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  1. Yassss!!! GIRUY Thompson, I hope I never see your Club again.
  2. Looks like the steward who just got pelted with the baw.
  3. So many of these players are so shite.
  4. Fuck wanting United to win. I fucking despise them and Thompson to boot.
  5. After reflection I think Brook has taken a number of factors into account when he's taken the knee. His previous injury and the warnings he would have been given about losing his sight etc. Not wanting to be sparkled out licking the canvas in his hometown stadium. Knowing he wasn't going to win on points and had blown his gasket the round before. I don't agree with Kirk's comments about not letting a boxer quit, that's just fucking stupid and shows real contempt for how much danger they put themselves in when they go into the ring. It's their life and they should be in control of it. Brook gave that crowd a fantastic fight, it's up to him if he wants to take a knee.
  6. Easy enough for Amir Khan to say it's easier to get KO'd than take a knee.
  7. When I look at him it is his right eye.
  8. Seems like a top guy.
  9. Spence is the real deal though.
  10. Stupid fucking idiots booing.
  11. I feel Brook needs to press more now when he lands a few combos.
  12. Brook 5 up Fs Froch.
  13. I wish he would stop calling him Spencer.
  14. Interesting to see how their weights start to effect the fight from here.
  15. Definitely. Major step up from the second.
  16. Good round from Spence there.
  17. Brook looking comfortable.
  18. Like a greasy chip butty'!
  19. Nice words from Groves talking about Gutknecht.
  20. Brilliant stuff, that guy looked hard as fuck.