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  1. Andy


    Absolutely. Pretty sure everyone was fearing the worst after Morelos sending off. I never expected to feel hard done by come 90mins - they didn’t land a glove on us second half out with the goal.
  2. Andy


    That’s clearly not what he meant. Don’t agree, ffs
  3. Andy


    Knee jerk reaction. Pulled us back into the game. Misread Goldsons movement and under hit a pass he had been playing all game. How unloyal some fans are towards our players after a defeat is unreal.
  4. He let us away with one with Goldson at the end.
  5. We did concede last minute just chalked for fuck all ?
  6. Actually spent that entire 45mins containing them. Embarrassing.
  7. Mcrorrie and Martin worst centre half pairing ever.
  8. That ref man goal chalked for nothing and a pen for nothing
  9. Windass and Morelos to cause havoc 4-0 gers, Anthony O’Connor to have a mare.
  10. Will come down to goal difference, only Barcelona SC (won first game 3-2) or Atletico Nacional (still to play) can top us.
  11. Good wee workout, totally controlled the game they couldn't cope with our press or keep the ball for any sort of spell. Dissapppointing lack of efforts but scored a really good goal. Considering it was only 45 mins each and very stop start especially second half thought Goss, Holt, Murphy, Candeias, Ohalloran, Halliday, Windass, Herrera all had decent run outs. A lot of decent build up broke down at Kranjcar and Morelos. Dalcio poor was not comfortable left back at all. What about they commentators??
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