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  1. Second offence? Possible jail time.
  2. Anyone see the damage Darren Gibson did? Look at this thread on Twitter. Boy clearly has problems.
  3. Bakayako is absolute dung.
  4. Roberto Martinez

    Absolutely not what we need.
  5. Genuinely proud to be a Bear reading that. Glad to be part of a Club who is letting his Family have comfort through the legacy they, and we are building.
  6. Well they were. Whether you believe it or not. They definitely aren't now. But they were.
  7. Completely agree. If the tarriers can sign Allan and Brown then there's no reason we can't get McGinn. Every game I've seen him he's been a standout. What's the difference between him and Neil McCann?
  8. Got my tin hat on again. And I know why I get fucking murder for it, but John McGinn has been fantastic yet again.
  9. Hopefully waiting on a 40 yard punt going straight over his head in the 93rd minute.
  10. St Johnstone are fucking shit. Fantastic banter if Bell goes off injured though.
  11. Probably when Dundee United started doing a chippy instead of hospitality.
  12. Cammy Bell plays for them.
  13. What a fanny. A real shame that Lenin is already in the stands.