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  1. SuperSeal Stadium. Friday 29/09/2017 KO at 19:45. Post your requests below.
  2. ***Feedback Thread***

    This will work towards whether posters will become 'Trusted Sellers'. Following the purchase, or sale, of a ticket. Please leave either positive or negative feedback regarding the poster you dealt with. To become a 'Trusted Seller', the poster must have 3 positive reviews upon the sale of a ticket.
  3. Ibrox Stadium. Saturday 23/09/2017 KO at 12:00. Post your requests below.
  4. A thread for EPL, Championship and lower league talk. Enjoy.
  5. Jason holt

    I think he'd be the best option for a midfield 3. We're not going to have a lot of the ball and we're going to need to chase it. So might as well put some legs in there.
  6. Mccrorie...

    Won't get carried away, but he looked good. Plus he isn't ginger.
  7. Made some difference. On yourself.
  8. Eventually we're going to learn that allowing Patrick Thistle to bully us and giving them goal scoring opportunities is a bad idea. It's all just shite. Scoring one or two of those chances would only paper up the cracks.
  9. Get him to fuck before Saturday to give us a chance. Never heard someone talk so much shite in my life.
  10. We're a bunch of fucking shitebags. It's clearly the mentality. Pandering to fucking Patrick Thistle.
  11. Why did I even post this. Fuck off Pedro you useless fuck.
  12. We're shite. We're getting pumped at the weekend. We'll get pumped in the next round if we get through.
  13. Miss, would suggest purely the shot. Candieas is off balance, 15 yards out and under pressure. Van Vossen is 8 yards out, unchallenged with no keeper in front of him. I'm not disagreeing that Candeias created a more difficult position than he could have. But recreate those exact chances and I back the Van Vossen one being finished more than Candeias.
  14. Mr 45 Minutes. Fucking embarrassing.
  15. Thank fuck for Jak Alnwick.
  16. It's going to be Hodson in beside Bates on Saturday isn't it.
  17. Jesus fuck. John looking dodgy, Wallace out, Alves off. Can we get an emergency loan?
  18. Different point. 'The miss' wasn't worse.
  19. How can they prove their singing about his boaby cos he's black? A lot of shite.
  20. When do Liverpool enter meltdown mode?
  21. No it wasn't. The pass for Van Vossen was a bit short. But their defender was coming back, pressured Candieas and he was 15 yards out. Harder chance to bury.
  22. Has he tried to pick somebody out in the crowd there? Jesus christ.