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  1. Must be an Edinburger
  2. The songs must annoy you aswell ? there's not a team like the Glasgow Rangers ??
  3. Is that for humming or bumming
  4. We should all just hum the tune ?
  5. Naw it isny
  6. Wasn't patter ? I've heard plenty of people say they've stopped watching it because he left, thought it might have been people just jumping on the bandwagon as it's still a good show ??
  7. Why do you not watch it now because lovejoy left? Did you fancy him
  8. He's blue he's white he's fucking dynamite Travernierrrr travernierrr
  9. Fuck up....
  10. There's the prick there
  11. You sound it
  12. BT sport is free tonight, showing Audi cup final for sky TV and free view 6pm see what the fuss is about
  13. So its on tonight then
  14. has the royal rumble been on yet? and if so any torrents for it
  15. Up to our knees in silverware, surrender or you`ll die (cry?)