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  1. As per title anybody know of somewhere local to paisley/Glasgow that's showing the game ?
  2. I would suggest it's because the spoon burners are the only club that complained. Our board dont have the balls to raise a complaint.
  3. Anybody know the Spurs result tonight ?
  4. Any idea if that rsc from Ulster are doing the league champ medals again ? 

  5. Shameful attempt by the sfa trying to cash in on the Rangers support. no chance a special delivery costs £7 it's normally just over £2 for this service. I hope every supporter who can do so picks their ticket up from the ticket office, give the sfa scum fuck all.
  6. Nah,he does Scottish cup qf draws for the sfa
  7. Behind both goals and maybe a little bit of the west stand like usual (along the side of pitch facing main stand).
  8. Motm for me as well closely followed by kiernan, I thought the whole team played well with the exception of Clark.
  9. Anybody know of any decent parking near the stadium ?
  10. Can't see it being as vindictive as that, to me it just smacks of cheap sensationalist journalism. the rhags haven't had a good negative rangers story to create demand for their toilet papers so they just try and manufacture one. I know the BBC led the story but I believe all the Scottish gutter press were in the know about this story breaking.
  11. What the fuck are you drinking ? Could do with a glass of something like that myself !
  12. Bit early to affect the outcome of that game, is it not being played next year ?
  13. what final are we talking about here ?
  14. yeah I agree with you on that point, it was one of the security staff who told me at the start of the season. strange decision if you ask me
  15. It has nothing to do with any licensing laws. They made the decision to make it adults only this season in order to make more money, The suite is only allowed to have 300 people in it and as it is always full the idea was to have more people in who would actually buy a drink.