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  1. A thread for EPL, Championship and lower league talk. Enjoy.
  2. He's such a fucking helmet.
  3. Played with Ramos anyway.
  4. On that point I'm really not sure, which is disappointing. But I think Hogg is the only guaranteed one, with maybe Huw Jones as the other player.
  5. Gutted Vern Cotter's reign is over. He's been fantastic.
  6. He isn't on loan any chance?
  7. Banger.
  8. Hopefully Farrell is out.
  9. Fucking hell Arsenal.
  10. It was fantastic. But not as good as that boy at Fulham's touch early on in the Season. Odoi I think his name is.
  11. He does it all the time.
  12. OP
  13. Spot on. If he does something with Chelsea in Europe next year he should be in with a shout to win the Ballon D'or.
  14. I wonder how long it'll be before I get a PM to delete this thread?
  15. Games are at Hampden, mate.
  16. Everything Bellew said about Haye pre fight was spot on, that was the only reason Haye was such a bitch post fight. I will be honest, I didn't think Haye had that performance in him and he does deserve respect for it. But still, no cunt gave Bellew a chance but he won. Haye has clearly had someone from his camp leak the info about his injuries which is just as bad as coming out after the Klitschko fight and blaming his broken toe. He's an absolute wank and I'm delighted he got beat.
  17. GIRUY David Haye.
  18. That's only your fault, mate. He never had a chance against OHD.
  19. I've only came in here to call David Haye a wanker again.