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  1. has the royal rumble been on yet? and if so any torrents for it
  2. I've not seen the documntary yet, and I've only read some posts on the first page but, maybe a documentary like this is what we needed to get people who are in the wrong worried, and to get us out of administration quicker
  3. Wear a boiler suit with a pair of riggers
  4. http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/112463/1/watch-boxing-:-ricky-burns-vs-paulus-moses.html ricky burns fights his fight just starting
  5. If he's goes then its not the end of the world tbh, in fact it will be a good bit of business
  6. just heard that a player has signed and will be revealed in the next 24 hours
  7. alot of people in here dont want miller back because he left for more money, when the same people do want cuellar back when he done the same quite funny tbh
  8. Bears den? He's not mentioned rangers, so fuck this thread out of here
  9. this thread is cringeworthy, should be locked and deleted, yous have been cybering with each other for days :disappointment: :disappointment:
  10. did a hearts fan stick the nut on the end of commons shot?
  11. JAPANESE ADVERT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DATh4NnhSeg
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