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  1. Ibrox Stadium Saturday 24/02/18 KO at 15:00. Post your requests below.
  2. McDiarmid Park Tuesday 27/02/18 KO at 19:45. Post your requests below.
  3. A thread for EPL, Championship and lower league talk. Enjoy.
  4. Newco Rangers_no1 knows more than the last one!
  5. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Had been fairly critical of him early on, but yesterday he was different class. Keep it up lad!
  6. They never touched your account mate.
  7. My account got deleted, will be back to norm in the next few days.
  8. I had the TV on mute and thought it was a great 'old school' tackle.
  9. This Season City have always toiled against lesser sides. Bristol City, Wolves and now Wigan. Not to mention struggling to score again Crystal Palace, West Ham and Newcastle United. I wonder if its motivational.
  10. Russell Martin

    I had to go out into the back garden and scream my displeasure at him because I couldn't vent on here.
  11. Not seen a mullet since 2k6.
  12. West Brom players steal a taxi

    Too drunk to be served in McDonalds but sound to steal a taxi and not get arrested.
  13. Ampadu looks like he'd fail a drugs test.
  14. Giroud looking good for Chelsea. I think he'll finish the Season as their main striker, with so much pace behind him he's fantastic at holding the ball up and bringing them into play.
  15. I hope the Club understand exactly what he's thinking about these bids. Because if we know he doesn't really want to go to China (which could be understandable if he dreams of playing in the EPL), then we could push them for stupid money before accepting a bid. I'll be completely honest and would be gutted if we lost him, even if it was for £10Million or more. I think he's a cracking prospect who plays a massive part in the rest of our Season. I can't see bids like these not being made in the Summer if he stays, so we should try our all to stop him leaving. Which right now the Club seem to be doing.
  16. West Brom players steal a taxi

    Jake Livermore involved.
  17. Liam Burt to Dumbarton

    Clearly have a good connection with Dumbarton. Probably because they're called the Sons. All the best to the kid!
  18. West Brom players steal a taxi

    Melted as well no doubt. I'll continue to find this funny, unless Maclean is named as one of the four. Then they're fucking scum.
  19. Superseal Stadium Sunday 18/02/18 KO at 14:15. Post your requests below.
  20. Great result for Red Bull. Not sure what Napoli were up to in the last minute. Daft as fuck.
  21. The Mancini effect.
  22. If you go back to the last time we were in Europe I don't think we were capable of doing it then. They've always had a chance of performing like this in Europe because they mostly do try and attack. So when they catch a side off form they play a lot better. But on the flip side they're always more likely to get pumped. Whereas we've always favoured sitting in and being far more pragmatic. Our current side in Europe isn't worth thinking about.