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  1. Does he not know we only play 4-3-3?
  2. He's a bitter cunt. I'd actually rather he just owned it instead of being a wee fucking victim.
  3. What was his name, was it SUPERRANGERSOLE? I'm still howling at myself thinking he meant Morelos was on loan!
  4. Turned into the cunt who thought Sinn Fein was an actual person, and who wasn't sure about it being permanently or for good.
  5. Good for a bit of football chat, quite balanced and on point (apart from saying Morelos was on loan).
  6. Personally, no. But you don't know some peoples circumstances, not many would have planned for this.
  7. They played Arsenal right? Hope he hasn't passed it onto anyone (not that it's his fault), speedy recovery.
  8. They'll need to get a taxi from the car park to the hospital! Maybe Jimmy Bell could run a shuttle bus? But in all seriousness, fair play.
  9. Anyone trying to do it just now? Keeps saying technical difficulties at the last page.
  10. I can't wait to see the scousers blow up when this EPL is cancelled.
  11. Isn't the problem. We came up against a side far superior in quality to us. The problem is why we can't exercise the gulf in quality when we play Hearts, St Johnstone, Aberdeen & Co.
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