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  1. As difficult as it it, a bit of perspective is needed IMO. Did we expect to get to the group stages? Maybe, but it was a long shot. We all love a moan, and we could have won that tonight and got through. Spartak results have cost us in the end. Am I happy? Am I fuck - never am when we lose. It's something to build on.
  2. Initially presumed that a second yellow must have been given for mouthing off about the penalty, seems not though.
  3. Cheers mate, was in the princes last weekend and told myself I wouldn't be back for a while, looks like that's changing
  4. Does anyone know anywhere that will be showing 200 in Glasgow tomorrow night? Had a look on walkabouts site but nothing there.
  5. Bubbling away here. Really want to see Negri score and run about celebrating like a madman
  6. NizzyGers

    GTA V

    Got this the other day and still not been able to play it! Had to fork out for a flashdrive for space. Installs fine then when the play disc is inserted it plays the rockstar intro and comes up with an alert saying theres an error with storage. A quick google search shows its not just me with this issue, and there's folk with far more free gb on there xbox than me with the same problem.
  7. I've never seen such hatred ooze from a man!
  8. "Q. You've said many, many times how much you love Wimbledon. Can you talk about your feeling now inside after the result? RAFAEL NADAL: My feeling is what you are watching. I am like this. I am very, very disappointed." After Nadal lost to Rosol last year. Doesn't care about Wimbledon? Nonsense. A competitive sportsman like Nadal wants to win every competition he enters. He will be gutted, absolutely gutted about the result.
  9. Where is Ganso? Thought he was up there with Neymar/Moura/Damiao. Obviously Damiao's injured though, still a top player.
  10. First away game! Going with a couple of mates on the train from queen street. Won't find out where I'm sitting til Sunday. Can't bloody wait!
  11. Players look dead on their feet, bar Wallace who moat if the time has got past his man down the line. Looks like penalties right now..oh I hate penalties
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