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  1. Guardiola

    I wish my Tuesday night was as good as yours.
  2. Guardiola

    Potential treble winners. Their weakness is their CBs.
  3. Fantastic to hear. But equally fantastic effort from yourself and the others guys who follow the boys about.
  4. Aurier has been a calamity since coming to Spurs.
  5. City are the first English side since I can remember who can actually go toe to toe with Europe's best without having to grind out a victory. I don't believe the likes of Chelsea or United in 2008 could blow European sides away like City could.
  6. KDB. His passing is fucking outrageous.
  7. Millers Agent

    He was originally 'bluewhitevanman'. But when he became a trusted seller the upgrade reduced usernames to be a maximum of 14 characters, therefore making me reduce his username by a character. I have since been able to change that, so put him back to his original username. And you're accusing me of being a taig... Banned.
  8. Millers Agent

    Just seeing your name reminds me I found out how to extend usernames. So you're back to 'bluewhitevanman' instead of 'bluwhitevanman'.
  9. Ticket office queue now

    It's the exit door.
  10. Millers Agent

    Surely jumping the dyke would only result in being called a rat or a traitor...
  11. Kevin Cadle has sadly passed away

    Unreal that he was linked to the Club. Had no idea that we had a basketball team. RIP Kev.
  12. Ticket office queue now

    I was spot on half an hour. When I started queuing it was just at the Portacabin for matchday collections.
  13. Ticket office queue now

    We should get a meet up 👀
  14. Lost ticket

    To be fair thats probably what would happen. Give yours to a mate, reprint and then just stand together. 500k in the Rangers end.
  15. Ticket office queue now

    Can we still pick up on Friday?