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  1. We get it, you're a Rangers Da.
  2. Massively disappointed that Rangers ‘Ready’ tweet didn’t say ‘Ittention Please...’
  3. Now we know why De Gea's been shite...
  4. Just as an FYI next time tag a Mod or Admin as opposed to the cunt you suspect
  5. I actually think he's a decent signing for Arsenal, been pretty solid for Chelsea this Season. His best Season statistically for a while.
  6. Arsenal look like they're closing in on Willian.
  7. No idea how you do it, but I'd definitely send your Son back too.
  8. Just as an FYI Kirk this thread isn't a guessing game.
  9. It's just the top you've ordered, not the cunt delivering it.
  10. How rusty do you think they'll be? Have they been playing friendlies?
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