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  1. This is just another way we paper over the cracks. Going back to last Season you could never see a real game plan under Pedro. We had 11 players on the pitch but there was no understanding or philosophy. We aren't a counter attacking team, we don't have a strong press, we may be a possession based side but only in harmless areas of the pitch... The guy has spent a lot of money, not in the context of football, but for us in our current state. And we're still in the same position...We play 4-3-3 and we pass the ball side to side and struggle to create or score. We play 4-4-2 and we pass the ball side to side and struggle to create or score. It just isn't good enough. 5 points behind the tims and being knocked out of Europe by the 4th best side in Luxembourg isn't because we're struggling to 'gel'... It's because our Manager isn't good enough.
  2. Don't be a wanker.
  3. Don't know why he's playing so deep. Davis didn't do that when we played a 4-4-2 under Walter, we do not need two CDM's at home to anyone. Let him get forward. In saying that, maybe it's because our defence get's penetrated more than a pornstar. But if that is the case then tell our FB's to sit tight instead, especially Wallace, all he does is give the ball back to their keeper after a cross.
  4. It was a strange one. He hardly showed us what we were missing. We definitely need a wide player but I'm not sure he's the one.
  5. I like the thought of Allardyce, in the Walter Smith mould, but it's different from his usual job. I do think we'd be stupid not to look at McInnes, but would he even come? He's put together another good side at Aberdeen, which is miles in front of ours.
  6. In a parallel universe Danny Welbeck is a good footballer.
  7. @Rangers_no1 Who would you fancy?
  8. He's a fucking dud. Robertson should be held accountable, it was a massive gamble especially with the funds we've given him. Get him to fuck whilst the window is still open.
  9. He's missed 24 EPL games in the last 2 Seasons. That's a fair amount for your most important player. The numbers getting banded about are ridiculous and you could definitely improve your first XI (which you clearly aren't willing to spend money on right now) if you let him go. This whole thing about 'not being a selling Club' is a lot of fucking nonsense for any Club. Everyone is a selling Club when players are getting punted for over £100 Million.
  10. If I was a Liverpool fan I'd take Coutinho to Barca on my back for that price. Boy is always out injured anyway. Take it and run.
  11. Get to fuck. Are they trying to make it waterproof?
  12. Here's one not posted by a tarrier...
  13. Why the fuck did you use her as your link to that picture?
  14. Oh dear a black man just scored for Everton...