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  1. We give them everything. We make them look good. We are beat before we go onto the park. Disgraceful performance and tactics. Shameful and disgusted.
  2. We have played 4-5-1 against this scum in the last 3 times but i think we could change the set up of it a little and confuse these monkeys Mcgregor Weir (sitting behind boogie and bartley) Booie Bartley Whitt & Paapc wingbacks and push there midfielders back and not to allow they're fullbacks any chance to bomb forward Middle - Davis & Edu In front of them - Diouf Up top Healy & Jelavic With no naismith and laff pish against them.... try something different....see what they cant handle cos we have troubled them nowt since october
  3. would give him the ninety.... we paid 1.5 million & he needs game time....... miller rested and i would rest boogie too.
  4. Hugh Keevins said it was more than 2 thirs empty...so that it is less than 20,000. Fucking roon them.... yeah what happened to the 1000000000 that went to seville and their waiting list for s.tickets of 100000!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Alright craig. Ross Guthrie here. How u doing bud?

  6. Mcgregor Broadfoot Smith Wilson & Weir Novo Beasley Thomson Mcculloch Laffery Boyd
  7. Mcgregor Broadfoot Wilson Mcculloch Papac Edu Thomson Novo (right) Whittaker Miller Lafferty Give weir and davis a rest.... we should be beating hamilton at home in the cup no problem...
  8. Partick thistle @ Morton tomorrow - Morton have a good few injuries to their first team. Thistle welcome back few players and have clearnac eto play stevie lovell
  9. would this be the alistar donald that ran security firms??? Cant say for certain but dont think so....kev's link above says he was lookign to invest in previous years.
  10. Alright bears.... not sure if its been posted or anybody else has been heard but someone in my dads work who is friendly with the gillespie family of lenzie has mentioned alistair donald as part of the consortium to buy us. As everbody's rumours, it could be guff or it could be true. I think he wanted to invest in us before.
  11. Everyone seems to think celtic will walk this.....wouldnt be too sure.......we all know what it is like playing a team who are well into their season..... I think if the can nulify mcgeady and whoever else plays on the other wing..... they couls swamp doanti and this new guy and keep the ball...caldwell and llovens at the back and naylor!! Cmon im going for a Russian win.... £10 on it too.
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