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  1. Oh well .... Another year in the championship where Hibs will finish first St Mirren second and us barely getting 3rd place
  2. this squad would lose to a primary 7 school football team Just being honest...
  3. No cut from a 22 point lead to a 6 point lead in a new YouGov poll
  4. I hate naismith more than I hate TLB No joke .... if I ever be unfortunate to see that prick in public I would not hesitate to kick him in the balls and shout scumbag at his face
  5. Really don't want to post this piece of shit here so I'll leave a link to the horror show
  6. Maybe he is a rangers fan too ?
  7. First 100 calls will be from the obsessed no doubt about it
  8. Celtic fans can't read .... And yes you can blame the schools for that
  9. Apparently we are anti scottish according to manks
  10. Well ... That's this thread out the window then
  11. And that ally is why Clark should always start