9. Surely it'd be more beneficial for the first team to play Murphy over Grezda?
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