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  1. Definitely the 14th v Livingston.
  2. Awful what has happened but Mcgregor does put himself in these situations too much, feel his old man summed it up when he asked walter to ban him from going out as he doesn't have the common sense himself to stop it.
  3. we will storm them tonight, they have only won three games out of 18 this season. get ibrox rocking tonight- WATP.
  4. agreed, let's put this behind us, it will hopefully give us the opportunity to win four games in a row before they return. if we can achiev that we will be top after the old firm. come on the bears just do it.
  5. -----------------McGregor------------------ --Broadfoot--Weir-Bougherra-Papac---- --------Davis-------Ferguson------------- ----Fleck-------------------Aaron--------- ------------Lafferty-Miller----------------- would love to see this line up, think we need at least four against this mob.
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