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  1. Some serious backing of Lampard with Werner and Ziyech. Talks of Chilwell going for a decent sum also. They definitely need a CB & Goalkeeper though.
  2. I think there'll be scepticism with everything, especially with planning involved. But until it goes tits up, the plans look decent. There's already been investment inside the Stadium and at Auchenhowie, so let's hope these follow suit.
  3. See to be fair. The future plans look class. It just makes it disappointing that we could have done this 3 or 4 years prior. How exciting would it have been had we been coming out of the Championship with these things being planned? But we got fingered by utter cunts.
  4. Football Manager was free to download during the OG lockdown.
  5. Don't want battered off @Mr Soprano but laughed at Robertson saying the scouts are working harder than ever. What the fuck were they doing before?
  6. Do you think RTV can stream the scrap at Pollok? Don't mind paying extra.
  7. Cunts are sending threats out to each other and I'm sitting back here thinking it's great to have some light relief from the George Floyd thread.
  8. Disclaimer the quality is nowhere near Sky Sports or BT Sport on the TV. But it can be done, hopefully the streams have better capacity.
  9. What the fucks going on here, I've gone all Systems Support whilst BABN is PMing square goes.
  10. Easy enough to watch on the TV : Can use a PS4 via the Web Browser and type in the URL Can stream your apple device through your Apple TV Can connect your Laptop/PC to the TV with the required connections.
  11. Canny wait to watch Morelos being sent off for an offence gesture to the fans in the first game.
  12. That type of player is required. Not ex tarrier but willing to take a dig from the edge of the box.
  13. Sat in every stand. Sat in every 'tier' for the want of a better word. Sat in one of the corners, just not the away end.
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